Top 7 Tips for Winter Indoor Fitness

Pure Barre - My Unlimited Month

Up, up, hold. Up, up, hold. This is your hour. Embrace the shake. These are a few of my favorite phrases from the classes I attended.This 55 minute core strengthening class is an amazing workout. Abs, seat, hips and arms are the focus. Yes please! The music is loud and fun. The instructors are motivating. My fellow classmates are extremely strong and flexible. What is not to like?...more

5 Ways for Busy Mamas to Stick to An Exercise Routine

 Exercise and I have a love/hate relationship.While I HATE the thought of it and hate actually getting started (believe it or not, the hardest element of working out for me is actually getting in my workout clothes!) once I get started I usually LOVE the way it feels and I have a great time.Time. That is my biggest enemy.It's not that I do NOT have the time in my day, but when I do have time, I've got a list of about a million things that need to be done. And with three small children, there is almost never a time that one of them does not need something....more

My honest review on Insanity

Hello ladies!So I know I said I would review Insanity earlier but then I was like "I haven't even done it yet, how can I review it?"  I'm almost at the 3 week mark which puts me roughly a third of the way through and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it.I'm not a professional in anything fitness related, but I really honestly like Insanity and think it's a great program. I'll bring a up a few points people have mentioned in other reviews that I've seen:...more

Exercise the Gift of Giving

Mk. 4:21-25  St. John BoscoScientists tell uys that if we do not exercise our brain or muscles they gradually atrophy and die.  Practicing faith increases faith.  St. John Bosco tells us  to "Do good while you still have time."  I have people tell me that they will give and help when they get more money or more time.  I learned along time ago that is simply an excuse because I have given of what I have, for you see time will run out, and then what do we say? Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God! ...more

Fitting in Exercise as a New Mom

When Wyatt was a month old, I went to the gym. As I stepped off the treadmill, a fellow gym-goer approached me and we had a brief conversation. Woman: "Didn't you just have a baby?!" Me: "Yup, he's a month old now." Woman: "And you're here?! Must be nice to have a baby who's sleeping so well." Me: "Umm, it must be. But I wouldn't know…" ...more
I just joined Stroller Strides too!  I also have a BOB jogging stroller and am hoping to run a ...more

The Return of Crazy Eyeris: What’s on Your Playlist?

I bet you thought I forgot about Crazy Eyeris, right?...more Thank you Robin! <3more

My Favorite Weight Loss Tips: Part II

Here are the remainder of my favorite tips for weight loss.  The 15 steps from yesterday and the additional 15 from today will help you kick start healthy changes to your lifestyle....more

Katie Marie: On the Road to ONEderland

Katie Marie was a sweet, 21-year-old girl in 2008 when she entered my life.  I was eight-and-a-half months pregnant with my last child, and was interviewing nannies to help me juggle the load of a rambunctious 3-year-old, a new baby on the way, and a then-husband that traveled four days a week.  When Katie walked in the door, the light in her soul shined bright through her beautiful eyes and ear-to-ear smile.  I connected with her instantly, and she joined our family about a week later....more