Which Social Media Disorders Do You Have?

As someone who loves social media, I see many messages every day encouraging me to "read this to find out how to make tons of money on Facebook and Twitter!" I can’t vouch for any of those systems, but I do know what I would do if I wanted to make big bank: become a therapist who specializes in social media-prompted neuroses. I'd have a swank office (FREE WI-FI of course!) and instead of a couch I'd have a massage chair, because a day on Facebook can wreck both your ego and your spine. Am I a get-rich-on-social-media genius or what? ...more

Hilarious! And...oh so true! I definitely feel like I have Unrequited Twitter Love. Social media ...more

I am quitting Facebook.

Hello, Recently I had the revelation that Facebook is consuming my life in all the wrong ways: http://www.artemiscloverstory.com/2010/09/im-quitting-facebook.html ...more

hi random chick! sorry for the late reply...i created my blogher account and then completely ...more

Just Google It!

I am so excited about meeting Laila tomorrow. We have been told all about her by the social worker but we still haven't seen her. Well, that isn't entirely true. We have seen a picture of her but it wasn't from DHR. I simply put her full name, in quotes, into google and did a search. Sure enough, I got 3 hits. All of them were pictures of Laila. I was pretty surprised to find a picture because it is actually illegal to post pictures or identifying information about foster children....more

We Have Some Unfinished Business

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Annual E-Footprint Freakout

I use the web to date. Not dating sites, but the information people make available on the social networks I use. A stream of seemingly meaningless updates can tell me more about a person than a carefully curated dating site profile or first date conversation ever could. ...more

The first thing to come up on Google for me is my Ham Radio license and then my Twitter account. ...more


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How You Can Help

Les Chisum, in the hospital following surgery for a broken hip sustained due to weakness associated with chemotherapy    Thank you for your support in taking time to like our page and our cause....more

My Secret Life

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Inception; Have we all lost our minds?

Christopher Nolan's movie, 'Inception' projects an engaging psychological approach to the human mind. After two hours and twenty-two minutes, I walked out of the theatre lost in another's reality. My conclusion to the overall concept of the plot? There is no plot. This is not your average story and there are three things that this movie provided me,1. The human mind is vast and complex 2. There is no reality without hope or 'dreams'. 3. As humans our internal drive is to create a 'homeostasis' which relieves us from pain and suffering....more