Branding and Marketing Yourself with a Simple Burger?

Have you ever thought of using a burger to brand your company? In the article below Web Success Team contributor, Bob Speyer explains just how you can do this.You’ve heard the stories about “man bites dog.” Well how about the latest headline grabber: “Social Media bites back!” Here is the story of one company that brands and markets itself with a simple burger....more

STCU Utilizes Facebook To Crowdsource For Charity

A while ago I wrote a post about Spokane Teachers Credit Union utilizing their social networks to reach out to customers…prepare yourself for another post bragging about what a great job they’re doing with social media....more

What Would You Do If Facebook Kicked You Out?

Wow. That's all I can say about now. ...more

Playing on Facebook Can Get You a Job

Playing on Facebook can get you a job - I'm not talking about Farmville, though I'm sure there must be something for which those skills can be used.  While Facebook is thought of by many as a way to pass the time, the social network has broad business applications if you use it right.  And it's only one of many networking, aggregating, blogging and mini-blogging sites out there, all of which can be used to pad your resume.My young cousin is taking a college course entitled "Digital Literacies and Social Media."  After I stopped laughing (not at you, Margaret, and not ...more

Finding Out About a Death on Facebook

Last week was a tough one for me on Ye Olde Facebook. On two consecutive days, I learned about two deaths through status updates. The news itself - and the form of delivery - had me reeling with a weird sense of connected disconnectedness. Does death even have a place on Facebook? Do those online relationships really run that deep? How do I properly handle this? ...more
@dschuler0209 Oh, no, no, no. I am SO SORRY that you had to experience any of this. Did you ever ...more

Facebook and other social network nightmares


Comment Spammers... Seriously?!

I agonized for some time about how to title this post. Here are some titles that didn't make it: Party Pooper Comments Friday Jolt of Coffee - How Not to Comment Like a Wet Blanket They just can't be serious Spammy...more

Super Bowl Marketing: The Game within the Game

Bob Speyer writes about the benefits of super Bowl Marketing. Super Bowl + Xmas = A Marketers Dream.The Super Bowl is a lot like Christmas – for advertisers, consumers, sports fans, and just about anybody with a TV and chips. Aside from the entertainment value, major corporations down to the small business want to capitalize on the Super Bowl and ride its coattails to profit....more

The Internet Wants to Help You Celebrate Your Birthday

Google celebrates your birthday by creating a doodle just for you (and anyone else who shares your birthday) if you've entered your birthday information in your Google profile. There are sites that change the design of your account to special birthday-flavored wall paper. Social media sites send you birthday newsletters inviting you to log in and see the special birthday greeting created "just for you." (I know these things because last October, I received several of these types of emails -- often from sites I'd forgotten I had joined.) ...more

They sang. They also once "gave" me balloons. I didn't ask for them and then a charge for ...more

Facebook Sponsored Stories: A Brilliant Idea or Consumer Abuse?

Anyone working in marketing and advertising today knows how powerful recommendations from people we know can be, and it was only a matter of time before a social network began to seriously capitalize on that. And why not? For most of us, this kind of content is already on our social media profiles. That's the logic behind Facebook’s new advertising offering "Sponsored Stories," anyway. ...more