Facebook Photos bust Bank Robber

Do these bank robbers have bricks for brains? They actually posted photos of themselves with wads of the stolen cash on Facebook, says a story on thesmokinggun.com.The alleged bank robers are John Mogan, 28 and Ashley Duboe, 24, and they’ve been charged with robbing a bank in Ohio. Mogan has already served time for a previous bank robbery conviction and was out on parole....more

Can My Friendships Survive the Presidential Election?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, The presidential election is a year away and some of my friends are already driving me crazy with their political posts on Facebook. I don't want to block them but I don't always share the same political views and it's making me nuts. Ideas? Signed, I'm Left, They're Right Image: Gify. Dear I'm Left, They're Right, ...more
I say what my dad says, 'Voting is like sex. Everyone should do it, but keep the details to ...more

Should We Really Be Using Facebook for Political Statements?

I'm taking a short detour from my usual topics to ask what you think about discussing controversial topics with your friends on Facebook. Specifically, since it's a social site, is Facebook kind of like a virtual living room, where discussions of politics and religion should be off limits unless you know the people really really well or at least know they are likely to agree with you? Or is it like newsgoups used to be, a great place to say whatever comes into your head and the devil take the consequences? Or is it perhaps some kind of hybrid, since you know most of the people in real life, albeit not always very well? ...more
Knit Run Reap Eat I warn mine when I'm about to follow an event like a debate. Some of them ...more

5 Tips for Selling Your Clothes on Facebook

You probably read the title of this post and said, "WHHHHHAAATTTT?" because you had no idea that you could sell clothes on Facebook. Yeah, me neither! I just found out a couple months ago, and my mind was blown! ...more
Think about what is in the background of your photos. Tidy up!more

Facebook is Fantasyland: 5 Tips to Manage Your Online Presence

Social media is everywhere. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, social media sites are being used in a wide variety of ways. People build company brands, their own personal brands, communicate with family and friends, share interests or beliefs, champion causes and plan business or social events.  With such broad visibility and scope, it’s important to be aware of your online presence....more

Anatomy Of An Effective Facebook Post

If you’re posting consistently on Facebook, you’re way ahead of most of your counterparts. Now is the time to take your social efforts to the next level and fine-tune some things!...more

Facebook Pages: Tips And Tricks For Small Businesses

Your small business needs a Facebook page....more

Can You Really Learn Anything by Applying Magic Sauce to Facebook?

This week on Facebook, I got an eyeful of perfection. Smiling kids in new clothes, backpacks firmly on both shoulders, moments before they marched into a new school year. If I only went by Facebook, I would have thought that everyone else's child was having a smooth and happy transition into a new year. But the face-to-face conversations told a different story. I didn't encounter one person who said anything positive about their back-to-school experience. Friend drama, overtired tantrums, annoying classroom placements: the conversations told a very different story from the pretty Facebook world. I don't know which one is closer to the truth. ...more
Oh my goodness, now there's magic sauce? That sounds interesting and now I'm dying to give it a ...more

Facebook Got Us Through My Mother's Illness

Sometimes social media gets a bad rap. Sure, virtual gathering places can result in unnecessary drama and rants. But for me, social media – Facebook in particular - has been an instrument of support and friendship at a time when I needed it most. ...more

Why I'm Not Posting About Back-to-School on Facebook

I love seeing pictures of your kids, I really do. I'm not just saying that because I hope that it will ensure that you don't unfriend me after I write the rest of this post. I really mean it: your kids are damn cute. But I don't know if I'm going to post anything about back-to-school this year on Facebook because I'm already overwhelmed by the wall of back-to-school photos in my feed. ...more
JennaHatfield  Respectfully, you talk about FB like it's a job. The 'calendar year', ...more