Facebook Is 10 Years Old: As Relevant Now As It Has Ever Been (VIDEOS)

Facebook is now 10 years old and has now become a household name. With its 1.23 billion active users worldwide and 128 million users daily in the U.S. only, the social networking service is now the #1 social media platform....more

Celene’s Top 7 Tips To Increase Your Social Media Marketing Success

 Social media is so important to network marketing success these days. It’ something that I talk about almost every day in some way or another. If you are not using a good social media mix in your marketing efforts, trust me, you are really missing the boat....more

What will your Facebook Legacy be?

 If you have ever thought about this, well done. I have not, and I wonder how many others are in the same state.  Parents all worry about what their children are doing and posting about themselves online, and with good reason. ...more

Now I feel stupid AND hurt

I dislike Facebook as a corporation, but I really like a lot of the people I am friends with on it. I mean genuinely like, as in I think we are “friends”. Part of this is because the people are wonderful and funny and seem compassionate and interesting. The other part is when people comment “love you; love your blog” I think they like me. Not “give me a kidney” kind of like, but “like” as in I have added some value to their lives and therefore I my presence in their life is at least a LITTLE valuable to them.That is apparently a very Asperger’s thing to think....more
I'm not an Aspie (I don't think). But I would likely have reacted exactly like you did. I also ...more

Why You'll Find Me on Instagram and Google+ - NOT Facebook

Being a full time working mom, AND a blogger, I have fairly limited time. And spending my time on Facebook has had me more and more frustrated lately. Not so much on my personal page, which I actually spend a pretty limited amount of time on. But the time I’ve been spending on the Structure in an Unstructured Life Facebook page, has completely sapped it of any kind of enjoyment it once had....more
I agree! I have much better results with Google+. There are more people on there that cater to ...more

What Would Happen if Your Favourite Blog (or Website) Died?

But in all seriousness, blogs and websites -- like humans -- do tend to have a lifespan. Some die young, some live to the ripe old age of seven (that's like 70 in people years), and a freaky few keep going long after their contemporaries have died out. ...more
I've asked myself the question "should I stay or should I go" so many times. And yes, I suppose ...more

Facebook The New Town Square


How To Increase Your Facebook Post Engagement

1- Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursday and Friday.2- 32% higher on weekends.3- Around 1 pm gets most shares.4- 3 pm gets most clicks. http://www.tech4more.com/2014/01/how-to-increase-your-facebook-engagement.html...more

Spend Less Time on Facebook and Enjoy it More

Is it possible to spend less time on a site but get more out of it?  When it comes to Facebook, the answer is yes.  Local Fun for Kids has compiled a list of ways to get the news you need from Facebook quickly, without having to wade through the sponsored posts, the game updates, and the continuous notifications for every comment that comes after your own.  And beyond that, maybe it's a case of absence making the heart grow fonder, because by hiding that app on your phone, you'll be less inclined to check the feed and more inclined to do things that are status update-worthy. ...more

How Can You Show a Blogger that She is Appreciated?

How can you support your favourite bloggers so they don't disappear into the Internet ether? Simple: let them know they're appreciated. Without that feedback, they may stop writing, and then you'd have nothing to read. That's What She Said has come up with a list of several ways you can show your favourite bloggers that you love them. From using your social media streams to promote one of their posts to leaving a comment, she has a number of non-time-consuming ways that you can say thank you with your actions. ...more
I agree! I share blog love too! If I feel a blog post will be helpful to someone or they would ...more