Exercise during pregnancy helps baby's brain development

A new study for the University of Montreal and its affiliate children's hospital found that just 20 minutes of moderate exercise for pregnant women (3x/week) is enough to enhance a baby's brain development in utero.Just a few decades ago doctors told pregnant women to "take it easy." Now most agree that being sedentary during pregnancy can do more harm than good. But it's still important that you talk to your physician/OB about whether it's OK to continue - or, especially, START- exercise while you're pregnant....more

Pain and healing

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you — all of the expectations, all of the beliefs — and becoming who you are.~ Rachel Naomi Remen“What are you going to be like when you grow old like me?” my grandmother asked me one day when I said I was too tired to go outside and play.“Why, I’ll be turning cartwheels, Grandma!  I’m not going to get old,” I replied with the surety of youth. ...more

November 30 Day Workout (or N30DW)

well. it’s been awhile since i’ve seriously worked out. like a looong while. i don’t think i’ve honestly done a great work out since before the wedding (yep – july, people!). don’t get me wrong, i play sports on the weekends and have had random “runs” here and there – but nothing that really motivates me to push harder, sweat more, and do better. so – i’m initiating a november 30 day workout. yes, every day this month i plan to do something that gets me moving, which can include running, a new class, walking, etc....more

Exercise Special

Ran into my pal Kathy this morning while all thekids were getting their walks. She is taking anexercise class or two. One that she is taking is close to the house andmay be easy enough for me,two+ years afterknee replacements. The first class for me is free,as I am a breast cancer survivor. Wish me luck! ...more

Exercise: So Important for Your Autistic Child

All kids need exercise, but there are specific reasons for autistic kids to get active: Autistic adults cite exercise as critical for self-regulation and helping to ...more

Nature Is The Best Gym


Exercise October 2

ExerciseOctober two...more

"My Workout Landed Me in the Hospital with Rhabdo"

Over the last few weeks, I keep seeing CrossFit pop up on social media. News stations are warning of its dangers. CrossFit lovers are lashing out at those who get hurt doing CrossFit and blame the workout. As someone who has never seen CrossFit in action or participated in a workout, it's hard to know what to believe, though I have to admit that hearing that the logo requested by CrossFit's creator is a vomiting clown named Uncle Pukie, it doesn't sound like something this runner and yoga practitioner would enjoy.  I'm not looking to push my body until I vomit when I exercise. ...more
This happened to my son.  Hospitalized in ICU this late June 2013.  Thank God,  I saw the ...more

Aerobic exercise helps children learn and remember

Do you want to boost your kid's memory and learning? Put them on the trampoline. Or the bike. Or in the pool to swim laps. New research from a study following 9- and 10-year-olds found that the fitter the child, the better they performed on memory tests. Of course, fitness doesn't necessarily give kids an advantage in ALL learning situations.But this research correlates with one done at Michigan State University last year, in which it was found that just 20 minutes a day of aerobic exercise may be enough to boost school performance for kids with ADHD....more