Do you have a vision? Nothing is impossible if only ....

I was asked if I would share a bit more on my journey.  I have only shared this once before in a public arena and that was at the Women As Visionaries Event this past February.  Spirit told me “it is time”; so here I am ...more

My Quest To Win Something Using Social Media In DC

I just got back from being in Washington, D.C. for a couple of weeks and just realized I didn’t do a very good job of spicing up my blog with some social media stories from our nations capitol. I’ll be back in June, so I’m vowing to do a lot better job next time, and in the meantime I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a way to win something using social media. Since I know I’m going to be taking a lot of trips there, and I’m cheap, I’ve been keeping an eye on a few channels and participating in contests to learn a little more about my new home-away-from-home....more

What To Expect On Facebook When Your Friend Is Expecting

Note: This post is meant entirely for fun. No babies were harmed during the writing of this blog entry....more

Dear Geraldo Rivera, I am NOT obsessed about bowel movements so quit looking at me that way

Social media is such a hoot, especially for note writers like me. Yeah, I was one of the girls who sat in class and looked fully engaged in the lecture, but was really writing code to my friends about a boy they liked, weekend plans, or where we would meet during the lunch break. I made up silly things that kept my interest far more than algebraic formulas, geometry equations, or whatever it was we learned about pigs in 10th grade biology. Blogging is a lot like that, so my husband wasn't concerned at all when I began blogging....more

Integrate Offline Marketing Materials with Social Media

Web Success Team contributors Bob Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes discuss the power of integrating traditional marketing materials with social media. ...more

You Are What You Post: A Warning & A Rant

About seventy-eight times in the past few weeks I've seen this tweet or Facebook update that basically boiled down to this thought: "I can't believe X thought Y about me." The update is usually made by some woeful person who has just been smacked in the face with how their online persona is perceived by those in their social network. ...more
So true, and I am guilty of all of those things at one time or another haha!more

Boost Customer Retention through Social Media

In this article, Web Success Team contributor Robert Speyer discusses the benefits of using social media to retain customers. Taking care of your customers should be your number one priority. All too often, they can feel neglected, forgotten or taken for granted. Customer retention is the lifeblood of any business and Social Media can help you maintain good customer relations and even save an account from fraying....more