Did You Give Up Social Media for Lent?

Ash Wednesday has come and gone, and if you're giving up something for Lent, chances are you're currently in the still-struggling phase of that sacrifice. (The first week is usually the hardest.) This year there seems to be a big trend toward giving up social media -- so much so that mainstream media is reporting on social media fasting as both popular and incredibly difficult to accomplish. ...more

I gave up facebook, IM, twitter, and pretty much all "social networking" sites for lent! It was ...more

New Media vs. Old: Will Facebook Deal DVDs Their Final Blow?

Well, it's official -- it's the future. I've yet to see a hoverboard, but video chat is so integrated into our lives that they do it on Sesame Street, cars are FINALLY going electric, and now...drum roll please... you can rent movies on freaking Facebook. ...more

I watch Glee on my laptop, but I will still buy the DVD of a movie that i've seen before but ...more

Is LinkedIn becoming another Facebook?

The majority of people I know use Facebook to connect with current or lost friends and former lovers; the latter is usually not discussed openly. However, there are others I know in the business sector who use it for establishing business to business relationships, increasing client base and sharing industry tips. I haven't yet made that leap to Facebook personally or professionally. (Professionally, I may one day join but at this time I remain uncommitted)...more

Social Media Faux Pas: Defamation Lawsuits

Exposed ...more

Washington state repealed its archaic criminal libel statutes in 2009; defamation (libel and ...more

Cyber Bullying

My son came to me a while back about a kid at his school. He was distressed about the fact that this kid was posting stuff on his Facebook wall. The majority of it was through an app on Facebook that asks certain questions about different Facebook friends, and the person answering has the option of answering “yes” or “no”. On his wall, it says “Little Johnny has answered a question about you....more

Sign of the Times

Two things have got me thinking about how disconnected we are as a society despite how “connected” we are. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, Skpye, iPad, iPods, texts, blackberries, iPhones, email the list goes on....more

The Mom Cave

"A MAN CAVE"-- "A part of a home specifically reserved for adult male activities, such as drinking beer and watching TV; often a garage or den" (Definition Wiktionary) ...more

Angry Birds is Coming to Facebook

Angry Birds is coming to Facebook. That's correct, my social media gaming friends. Achieve any extraneous life goals while you can. Pack a lunch and kiss your loved ones goodbye, because the scarily addictive little game of battling pigs and birds (who invented this and can I have some please?) is jumping off of your mobile device and onto your desktop. ...more

I splurged and got the Mac version from the App store. Now I not only play it on my iPhone but I ...more