Bumping Into People From the Past…

 The other day, I was coming out of my house when I heard someone calling my name — “Hilary, Hilary.”...more

Maybe she is more representative of America than we thought

Right now one of the trends in the Facebook world is pages dedicated to 'Remember when...." you name it; you were in high school, college, or your particular hometown.  Someone in my hometown jumped on the bandwagon and made one for the town I grew up in.  I have to admit, I have enjoyed reading the posts about people and places that I grew up with, but are no longer there.  I even posted a few things myself, even though I am ordinarily more of a troll on sites like that....more

A Little Facebook Magic

The gift certificates were pouring in - from all over the country and in various amounts - some as little as $5.00 - with beautiful and caring messages.  I began to suspect that there was something very special going on.   I became very familiar with the name “Carrie” and was impressed by how many thoughtful friends she had.  When Carrie called to redeem  her gift certificates, I commented to her about her supportive network of friends - and then the real story unfolded....more

Updates to Facebook Messages

This Facebook update was a bit off the radar! It’s possible Facebook made this overhaul in the Messages area in an effort to shine brighter than Google+. What I think makes Google+ convenient is that all the action occurs in your Gmail toolbar and your IN box. If you’re on Gmail, your constantly tethered to it so you’re likely to see your Google+ updates and interactions. It appears that Facebook wants a piece of the “email, mobile and social integration pie” more-so....more

Forays into Facebook

I don't spend much time on Facebook, but every once in a while I can be sucked in for hours. I've got something like 300 or 400 friends on there. I never know when anyone cuts me. I only know when people add me because Facebook tells me through request.So, am I getting involved in controversial political or religious debate? Am I increasing my realm of knowledge by clicking on links to thoughtful, provocative articles and prose? Am I attending online events for noble causes like curing cancer and ending poverty?Unfortunately, no....more

Teenage Girl Facebook Faces

I have a lot of different friends on facebook.  In fact, I have 282 friends on facebook.  Some are from different churches we've attended, some are from school, some are family.  But my most entertaining kind of friend is definitely a teenage girl.  They are always updating their statuses, always letting us know where they are with their hand dandy "check in" feature, always posting photos, and always changing their profile picture....more

Spare Me!!!

The following was posted on a friend's Facebook page...I loved it!!Allow me to speak on behalf of the 90+% who "won't re-post this". We don't re-post it because it's generally asinine and or juvenile. I don't need to engage in "slacktivism" to prove to you or anyone else, my love of God, Country, the Military, children, animals or sick people. PLEASE, whatever you do in life, DO NOT re-post this as your statusAmen!!!  I am one of the 90+%!!  Think about these posts when you see them:...more

15 Social Media Security Tips

1. Realize that you can become a victim at any time. Not a day goes by when we don’t hear about a new hack. With 55,000 new pieces of malware a day, security never sleeps.2. Think before you post. Status updates, photos, and comments can reveal more about you than you intended to disclose. You could end up feeling like some silly politician as you struggle to explain yourself....more

Social Media: Art, Science, Waste of Time?

I hear a lot from people, both in my professional and personal world, that they don’t know what to do with social media. They don’t have the time. They don’t know what to write. They don’t know where to start.Social media is called social for a reason. It’s meant to illicit two-way (or more) conversations....more

Mobile Privacy on Facebook

Did you know strangers, telemarketers and web savvy crooks can get information about you simply from your phone number? Spooky, right? For example, this site allows people to pay to obtain information about you via your phone number. Sickening. Personally, it irks me which is why I keep my personal social media privacy levels high and never add my phone number. I was recently browsing my friends on Facebook and clicked on the Edit Friends button. I discovered the Contacts button on the left-navigation bar....more