10 Minutes

I wish I had a sense of how many times I'd done any of the following:...more

I haven't--I'd heard of it, but had honestly kind of forgotten about it. I will definitely ...more

Social Media Matters

This evening I was planning to go running with the Dashing Whippets, and do a fun (well, I guess that's a relative term) training workout involving intervals and lactate threshold and all that good stuff.  I got my running clothes on, filled my water bottle, and headed out to the bus stop...and the bus didn't come....more

The Vacation Food Failure

So what I was hoping, while on vacation, is that I’d post about the challenges and triumphs of eating low-cholesterol while on vacation.Instead, my lo-co plan went on vacation.Want to know what a total food meltdown on vacation looks like?  Well, it starts with having Eggs Benedict TWICE.  (Apparently, I am a room service slut – thank goodness we rarely stay at wonderful places like this one in Southern California or I’d be on cholesterol meds in like 3 seconds flat)....more

Tips to Help You Start Running

Do you want to start running?Well, the good news is YOU CAN!  How do I know this?  Because for years I sat back wondering if I could, but really thinking I couldn't.  Until one day I DID!This is what worked for me and I hope it works for you, too!...more

If Happiness Is Good for Your Health, Then Anger Is....

We have all witnessed cartoons where characters become angry -- like this picture, they turn bright red in the face, steam starts pouring out of their heads, their eyes become devilish and everyone around them thinks they are out of control and crazy (that is everyone except for the crazy angry character). Sometimes they begin throwing a huge fit comparable to a toddler laying on the ground screaming and kicking. Then it happens. Inevitably the character either explodes, turns into a raging mad lunatic or falls over dead from not being able to control the anger any longer....more

Thanks for sharing--your ideas for avoiding anger and putting that energy to good use are great. ...more

Sunday Run-down: June 27-July 3

Even though it's been July for a couple days now, I just can't get used to the idea that July 4th is tomorrow.  It's weird!  June went by so quickly!  But July 4th=holiday, so I'll take it....more

Getting Healthy Part 3... Take a Walk!

In addition to the change in diet we have implemented as a family, the hubby has sold us on the idea of taking a walk around the neighborhood park every night after dinner.  The purpose is three-fold:  to incorporate movement in our daily routine, to walk off any extra calories, and most importantly, to exhaust the little one into an early bedtime. And don’t misunderstand, my 3 year old is not normal, he can stay up all night long if we let him. He is still unusually alert at 2am. Anyway, walking around a lake and feeding the ducks for an hour really helps tire him out....more

You and your family are getting healthy and active. I'm sure you've already heard of the First ...more

Treating Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

I have a number of patients with PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome who are at high risk for developing diabetes.  I've been treating many with Metformin to help them avoid becoming diabetic and to help with their underlying insulin resistance.  I have several who have lost over 50 pounds.  It's an entire program of nutrition, exercise and keeping a food diary....more

First Run of the Week

The week before last, I didn't go running until Wednesday.Last week I went running for the first time on Thursday.This week, my first run was yesterday.  I ran again today, and I plan to run tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday.  Even if I miss one of those days, I can still get in a solid four days of running, and not have to try to cram mileage in over two or three days because that's all I have left in the week....more

Stickin' it to the (wo)Man

At Christmas, my Aunt and Uncle got me a gift card to Amazon, and even though I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for, I hung on to it for a long time.  I don't really have a reason why I did, I just did.  You know, one of those things.  About a month ago, I finally placed an order for an item I'd been coveting for (literally) years: the Stick....more