Creative and DIY Project Ideas to Build Strong Fan Base

Stop just thinking about how to promote products or sell something of Facebook. Let’s start looking for some DIY projects on Facebook that you can use to build a strong fan base. It can get you bigger market and make people get interested on whatever you post. There are at least three big ideas that would be helpful.Crafting projects...more

3 Useful Ways to Improve Your Reach on Facebook

Facebook is visited by more than a billion users every day, and that's exactly what makes it the most used and famous social network nowadays. At the beginning, this social media was used just to share pictures, status, and simple posts, but now many brands, businesses, and publishers are using Facebook as an important marketing tool and more....more

Google+ Versus Facebook


Why people are gradually leaving away from Facebook and Twitter

The superior things about twitter is that you could talk with your buddies, family and other relatives. Despite the fact that Twitter is among the simplest social networking websites on earth, a lot of people have a difficult time attempting to work out how it actually works. To put it differently you are not going to see me on Twitter or Facebook....more

Top 10 Ways to Secure Your Facebook

Facebook makes the most popular social media network right now. This popularity also attracts several people to hack your account. These people like to use your account for their own advantages which are mostly bad or illegal. Here are several best ways you can do to protect your account.Strong Password...more

10 Facebook Hidden Features You Should Use

 Facebook makes the primary social media right now. Considering the features and options, it’s going to be like this for a while. If you start to get bored with it, maybe you should try several hidden features. They are fun and you may enjoy it, more than you can expect. Here are the features:...more

Is Facebook Ruining Your Relationship?

A large number of studies and surveys tell us that Facebook is cited as a factor in anywhere from 25% to 66% of all divorces. ...more

Five Things You Need To Know So You're Not Talking To Yourself On Facebook

This has been on my mind for a bit I have been noticing that people tend to share my Facebook posts fairly freely without taking note of my privacy settings. This isn't so much a problem for me, as it could be for them when they share and others are unable to see what they've actually posted. So ......more

5 Ways Facebook Privacy Exploits Users’ Data

Facebook achieved another milestone of as the social media giant hits 4 million advertisers, COO Sheryl Sandberg told CNBC's News on 27th April 2016.Facebook as we all know is unarguably the social media giant and there are no two views about that. As uncle Ben (from spider-man movie) says “With great powers come great responsibilities”...more