The Crappiest Time of Day

Without a doubt, 4:45-6:45 PM is the crappiest time of day. This is not a feeling, it is a fact. I have never, in all of the time that I have lived in the South Bay, departed my doorstep during these exact hours without encountering hordes of humanity carrying tiny little totes of turd. ...more

Challenging Leg workouts - hamstrings

Everyone woman wants a toned, round bum with toned legs. However, leg muscles are large and can take a while to build. Even though I love lifting heavy, especially pushing myself to squat as heavy as I can and doing heavy leg press, I have the tendency to get bored with the same kind of exercise all the time. In my quest to continue building a well-shaped lower region for competitions and also because it feels good to look good, I have become interested in combining balance and weight to workout my legs and also keep me excited to workout....more

5 Ways to Improve Your Mood

Yesterday I woke up in a bad mood, or as I like to say, "I woke up on the wrong side of the bed." There was no particular reason for it. It was just one of those days where every little annoyance of life was even more annoying, whether it was the person that walked into me on a busy city sidewalk because they were texting instead of paying attention, the long line at Starbucks for some morning coffee, or that co-worker that just didn't "get it" when I tried to explain what I needed her to accomplish that day. ...more
These are some of the tested ways to improve mood. I usually counter bad mood by talking and ...more

4 Best Gear To Make Indoor Exercises Fun

Exercising indoors does not only give you privacy, safety, and peace of mind, but it also gives you the freedom of enjoying your favorite music as you workout.If you are looking for the best and most important gear for indoor exercise, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to give you the most important gear for indoor exercise.1.  Spin Bike...more


Well hello, lovely people! I hope everyone’s week has gone swimmingly so far. Mine has been peachy, but I have no clue how it went by so fast.Hey, did anyone have a chance to take a look at my last post? I listed 10 tips with an alternate, beefed up version to help you stick with your workout....more

Never Miss Another Workout! 10 Classic Motivating Tips Kicked Up a Notch

 If you’re still in the process of gaining momentum with a regular workout schedule, some days motivating that beautiful butt of yours to get to the gym can be a burly undertaking. BUT, it’s not impossible....more


I have never been into Pokemon....more

Alive and Kicking

 I can't believe I've been doing this over the last 5 years.Wow, time sure flies......more


I’ve tried running for exercise, for the ease of being able to do it anywhere, for the health benefits and mostly in search of the elusive runner’s high. The only problem is the brick wall blocking the running ability in my brain. ...more