How to Tame Your Facebook Addiction

Do you feel like a slave to your Facebook addiction? Save your productivity (and sanity) from this online obsession with these tips! Checking Facebook or posting updates every now and then is completely fine. But when regularly monitoring your Facebook account becomes too frequent that it affects the way you carry out tasks, distracts you from important matters, or negatively affects the way you view yourself and the world, then it becomes a problem. ...more

Being more than Mrs. Mommy

I have two t-shirts that I thought I had specially made just for fun. The first one was shortly before my wedding. I had it made to say "Mrs. XXXXX" (but instead of the Xs, it was my husband's name). The second was right after my son was born and it says XXXXXX's Mom (but instead of the Xs, it has my son's name)....more

When Your Family Member Deletes You From Facebook

If I'm being completely honest, I never enjoyed viewing my step-mother's life on parade bogging down my Facebook feeds. She was a postaholic, sharing photos of my 10-year-old half brother's tennis lessons, playdates, and their twice yearly vacations. She was younger than my father by 30 years and a generation ahead in social media. Last March, my dad and his new family went on a cruise. I noticed a lack of the standard #BestVacationEver photos in my feed. I blamed the bad WiFi on the cruise. ...more
It's totally liberating, but I didn't wish her well, I just avoided talk of it altogether!more

The Six Kinds of Moms on Facebook in 2016

Facebook has evolved. Gone are the days where you looked forward to poking your friends and inviting others to join you at Farmville. The site’s grown up, and so have the users. So, too, have the moms of Facebook changed....more

Should Therapists Use Social Media?

Finding a therapist today is a little like online dating. It's not that much of a stretch; therapy is a relationship after all. For it to be effective, the client needs to be at least as emotionally vulnerable with a therapist as with a potential partner. Things get personal in therapy from the very beginning. People often reveal more in the first few sessions with a therapist then they ever do in other relationships. In order for clients to be comfortable, they want to feel a connection with the therapist before they commit. ...more

Announcement Etiquette in the Facebook Age

My daughter was born 6 years ago, in the pre-"Timeline Managed" Facebook era. This scary period in early modern history allowed friends to post anything they wanted on your page without giving you the opportunity to approve it first. ...more

5 Facebook Status Updates That Need to Stop

We all complain about Facebook – from privacy issues to the new reaction buttons to strange-acting news feeds. But there are a few other things I see all the time on Facebook that bother me even more. Image: Karlas Dambrans via Flickr via Creative Commons license Chain Letters ...more
You can spend hours and hours going through your daily Facebook feed if you aren't careful. Weed ...more

How We Built Our Pet Business Using Social Media

You may wonder what a dog walker knows about social media. It's part of a previous life, but this background has proved very useful in our business's growth. Social media is often hailed as the most important aspect of the marketing mix. In many instances, it is considered so important that it has a strategy of its very own. Although it is an important tool and one we have used to build our business, the most important point is that you need to use it properly. ...more
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Facebook's New Emoticons: Do More Than Just "Like" a Post

Using Facebook is a great way to keep up with friends and relatives....more

The 'Going To BlogHer Annual Conference' Facebook Group

We at BlogHer are always looking for great ways to connect members of our community, especially when it comes to our conferences....more
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