Moon River - Day 100

For the last several days, my children have been talking about musical instruments and in the process learned that I used to play the clarinet.  So today, for the first time since I was in college, I pulled out my beautiful, black, Selmer clarinet and played it.  As I heard myself play the notes, it wasn't quite as tragic as I had anticipated.  However, it wasn't a beautiful flowing tune like "Moon River" either....more

Run, Mama, Run

Whose idea was it to start running at 5:30 AM three days a week?Oh, right, that would be me....more
@DesiValentine4 Thanks! I know, the best part about waking up that early to work out is when you ...more

Exercise for ADHD

Yesterday we had a break from all of the heat and humidity that's been so much a part of this summer. The temperature was in the low 70's and there wasn't a cloud in the sky so I decided to ditch the gym in favor of a walk.Armed with my iPod and sunglasses, I got in 2 miles in about 30 minutes. I got to see some of my neighbors and enjoy the peace and quiet.That walk was good for me in so many ways....more

Exercise, Sweat & Improved Mood

Ever notice how some workouts leave you feeling just so - so?  And others make you feel that you can do anything? Cope with the demanding boss or never ending To Do List, cranky family, stack of bills?  New research is pointing to the feel good factor and what it takes to get there from exercise. And, it's just what you'd guess....more

"Killer Legs" Home Workout

I know what workout I'm adding to my routine this weekend! Thanks for sharing :)more

Tips to Help You Start Running Part 2

Alrighty.  It's been four weeks since the first part of my Tips to Help You Start Running post.  I hope since then you've starting exercising more, walking and possibly even running!If you have, GO YOU and keep it up!  If not, then start today!  :)I wanted to go a little further with you and give you more helpful tips that I've learned along the way and I hope will be helpful to you as well....more

My Top Tips for Staying Healthy During the BlogHer '11 Conference!

As I sit in my hotel room on the eve before the start of the BlogHer conference, I am smacking my lips in anticipation of all the delectable treats and drinks I will be indulging in while I am here. If you don’t know, in addition to the information packed conference sessions, good food is always served for lunch and there are COUNTLESS parties where we eat, drink and be merry while socializing with our blogging friends. But the good news is that if you are attending the conference you can still do things for yourself that will help keep you balanced. ...more
And don't forget your veggies! I think Chocolate Greens 8000 is a tasty & convenient way to get ...more

How Do Mommies Exercise?

It eludes me.  Seriously, I can't figure out how moms do it.  Exercise, I mean.Let's be honest, pregnancy and bringing forth life into this world has done a number on my physique.  Yes, I have three lovely children to show for it, but my body!  What the heck has happened to my body?!?!?  Things are not where they used to be and I fear they will never go back.  I'm trying to embrace my new shape and love it, but I just can't do it.  It's not very lovable... or embraceable....more
Awesome! I love pilates! It's a great workout! I know when I'm stressed for time I sometimes ...more

6 a.m. Box Jumps - Day 68

Box Jumps.  I have been attempting them since day one of CrossFit and still do not look forward to them each time they are assigned.  Yes, for me there really is no "jumping".  I am not able to jump at my current weight.  Box jumps are modified to more of a "box step-up", if you will, when I do them.  Similar to what was taught back when step aerobics was popular.  And like what was taught in step aerobics, I alternate my lead foot each round....more


Running away…   6 A.M. There’s something about the sun just up, the morning freshness. It’s the perfect time for a jog or a brisk walk. To me, something about a good run in this hour is sacred. Like the first skier down a mountain of new snow, or the very first bite of warm chocolate cake. This morning in particular I was listening to the rhythm of my feet, the chop chop chopping of a nearby sprinkler, the heaving of my breath, the strong clear echo of birds. As the day was just waking, there was still a sense of stillness....more