Winning on Facebook, Part One

The very first step to winning on Facebook is to follow your favorites.  Which favorites?1.  Your favorite food brands.  Brands such as Ore-Ida, Uncle Ben's and Coffeemate frequently give away full size products.  And who couldn't use free food at the grocery store?2.  Your favorite alcohol. they won't actually give you beer or vodka...but they do give away t-shirts and other promotional items!...more

Why You Shouldn't Schedule Your Tweets

Deep in conversation, you are all expressing your gratitude for our US soldiers. Some are expressing concerns over the safety of our troops and the retaliation that is certain to come from Bin Laden's death. Additionally, many are aghast at the celebrations taking place in the streets, remembering back to 9/11 when "they" were celebrating in the face of our tragedy. The conversations are deep, meaningful, thought provoking. Then, all of a sudden, one of the friends present says "Hey... look at these cookies I made for Mother's Day. Pretty awesome aren't they?" ...more

I do both: I schedule quips and posts in advance, and then pop in and out of TweetDeck to add ...more

'Look Mom, No Hands'-by Tracey Jackson

LOOK MOM NO HANDSby Tracey Jackson   Today being Mother’s Day I could post some posies and a warm fuzzy greeting to all. Or I could go hightailing back to my original blogger roots of dragging some skeletons out of my familial closet and let them get some air....more

Speak Your Truth: I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

Earlier this week, I heard the news that Osama bin Laden had been assassinated. The very first thought that popped into my mind was, “Ding dong the witch is dead. Rejoice, munchkins!" Then a brief 10 seconds later, it was followed by a heaviness in my heart. Everyone all over the US was celebrating. Twitter was all atwitter with gleeful cheering. Facebook was one big PAR-TEE. There were parties in the streets. And yet, I found myself crying, not because the world isn’t better off without bin Laden in it, but because our reaction as a society breaks my heart....more

LIVE AUTHOR CHAT with bestseller Geneen Roth

LIVE author chat with Geneen Roth Women, Food and God; Lost and Found on Good Housekeeping facebook page.  Friday, May 6 12Noon EST to 4pm EST.

Using Social Media to Nurture Offline Leads

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discusses how to follow-up with leads through social media. As a business professional you probably have stacks of business cards in your desk drawer. How often do you follow-up with the people who handed them to you? If your answer falls in the rarely to never categories, what are your reasons for not following up? Is it lack of time? Is it because you have more important things to do? Or is it because you would rather focus on people who you know can help your business? The answer might be “yes” to all of those questions....more

A Change of Plans Part Two

Social media is an amazing thing. When the scroll came across my TV Sunday night about the impending announcement; I, like millions of others, immediately went online to see what was going on. Twitter and Facebook were both blowing up with the news an hour before the official announcement from the White House. The immediacy of the news and access to it are a marvel that is to be appreciated. But along with the news comes not only beautiful sentiments, but hate-filled diatribe, insensitive jokes, and political backlash....more

When someone won't stop e-mailing

SOMEONES FRIENDLY, TOO FRIENDLY!  AND THEY DOUBLE THE E-MAILS IN YOUR INBOX.... you find 67 ways to say 'thank you' and choose your favorite 'gracias' from this cup when you reply to their 37th message ...more

that bugs me, not work related email. I just ask people, nicely, not to forward any more jokes. ...more

Facebook Bunny Strikes Again!

Do you have a Facebook Fan Page? If you do, you owe it to yourself to have a peek at this tutorial. I show you the two places where Facebook's hiding some of your visitor's comments on your Page! Was this helpful to you or do you know a friend or colleague who administers a Facebook Page? Please share this with them!...more