Why I Started Blogging

I started blogging because I got started with facebook and I was writing a lot of "Notes". I always kept a journal before then, so blogging was inevitable. All my notes always had an inspirational or empowering ending so I wanted to inspire at a greater level and a bigger platform. The site is www.breathoflifedaily.com its an online journal dedicated to empower, educate, and engage....more

Seven Reasons Why Facebook Is Awesome

SEVEN REASONS WHY FACEBOOK IS AWESOMEDon't deny it.With all the passive aggressive, sulking, show off, "I'm the best parent in the world," depressing, dramatic, negative, and positive status updates we're all privy to on the daily, I don't think Facebook is so bad....more
I agree!more

Please Ask Before You Post Someone's Image on Facebook

Over the weekend, I posted about asking people not to post my child's picture on Facebook.  Carolyn Hax had given some pretty weak advice to a set of expectant parents that amounted to "your kid's picture is going to end up online anyway, so this isn't a battle worth having." ...more
My daughter was in foster care, and we were not allowed to post photos of her or allow others to ...more

When Someone Blocks You on Facebook it's the Final 'F' You

Once upon a time someone pissed me off or hurt my feelings which I think are the same emotion but being and saying you're pissed off is easier to admit and deal with than hurt feelings. Anyway, I deleted said person from my facebook. Take that! They countered with a facebook block. Ouch! Now I can't even spy on them. Shit....more

Facebook was Turning Me into My Mother - and Not in a Good Way

So we have a deal now, unvoiced, but I'm honoring it. I don't post anything that could humiliate her in school or out (including when we have a fight), and I never, not ever post a picture without her approval of the picture. She's let a few go by - some of them even blatantly silly. But I know she appreciates that I ask, so I think she throws me a bone sometimes and approves a few here and there. Anytime I'm the least bit tempted to cross the line, I try to remember being a twelve year old girl, sitting on a church pew, as the congregation asks God to bless my bowels. ...more
I am not saying your should never share that picture, but maybe make it more selective.  Maybe ...more



How to Unmask an MRA in Ten Easy Steps

In this new online world where voices of marginalized groups finally get somewhat of a chance to make themselves heard, the viewpoints that go against the dominant ideology challenge and make uncomfortable those sitting in a place of privilege. And oftentimes turn them into right assholes...or rather unveil them for what they really are....more

How to Optimize Marketing Images for Facebook Graph Search

If you use Facebook to market your business, it can feel like things change so fast that you don't even realize you're behind! This post from Little Tech Girl helps you optimize images for the new Facebook Graphic Search in this post. ...more

Would You Give Friends Access to Your Online Accounts?

Facebook has a tendency to roll out ideas and then take them away, so I'm not putting too much stock in their "locked out" feature remaining around long, but it does give food for thought on trust, especially within online friendships. In a nutshell, the site has created a way for you to give three to five trusted friends access to your account in case you're ever in a position where you can't get into Facebook.  Facebook will contact these people with code numbers, and these people will pass them along to you, enabling you to prove that you're the owner of the account.  Facebook likens it to giving the keys to your house to a good friend or neighbour in case you're locked out. ...more
Depends on the person. There are people I'd trust. Hey Mark Zee... I'm me. No one else would ...more

Why Would Facebook Want to Buy Waze?

Sometimes it feels like Facebook is buying the Internet. The recent news that the social media giant is set to buy Waze, a social media based GPS navigation app, for an assumed 1.2 billion has many people raising eyebrows -- and asking, "What's Waze?" In short, it's a map app. Enter your destination and Waze will help you get there, offering social media interactions from other Waze users with warnings of accidents, police waiting to give you a ticket, construction, traffic and so on. But... why do you need another map app? ...more
Yes! It is great!more