The Art Of Life Unplugged

 The draw of social media has a magnetism that ...more

Social Media and Blogging Predictions for 2014

While you're in line at the store, waiting to return those Christmas gifts (why did your mother-in-law think you wanted a magenta muumuu?), we've compiled our best predictions for social media and blogging for the upcoming year. By looking at current trends and past history, we were able to see the way things are heading. And you're going to want to read this because if we're right, you'll want to look at those apps you download veeeeeeeeeery carefully this upcoming year. ...more
I think I will love groupie! But Google + I will need to learn to like yet!  this is really ...more

1628 Likes and Why I am Shutting Down My Blog's Facebook Page

At the beginning of this year, I created a public Facebook page for my blog, I did it because I wanted to create a more private personal profile so I could have at least one place online that felt less public, a little more sheltered. It wasn't long, though, before I started to regret that decision, because I realized that privacy on Facebook is harder to maintain than it seems, real engagement is difficult to come by on public pages, and Facebook's treatment of public pages has been undergoing a slow evolution that favours advertising money over content and engagement. ...more
AudelizAngiePerez I'm not overlooking that at all. I specifically mentioned that I was speaking ...more

Phil Robertson and Your Facebook Friends

One night in college we all dressed up, left the dorms and headed downtown. One of my friend’s cousins was visiting from Miami. He’s gay. I don’t remember where all we were headed, but Boneshakers, a gay club back in the day in Athens, was one of our destinations. We had fun, and I thought, aren’t I so progressive, going to a gay club?...more

What Did Your Year Look Like According to Facebook?

Facebook took its own look back at trends on Facebook in 2013. (Uh... I thought our non-public posts were supposed to be private, but I guess not when it comes to amalgamating information for trend reports.) It was a relationship-adding year with lots of check-ins from Argentina to the United Kingdom.  We talked a lot about Pope Francis, Miley Cyrus, and that royal baby born to a certain Will and Kate. And all that is well and good, but what about YOUR year in review? ...more
Not at all ;)more

Sasha Obama is Not Ready for Facebook. Are Your Kids?

It may not be the most erudite periodical on the market, but every once in a while People magazine has an article that gives me pause. Recently it was a quote by the President and First Lady saying that Sasha is too young for Facebook. ...more
I guess the author should have asked 'is your child old enough for social media,' because a lot ...more

Like It, Win It on Facebook!

Facebook Contest this Friday. Be sure to Like Baby Bling Street for your chance to win! ...more

I'm tired of social media

I really am tired of social media, but I don’t think I can stop. I’m too addicted to those little red flags that appear on Facebook when someone makes a comment or likes something I post. I get too much pleasure from hearing my cell phone buzz when one of tweets gets retweeted.Even still, here are some recent observations about life in our all-too-digital world from a social media-weary 20-something....more

Social Media and the Real Me

Q. Social media allows you to mask parts of your personality and show others. What percentage of yourself do you think you reveal to people online?A.  x is total self, a is offline self, b is blog self, c is Facebook selfSolve the problem now or you will be unfriended.Just kidding!!!...more

Beware of Phony Disney Scams

Does this picture look familiar?  If you have a Facebook account, you might have seen it there....more