Objectification: no longer gender specific

It seems I hit a nerve last Friday with my discussion of the objectification of women. We all know it happens....more

What's in a Sock?

It was a glorious morning the sun was shining and my sneakers were calling my name. I stumbled out of bed and then rolled back into bed. I was tired! An early morning run was not what I needed and with that I pulled the covers back over my head. An hour later I awoke to get the kids ready for school and still was not ready to run....more

Walking Towards Joy

On May 16th I will be Chasing Joy on West River Drive in Philadelphia. I have signed up to walk in the 31st Annual Philadlphia Bar Association 5K Run/Walk....more

Can't I just do yoga?

Skinny Yoga Mat Bag in Morning Glory, US $34.00 from Crzy Bag Lady Designs...more

Goin Lo-Co

Changing to a low cholesterol lifestyle (read the About Me page for WHY I have to change) feels, well, totally daunting. I started with good intentions and high hopes.  How hard could it be?  My first step of course was to google ‘low cholesterol.’  After repeatedly mis-typing 'cholesterol' I finally got some results - but they were disappointing....more

Back in the Groove, Music Too!

Back in the groove again here in Massachusetts!  Here's this morning's breakfast.Hot and Cold.  My coffee and my Green Monster.  This morning I had my first Green Monster since December!  I don't have much in the fridge, so I got creative:...more

Why Isn't Everyone Exercising Regularly?

Lifting weights and performing cardiovascular activity are proven to enhance and extend your life. So, err, why isn't everyone exercising regularly? ...more

I have been physically active all of my life. I was an out-door type when I was a child. ...more

The New Restaurant Menu Sticker Shock: Calories!

Although shocking at times, I am in full support of seeing those calorie numbers on the restaurant menus.  I write this from Panera Foods, and many kudos to you, Panera for posting calories on your menu boards.  A few studies have looked at whether posting calories at restaurants affect what people order and they have found that some people are affected and some are not.  Teens ordering behavior, for example, was found to NOT be affected by the calorie numbers.  One of the reasons speculated for behavior NOT changing as a result of calorie information being posted is t...more

The "Forget You" Diet

Ahh…  Cee Lo Green … we do think alike…  In a single phrase, his new Top 40 Motown-sounding hit, Forget You, says it all (click link below to listen).  Given my tendency to make just about anything relevant to weight loss (including Top 40 hits), I have composed a list of 10 things that deserve a big Forget You for long lasting weight loss… Forget You......more