Why Is It OK to Blast Religion Via TV & Facebook

I have always been interested in true crime and investigative stories, and was happy to see that ID had been added to the local channel lineup.  However, ID has quickly proven through its treatment of their Deadly Devotion series that they really don't 'investigate' at all, and their 'research' is biased for the sake of drama.  They use only whatever shallow information and whichever biased interviewees will give them the most venom.  And some of the scenes are literally staged for drama the way someone would stage a play in a dark theater.  How silly. ...more

Facebook and Tomato Sandwiches

I invited myself to lunch yesterday with a couple of dear friends.It started when one of the girls posted a picture on social media of her gloriously ripening backyard tomatoes and the rest just took care of itself. It seems that we all have a fondness for fresh tomato sandwiches on challah, made with just a hint of mayonnaise, basil, and some wonderful cheese. (Lactose free, of course.) My mouth is still in saliva overdrive....more
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Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

I recently saw this quote on Pinterest and I love it! It is quickly becoming one of my favorite quotes of all time in fact. Over the years I've gotten a lot better at not comparing myself to others. Although there are still the occasional days I even have to stop myself from comparing when I'm on Instagram, Pinterest, or even working on this blog....more

Thank You, Facebook, for Keeping Me Connected from the Middle of Nowhere

I had a hard time making friends here. I just couldn't find women my age who weren't already plugged into their groups of friends. I didn't really try very hard. I stayed connected to old friends with email. I redecorated our house. I bought a lot of yarn. I started volunteering. And one day, I found Facebook. ...more
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Facebook Forces Mobile Users to Download Messenger App to Access Facebook Messages

Facebook announced today that you'll need to download a second app in order to access Facebook messages from your smartphone. This is both for your benefit -- faster app speed for their main app since it won't be weighed down by messages -- but moreso Facebook's benefit: why use any other messaging app when you need to download Facebook's regardless if you want to access that Facebook feature? It's like colonizing your phone, one app at a time. ...more
I use FB messenger so rarely that it wouldn't be useful for me.  Anyone who has my email can get ...more

Facebook Security for Parents and Teens

Facebook offers a hefty amount of security measures that parents and teens should know.The Login...more

To Facebook: A Strongly Worded Diatribe

 Being a progressive humanist in a religiously fundamental and politically conservative community I have learned to expect and live with a fair amount of ignorance from my neighbors and my own family. For many years, to keep the peace, I mostly remained silent. I don't recall a defining, pivotal moment when that changed, but over time it did.Being "different" from most of the people I know, or that I am related to, has kept me deliberately distant and I've tried, sometimes with great difficulty, to keep my opinions to myself. And then along came Facebook....more

Method or Madness? Facebook’s Emotional Manipulation of Users

I opened my Facebook page last weekend to find a story that was trending all over social media: Facebook had published a study at the University of California, that claimed that they manipulated users’ emotions by inserting posts into a user’s news feed that would elicit a “contagious” positive or negative emotion. The published study states that they changed the news feeds delivered to almost 700,000 people for a week. None of which gave their consent to be part of this study. Facebook’s excuse and I quote: “We do research to improve our services…”...more