My heart just can't take it

I still hate running. I have my good days and my bad days; I have times when I am not getting out of the bed in the morning to run and those times when I am able to convince myself to run because it is the right thing to do. It is a daily struggle. But I try (oh so very hard) to stick with it....more

Ladies, You’re Doing it Wrong: Why a better butt starts with heavier weights

Ask any woman brave enough to step into the gym what she’d like to improve and I’d bet dollars to donuts that 9 out of 9 of them would tell you they want a better butt and thighs. I know I do! Then, sit back and watch them workout. You know why they’ll never get a better butt and thighs? They don’t lift heavy enough!!Here’s why –...more

Exercise: The cure for depression, anxiety and stress

Research conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that mothers of adolescents and adults with autism experience chronic stress comparable to combat soldiers and struggle with frequent fatigue and work interruptions. Wow!...more

3 Mental Exercises That Will Change How You Feel About Your Body

Having a good body image takes work, like anything else. If your body image could use some sprucing up, try these three exercises. ...more

My 6 Week Journey to Wellness with Fit Foodie Mom

What’s this all about?...more

Running in Mid-Air - Lovin' the Elliptical

Double L insisted that an elliptical would be the perfect exercise machine for me - and he was right. My sessions currently start out and finish at Level 1, but there are stretches at Level 2 & 3 throughout. I get so tempted to kick it up to 5 or more, and will eventually, but not for at least another 3 weeks or more....more

6 Reasons You're Not Seeing Good Workout Results

You look in the mirror, and there are no visible changes. You're at a loss. Whenever you go to the gym, you feel like you're working harder than most of those gym rats in there, yet you don't see any progress. So what's the deal? I know that feeling, and it's a sucky one. Fortunately, there's hope! If the results aren't showing up like you've been hoping for, by simply making a tweak or two, you will finally begin to see all your hard work pay off. ...more
Katie Jenkins I broke my wrist so needed surgery for a plate. So had to ease back into weight ...more

Team NutriBullet - Round Two

To those who applied... The Team NutriBullet Round 2 Questionnaire (R2Q) went out to all the Alumni yesterday, and to new applicants today! ...more

My 5 Favorite YouTube Channels for Working Out at Home

I try to incorporate exercise more into my daily life, but it’s a constant struggle for me. I don’t love working out, and it can be really hard to force myself off the couch and get a good workout in. I loved physical activity when I was in high school and constantly played sports. Now that I’m not dancing and playing soccer, it’s harder to find workouts that I enjoy! I like workout classes, but have the hardest time forcing myself to get to the gym. I prefer to workout at home, but don’t always have the tools I need to get the workout I need....more