Super Bowl Marketing: The Game within the Game

Bob Speyer writes about the benefits of super Bowl Marketing. Super Bowl + Xmas = A Marketers Dream.The Super Bowl is a lot like Christmas – for advertisers, consumers, sports fans, and just about anybody with a TV and chips. Aside from the entertainment value, major corporations down to the small business want to capitalize on the Super Bowl and ride its coattails to profit....more

The Internet Wants to Help You Celebrate Your Birthday

Google celebrates your birthday by creating a doodle just for you (and anyone else who shares your birthday) if you've entered your birthday information in your Google profile. There are sites that change the design of your account to special birthday-flavored wall paper. Social media sites send you birthday newsletters inviting you to log in and see the special birthday greeting created "just for you." (I know these things because last October, I received several of these types of emails -- often from sites I'd forgotten I had joined.) ...more

They sang. They also once "gave" me balloons. I didn't ask for them and then a charge for ...more

Facebook Sponsored Stories: A Brilliant Idea or Consumer Abuse?

Anyone working in marketing and advertising today knows how powerful recommendations from people we know can be, and it was only a matter of time before a social network began to seriously capitalize on that. And why not? For most of us, this kind of content is already on our social media profiles. That's the logic behind Facebook’s new advertising offering "Sponsored Stories," anyway. ...more

Monday Morning Sexy - Facebook Adds Short Links!!

Here's a little bit of Monday Morning sexy for you! OK, it's not drop dead sexy, but this is pretty doggone exciting for us Facebook Nerds!!! ...more

12 Amazing Social Media Statistics

 By Alyse Speyer Social media is about conversation and always has been. Here are twelve jaw-dropping statistics that may help you plan your next social media campaign....more

Social and safe online

When I was a kid, a long, long time ago, back when America was still known for making stuff and before the term "politically correct" existed, I remember the closes thing to a social network in my youthful world was a phone number you could call and hear more than a dozen voices calling out there numbers to try and make a more personal connection.  My little girlfriend and I used to sneak Playboy magazines out of one of our dad's closets (I won't say who, so to protect both the guilty and the innocent) and we'd read the stats off the page to meet men that were much too old for us, assu...more


You are having a normal day when you wake up.  You shower, get your breakfast and hop on your computer.  When you log into your Facebook account you look to your right and see FB's "suggested friends" and notice that someone you are friends with has "unfriended" you.  What a horrible word..."unfriend".  Who even says that??? Immediately  questions start spinning in your head.  Why did this person unfriend me?  Did I do something wrong?  Am I too boring?Or even worse, am I too annoying on Facebook? Sometimes it is not a big de...more

Even the Pope Speaks Out About Social Networks

In a document entitled, "Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age," Pope Benedict XVI addresses social media. I read the document fully expecting to find an antediluvian response to technology and was quite surprised to find a statement that had me nodding my head in agreement. Let me give you a few quotes that may surprise you. ...more
Very interesting article. I enjoyed reading the Pope's views and am interested to see the ...more

The Ups and Downs of Facebook for One Mom by Jenny Heitz

Ah, Facebook. Everyone uses it. And everyone uses it differently. ...more How Much Information Is Really Being Shared?

My dad called me in a panic last week. "Have you heard of that spoke-o-dot-com website? HAVE YOU HEARD?" The fact that my calm and collected father seemed panicked about something was alarming enough. The fact that he knew something about tech news as he is decidedly un-tech was even more alarming. But, yes, I had heard of, and I was concerned about the level of information the search-engine-info-aggregator was sharing with the Web. ...more

I just went to that is scary. I am using my GOOGLETV from DISH Network so I am ...more