Good Housekeeping Launches Blogger Friday Chat on Facebook - I Host, Kids Run Wild

Wow.  I just spent 8 hours chatting with some of the most funny, inspiring, savvy women in the world over at the Good Housekeeping Facebook Fan page.  Thank you so much for coming to share your heartfelt stories and hardwon advice at the first ever GH "Blogger Friday" - I think we kicked things off in true Facing Forty Upside Down style - with a whoop and a holler!How do you carve out "me" time, we asked.  Highlights would have to include Mary, a mom of 10, who runs (really fast) for fun and Mandy, who homeschools and makes time for herself so she has more e...more

Increasing my use of technology in the classroom

Ok, change of focus on my little blog here.  I have the desire to increase my use of technology in my classroom.  I want to reach my students and teach them how to learn.  I want to help them embrace the need for knowledge.  I want to help them find the tools that work for them and learn things beyond the standards that they learn in high school math.  I want to embrace the idea of "21st century learners".  I want to incorporate the things that I do outside of the classroom, because I know that they are things that my students also use outside of the classroom....more

Good Housekeeping Magazine "Blogger Fridays" Facebook Launch Jan 7

Mark your calendars!  Join me at Good Housekeeping's Facebook Page ( this Friday, Jan 7 starting at noon as Facing Forty Upside Down launches their "Blogger Fridays" series!  ...more

A Facebook Throwdown! The David Longevity Project: Read it and Cheer

  If you asked anyone to describe David S....more

Facebook Brain Itch Remedies-Sharing Stuff via Pages

Are you in the process of learning how to use Facebook for business as well as for purely social relaxation online? Lots of people are seeking to understand the differences between a Facebook Fan Page and their Profile, because they function ...more

Shopping From My Couch- Black Friday Social Media Style

Image Courtesy of Coopet Photography on Flickr ...more

Facebook Landing Page Design Give-away!

I’ve been wanting to do a tutorial post on how to create a nice Facebook landing tab page, complete with HTML links, email sign-up forms, and graphic elements which are consistent with a business’ website….however, I have one problem! I don’t have anyone to create a landing page for!...more

How to block people on Facebook - Easy Video tutorial

Lori Randall Stradtman also blogs at Social Media Design....more

The Fight Against Child Abuse Takes More Than An Avatar

The blogging community is powerful -- we've done amazing things. While social media has helped us come together, we need to remember that the real magic happens when we step away from the virtual and make things tangible because the truth is, abused kids don't care about your Facebook status. They are looking for a safe place to sleep, a hot meal, clean clothes, and someone who will pay attention to them. ...more

I completely respect and see your view. I just look at it a different way. If one of the 1.25 ...more