Menopausal: But What a Difference a Workout and Sunshine Makes

In the past two years, since falling prey to Menopause Disorder—my alter ego, that She Siren, compelling wailer of distress—my once religious-like workouts have threatened to come to a complete halt. And I don’t even want to tell you what my eating habits and attempts at dieting have been like, more like a sitcom of Mama Cass versus Twiggy. So do not get me started or I’ll just lose it and drone and blubber, and then mucus would get all over my keyboard!...more

I appreciate that you took the time to give readers here some important information.

Wishing ...more

Terrible Report Card

by Lianne Castelino The numbers are alarming and disappointing, to say the least.  Canadian children get an F in the 2011 Active Healthy Kids report card on physical activity for the 5th year in a row.  Truly disturbing, but not entirely shocking frankly. ...more

Exercising with the Boss

At fifteen months, Charlie is getting us to do things that we physically might not ordinarily do. We do it to see the smile on his face and to hear his belly laugh – even if it might be to our own detriment.  But it seems that our grandson is talented in a way we never expected: he is actually a physical therapist! And, here is his prescription for our ailments:...more

Obsess About My Not-Skinny Size? No Weigh, Baby!

I was nine years old the day I started dreading scales. At my Sunday gymnastics class, the instructor weighed all of us. Then she pulled me aside. ...more
I get on the scale every now and then to see where I'm at, especially if I feel a little heavier ...more

Why I Broke Up With My Scale

I had put a scale on my registry for my wedding, thinking that I wanted it. It came in a box with a bow from my sister-in-law, and I was even enthusiastic about it at the time. That is, I was, until I started using it. The relationship between me and my new scale quickly became a love/hate one. I found that we were constantly fighting with one another... "no!" I would shout, "That is NOT my weight!" To which it replied, "yes, it most certainly is." ...more


Have we got a deal for you!...more

Feeding the Minds of Students: Federally Funded School Lunch Programs & Kids’ Nutrition

Haunting Stories When I set my brain free and allow it to roam around in the dark spaces of m...more

Healthy Monday

I now weigh 131! Which Means since last week I've lost two pounds. I would love to lose a couple of more this week before Easter; my goal is to get under 130 by then. ...more

Beginning Yoga at age 41 - 8 Steps to Fulfillment

By Kristin Fast, Lifestyle Editor and In-House Wit-Cracker So you want to practice yoga?  You want Jennifer Aniston’s arms and Ashley Judd’s legs and inner peace and so you decide, like 15 million other Americans, to take up the practice of yoga. Welcome....more

I love it! Thanks for sharing your story, and managing to be both entertaining and inspiring -- ...more

Me and Zumba

  This week on my healthy lifestyle journey has been better. I bought Zumba for the Wii. Need I say more? Well just for kicks I will.  The goal is to make it through a 20 minute session, each session is broken down into 4 and 5 minute parts. Chelle (Hound’s fiancée) and I have made it through several 4 minute sessions but no further....more