Nurse In Rocks Out

  Joella Jarosh nurses Delilah....more

Downside of Social Media?

Taos Pictures For Mary

I have an artist friend, Mary Van Kampen, who spends part of the year in Taos, and the other part in Michigan. Understandably, to me at least, she misses Taos a lot when she isn't here, and relies on her Facebook Friends to help keep her connected....more

Don’t Take It Personally: Tips for Making Social Media Sites Secure Places

Don’t Take It Personally: Tips for Making Social Media Sites Secure Places Bad Attitude I've been in a snit for the last several days, which by definit...more

For Elaine

I've given my husband a post-mortem honey-do list, should I meet a sudden end.  Number one on the list?  Deleting, in post and in haste, my Facebook page.  If I needed an additional reason why I want him to do this, now I have one: the media coverage of the murder of Elaine Goldberg. I didn't know Elaine, but her cousin has been one of my closest friends ever since I walked onto Bus 2 as a fifth grader, not knowing a soul in my new suburban Philadelphia school.  We've been friends a decade longer than Elaine was alive....more

Our Comfortable Connection: The Information You Post Online Could Be Used Against You

Minnesota Snow Storm On Saturday morning, we awoke to a snow storm; our first snow of the season. This is not an unexpected event in Minnesota....more

The Wall

I died today. It was really stupid how it happened too. Why didn’t I look before I stepped out onto the street? Why? It really doesn’t matter now I don’t guess. I’m dead. It was weird at first. There was no bright light. My life didn’t even pass before my eyes. Just like that. In the blink of an eye, I’m dead. I felt myself floating away and then I wound up in this room. It was the room I grew up in as a child. Sort of weird at first, but then He appeared. I was so scared. Why am I in this room? Why here of all the places I could first see Jesus?...more


Hello there friends!As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about a year ago. And although it's been a rough road to travel, I am not allowing this illness defeat me. However, I am working on something that I could really use your help with. YOU could be my saving grace! You could be my hero!I have entered a contest to win a new Tempurpedic mattress. This will help with my pain immensley....more

Unexpected Friendships: Giveaway Teaser #2

Making Connections I started blogging last March. I didn't know any bloggers. I had read only a few blogs. Then a crazy thing started to happen....more

My Child, My "Friend": Parenting in the Age of Facebook

After months of discussions, deliberations and negotiations, I finally gave in. I let my oldest child join Facebook. I had spent the past two years telling him it’s completely unnecessary, it’s a waste of time, it’s more appropriate in high school or college, and that it’s just one more playground of vulnerability.  I still hold every bit of this to be true. I am also, actually, very glad that he is on Facebook. ...more
Nicely said. I recently told an acquaintance when she said that the safest way to keep her kids ...more