The Mom Cave

"A MAN CAVE"-- "A part of a home specifically reserved for adult male activities, such as drinking beer and watching TV; often a garage or den" (Definition Wiktionary) ...more

Angry Birds is Coming to Facebook

Angry Birds is coming to Facebook. That's correct, my social media gaming friends. Achieve any extraneous life goals while you can. Pack a lunch and kiss your loved ones goodbye, because the scarily addictive little game of battling pigs and birds (who invented this and can I have some please?) is jumping off of your mobile device and onto your desktop. ...more

I splurged and got the Mac version from the App store. Now I not only play it on my iPhone but I ...more

I *heart* Facebook

I love Facebook. I love finding old friends, catching up, and seeing pictures of their cute kids.  I like how easy it is to keep in touch, or simply check in on a friend.  It makes relationship maintenance really easy!I know that Facebook doesn’t make for the deepest of relationships,  but it is a fun way to stay connected beyond the Christmas card. The problem is when I love it too much…...more

Social Media by the Numbers: Fill(ed)-in-the-Blank Statistics

Fair Warning If you are thinking of starting a blog, be warned....more

Social Media by the Numbers: Fill-in-the-Blank Statistics

Fair Warning If you are thinking of starting a blog, be warned....more

As a Facebooker, Do You Know the Following Terms?

According to a recent study from TRUSTe, 80% of teens use privacy settings on Facebook to hide content from friends or parents. If you want to know more about what your kids are doing on Facebook, you'd better get to know some slang terms they are using. And as a facebooker, do you know the following slang terms? • 2lc = Ecstasy • %- = Hung over • Juggler = Teenage drug dealer • YSG = You're So Gay [gay in the slang derogatory term] • GNOC = Get naked on cam • DOC = Drug of choice...more

Are We Contributing To The Exploitation Of Our Kids??

With the resurgence of Attachment Parenting and helicopter moms (continuously hovering), I am shocked at how we are in denial about the dangers of social networking for our kids. I know moms who wore their babies, who stayed at home with their kids, who wouldn't allow babysitters for fear of predators and now they seem to turn a blind eye to their kids' social networking habits. ...more