Workout Wednesday: Training for a Half

I'm in the midst of training for my next half marathon in April and every time someone sees that I'm out running, I get a lot of questions about training (which I seriously am no expert on). Basically when I started running last summer, with the guidance of a good friend/runner and some articles on Runner's World, I set out to make my own training schedule.To continue reading, visit: http://www.georgiapeachmommy.blogspot.comXo,J...more

Winter Time Cardio- An Effective Treadmill Workout

Doing cardiovascular training is always a challenge, but in the winter it becomes even more challenging.  The days are shorter, and weather is often a factor as well.  Being a believer in cross training, I have my clients (and myself for that matter) do cardio a minimum of three and optimally five times per week, and they/we must pick a minimum of two different modalities.  Kickboxing, spinning, swimming, stair climbing and running are all satisfactory types of exercises to fulfill this requirement.  But nothing burns the fat, cardio wise, like running does. ...more

The picture that horrified me into finally going to the gym

 What a pound looks like......more

Exercising 6 of my 9 lives

The reason I had a rough time concentrating at class last night was I was told I had skin cancer last night. I was glad that I had it to be at it, because it made me focus on something else.I managed to get an appointment today to find out I had Bowman’s carcinoma in situ, meaning that it was caught early.Not early enough that it could be frozen off, but it was cut out.I was glad, because my theory on cancer is to get it out of me, period!...more

Workout Wednesday: Endomondo

I've had a few people ask me what my favorite app to use when I run is. I honestly think MapMyRun is the most accurate (in mileage and speed) but my favorite app is Endomondo. I started using Endo when I began running in June and love that it keeps track of my mileage. I love looking back at my history and comparing my splits from my early runs to now.To read more, visit: http://www.georgiapeachmommy.blogspot.comXo,J...more

Workout Wednesday: Rolling

So even though I've only run one half marathon, I've still done some long distance running. People seem most curious about what happens after you've run. Well, my number one thing is that I believe in the power of massage.  To read more, visit: Xo, J...more

Workout Wednesday: Pilates Wear

Even though it'll be a couple of weeks before I can get back to Pilates (my abs are thinking, holy crap it's going to be FOREVER) this post will be relevant to some of you.To read more, visit: http://www.georgiapeachmommy.blogspot.comXo,J...more

7 Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Hey Girlfriend!Would it surprise you to know that you probably already take part in some of these exercises? The real secret is in knowing how to do those exercises for greatest benefit. You are not too heavy or too old to exercise. And believe it or not, it doesn't have to be difficult. You don't have to belong to a gym, have a personal trainer, or better body chemistry....more

Health Resolution: Here's How to Get Better Sleep in 2014

2014 is going to be the year of sleep. As more research emerges tying a plethora of health problems to our perpetual lack of sleep, more gadgets come out that help us to sleep better knowing that it adds to our overall health.  According to a recent article in the Atlantic on sleep deprivation, most people probably need a lot more sleep than they're actually getting. ...more
I read an article this year about sleep that said we should be as protective of our sleep time ...more