Should you "friend" people at work?

For the LOVE of God, NO! Okay, that's the blanket answer...but I guess it depends.If you're doing the corporate grid, working for traditional companies, aren't really friends with your colleagues (outside the office) or actually want to get promoted then no! For those of you with non-traditional companies, super cool co-workers and an understanding boss, then friend at your own

Nurse In Rocks Out

  Joella Jarosh nurses Delilah....more

Downside of Social Media?

Taos Pictures For Mary

I have an artist friend, Mary Van Kampen, who spends part of the year in Taos, and the other part in Michigan. Understandably, to me at least, she misses Taos a lot when she isn't here, and relies on her Facebook Friends to help keep her connected....more

Don’t Take It Personally: Tips for Making Social Media Sites Secure Places

Don’t Take It Personally: Tips for Making Social Media Sites Secure Places Bad Attitude I've been in a snit for the last several days, which by definit...more

For Elaine

I've given my husband a post-mortem honey-do list, should I meet a sudden end.  Number one on the list?  Deleting, in post and in haste, my Facebook page.  If I needed an additional reason why I want him to do this, now I have one: the media coverage of the murder of Elaine Goldberg. I didn't know Elaine, but her cousin has been one of my closest friends ever since I walked onto Bus 2 as a fifth grader, not knowing a soul in my new suburban Philadelphia school.  We've been friends a decade longer than Elaine was alive....more

Our Comfortable Connection: The Information You Post Online Could Be Used Against You

Minnesota Snow Storm On Saturday morning, we awoke to a snow storm; our first snow of the season. This is not an unexpected event in Minnesota....more

The Wall

I died today. It was really stupid how it happened too. Why didn’t I look before I stepped out onto the street? Why? It really doesn’t matter now I don’t guess. I’m dead. It was weird at first. There was no bright light. My life didn’t even pass before my eyes. Just like that. In the blink of an eye, I’m dead. I felt myself floating away and then I wound up in this room. It was the room I grew up in as a child. Sort of weird at first, but then He appeared. I was so scared. Why am I in this room? Why here of all the places I could first see Jesus?...more


Hello there friends!As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about a year ago. And although it's been a rough road to travel, I am not allowing this illness defeat me. However, I am working on something that I could really use your help with. YOU could be my saving grace! You could be my hero!I have entered a contest to win a new Tempurpedic mattress. This will help with my pain immensley....more

Unexpected Friendships: Giveaway Teaser #2

Making Connections I started blogging last March. I didn't know any bloggers. I had read only a few blogs. Then a crazy thing started to happen....more