Nablopomo here we go again

30 days, 100 words a day. There was Halloween this year in my house. Costumes, candy and spooky parties, pink wicked witches and peter pan with long pants. I made some apple turnovers for dinner the other night and couldn’t wait till they got cold. I put too much cinnamon but it was ok in the end. Didn’t have any cornstarch so I used custard powder instead and that worked well. I rolled the pastry out with a glass bottle because I keep forgetting to buy a wooden roller.  I cleaned up to avoid the black ant infestation and went to bed with a full tummy....more

5 Unexpected Lessons from an Intercultural Relationship

“Did you know that I’m Russian?”“Well yeah. I figured it out a while back.”The question stumped me. I’ve been dating and living with this guy for about a year so I had some kind of inkling that he was, in fact, not American.It was mostly the passport. And the occasional bursts of Russian cursing....more
My husband got off easy since I spoke pretty good English to start with. But at the same time I ...more

12 Ways Becoming an Expat is Like Becoming a Parent

I’ve been living in London as an American expat for just over four months now, and my experiences so far remind me of what it was like becoming a parent for the first time. Now, I’ve moved to an English-speaking country with familiar foods and a relatively similar culture; I imagine moving to Asia or the Middle East would be like having triplets - but I can’t speak to either of those experiences, so just bear with me.So, here they are, 12 ways that moving to a new country is like having a baby:...more

He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich

Recently someone asked me what were some of the silliest things people had ever asked me about Australia. I didn't have to dig too deep for the most recent.  A couple of weeks ago a lovely American (bolded because it is relevant to the story) friend had been imbibing some grown up beverages for several hours and came up with'If England settled Australia in the first place why don't you all have British accents?'I did VERY well for me, because he is really a lovely person and my reply was very restrained....more

Up All Night To - Do Laundry

I’m now six weeks into my ex-pat experience in London, and for the most part, things are going very well. We absolutely love the city and feel so fortunate to be able to live here....more

3 (Warm) Places to Visit During the Winter in the US

Today on my blog, I'm sharing 3 places to visit during the blizzard of 2015 that will warm you up!Check it out here!! ...more

My life in a Lotus Flower

  Just recently I learned something new that I should have known many years ago, the the name for Lotus in Thai is บัว, pronounced "bua"....more

24 Things I Did When I Was 24

Because if you can't reflect on what you've accomplished on your birthday, when can you?...more