Work Your Way into Personal Conversations with Facebook Questions

In this article, Web Success Team contributors Justin Delos Reyes discusses the new Facebook Questions feature and how it can help brands reach more customers. ...more

Why I Am Hooked Up. Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore Twitter.

LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter are not a passsing fad suitable for media, marketing, IT or recruitment professionals, as many sceptics judged at the begining. On contrary, more and more people and businesses realized the need to join and participate....more

Keys Locked In The Car

Taking my eleven and twelve-year old daughters shopping is anything but dull.  Something unexpected always happens.  Usually I'm embarrassed beyond belief by my younger daughter, which I am happy to say was not the case today. However my older, responsible, trustworthy, follows every rule daughter decided it was her turn to make sure our day wouldn't go as planned. With today being a No School Day, we decided to take the drive to The Shops at Wiregrass down in Tampa.  Being in the car for an hour, always requ...more

Strategies to Handle a PR Crisis with Social Media

In this article, Web Success Team contributors Robert Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes discuss strategies for handling public relations crises through social media. Companies and employees make mistakes. Products sometimes malfunction and services occasionally don’t live up to customer expectations. If the press catches on to your misfortunes, the quickest way to address it is through social media....more

Dropping Google Friend Connect and Facebook Like Box

I'm finally doing it!I'm letting bloody go!Goodbye GFC, I'll miss you so.Goodbye Facebook Like Box,I wish I didn't have to let you go.No longer shall I be shackled to my desk,waiting and watching,watching and waiting for your numbers to rise.No longer shall I move your widget around my site,searching for the best placement for visiting eyes.I am now free,...more

Social Media, Here We Come, or A Baby Boomer’s First Ten Days on Twitter

I can’t claim I was dragged kicking and screaming into this Twitter thing. I paid tuition for Sree Sreenivasan's Social Media course at the Columbia Journalism School . I took the subway uptown. I sat down in a class. Actually, first I had a meeting re reunion business at Barnard and then dashed across Broadway at 116th Street, raced down the steps toward the Columbia library (noting that the lawn is draped in white—seeding?), and hung a sharp right into the Journalism building, where I had not been since . since a long time ago....more

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

This past weekend the vacant house behind ours (our backyards court one another) became occupied. Actually, over the course of the past few weeks, I have spied several different cars, a U-Haul, and a guy with a pressure-washer out there, through my kitchen window. (What, I have to do dishes, don’t I?)...more

Social networking and the self-published author

My first book, A Heart to Mend was published via Authorhouse in December of 2009. Before then, I had started my blog in August and started advance publicity for the book a couple of months later. Setting up an active blog and publishing my book served a double purpose for me; finding out the target audience for my kind of writing and building a platform too. If not for the social networking channels, A Heart to Mend would never have gone viral the way it did....more

Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs Brand Ambassadors

By Justin Delos Reyes – Web Success Team...more

Am I Really Socially Promiscuous Because of Facebook?

Recently, an article ran in the LA Times about how women who post lots of photos of themselves on facebook value appearance and need lots of attention. The article goes on to say that women who spent a lot of time managing their profiles, the number of photos they shared, the size of their online networks and how promiscuous they were in terms of “friending” behavior and have the largest social networks were more highly vested in their appearance. I have 2,287 facebook friends. ...more

I have a fitness blog in which I post pictures of myself. I also tweet pictures of myself - ...more