Health Resolution: Here's How to Get Better Sleep in 2014

2014 is going to be the year of sleep. As more research emerges tying a plethora of health problems to our perpetual lack of sleep, more gadgets come out that help us to sleep better knowing that it adds to our overall health.  According to a recent article in the Atlantic on sleep deprivation, most people probably need a lot more sleep than they're actually getting. ...more
I read an article this year about sleep that said we should be as protective of our sleep time ...more

I've got Zumba on a holiday...

The Temptations got nothin' on my Aqua Zumba classmates and me. It was a cloudy day even at 6 a.m., and the health club had long advertised no classes on Christmas Eve, but wishful thinking and the fact that our favored Aqua Zumba instructor had told us she'd be there was enough for seven regulars and one newbie to show up at the pool this morning. After all, the Christmas holidays promised loads of food temptations and limited hours at the gym, and we each had decided to "pay it forward" by burning some calories in advance....more

The Tone It Up Community!

Have you guys heard of Tone It Up? Well, I joined the Tone It Up community a couple weeks ago and I'm happy I did....more

Stay Mentally Sharp as You Age

Ways to stay mentally sharp as you age:...more

Holiday Craziness--and How to Stay Calm

I think I could be a poster girl for overuse injuries.  As one of my friends points out, I exercise like I'm 18 (and, trust me, I'm no where near it)So my knees often hurt--as well as my lower back.  Oh--and did I mention my talus bone?  That's the bone that runs across the instep of your foot; mine often gets dislocated, so my chiropractor shakes and manipulates my foot to get it back in...more


Ever have one of those days when you’re just too sluggish to go to the gym, but that little voice inside your head keeps telling you that you need to go? Well, on those days, just go anyway.  Lie on an exercise mat, do some stretches, listen to your favorite music, and just take about an hour to yourself to relax and chill out....more

Cold Weather Running

How is the weekend over already?  Normally, I have Mondays off, but with the Thanksgiving holiday and wanting to have off on Friday, I am adjusting my work schedule a little bit and having an extra long weekend :-)...more

Taking an exercise inventory

Part of the focus of the second week's tasks in The Beck Diet Solution (which I've been writing about here, if you'd like to catch up) is to begin tackling the dreaded E word: Exercise. ...more
Linda Anselmi Thank you so much, Linda! I've managed to increase it to 10, so soon there'll be ...more

It's Training Time!

Well, I went and did something totally outside of my comfort zone. I signed up to run a half marathon in March. The Shamrock'n Half Marathon is March 16 and a group of coworkers and I decided to sign up and train....more