Stop The Judging

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Why I Choose Not to "Like" Myself

When I started writing it was just a fun hobby, but then it grew into something more. When I started posting my writing online, it made my mother, who was the first and only person I showed my work to at that time, impressed and slightly nervous. I showed her one of my short stories about a girl named Angelica who was faced with tough times. Knowing circumstances I was going through, she asked me, "Is this about you?" Yes and no. I feel like I put a piece of myself in everything I write, but this girl, she evolved from an idea into something all on her own. Her response was two fold, first was "You should write children's books." The second? "Don't let people know that it's you."A proud introvert with words, ideas and something to say, I often have a hard time getting up the nerve to say it. That's why I've gone back and forth between blogging and just writing privately. But one day, one of those Murphy's Law days where everything just went completely wrong, I have had enough. Enough of keeping calm, enough of holding my tongue, enough of these overwhelming thoughts and emotions and quips building up inside me. I burst through the door, walked straight up to my husband and said "I'm going to do it. I'm putting my work back online." Blindsided on the couch, he nodded, said okay. Then after I started getting back in the blogging game he suggested I start a Facebook page to promote my blog and my other work. It was a good idea, but it took me a few weeks to do it because I honestly don't know how I feel about the people I'm friends on Facebook to know about my blog....more

Stop the duck lips and selfies. Please.

Most of my blog traffic comes from links people click on via social media... so let's talk about what you're posting for a minute....more

You're always dating online, you just don't realize it

Social media has changed the relationship world as we know it. It’s like a double-edged sword. It can lead to introductions and may serve as a casual way to build a relationship – a good way to avoid those awkward moments at first. But, it also causes problems. ...more

Raw and Rainbow

I am leather. I am impenetrable. I am a bear that will knock down the hunter with one mighty swing of my paw. But I am raw.  ...more

For Listicle and Stupid Facebook Quiz Lovers

My “friends” on Facebook range from teenagers (children of good friends) to my 90-year old Granddaddy, and they live all over the globe. Some friends are unemployed, some are students, some are business execs, some are authors, some are scientists and a bunch I have no idea what they do. Yet, among all these disparate people, whose single common feature is at some point interacting with me, one thing is for certain. My FB friends love to post listicles and inane quizzes on their newsfeeds....more

Do You Shine a Spotlight on Other People's Posts?

So back when I was in Hebrew school like three zillion years ago, we learned about Rambam and his ladder of giving. There were eight levels, and it was in-grained in our brain the best way to give. While the lowest rung of giving reluctantly after being asked was you know, kinda fine if that's the sort of person you want to be, we should all be aiming for that top rung of giving before being asked and not doing it for personal glory. Just giving because it's the right thing to do and we all benefit when people act altruistically. And that's how I approach sharing blog posts. ...more
I share when something strikes me. After all my years as a journalist I often feel events and ...more

How Long Should You Wait Before Posting About a Death?

Usually my pre-bedtime scan of social media is pretty mundane. I might bookmark an interesting news article or wish someone happy birthday before the stroke of midnight. However, on Monday night the first post on my Facebook newsfeed stopped me in my tracks. My 19-year-old cousin had just announced to 1,007 of her friends and acquaintances that our grandmother had died. ...more
Last month, my step-grandmother passed away. I had read about it on my stepsister's fb page on a ...more

Nobody knows you like Facebook

As previously mentioned, I am not a Facebook user. (And, for the record, I have no problem with people who are avid Facebook users as long as they understand the site's policies.) I know how the site works as I used to have to monitor my company's account. When I did the monitoring, I had lots of internal conversations about data tracking with my bosses. So, I was very intrigued to read how well Facebook knows who you are with just your "like" data....more