Are We Really Cool If We Are Only Cool on FaceBook?

Looking for the opportunity to unfriend some people on your Facebook page but not sure of the proper way or time to do it? Well, today's the perfect day to ask, "Are we really cool if we are only cool on Facebook?" Thanks to the sheer genius of comedian Jimmy Kimmel, November 17th marks the 2nd annual National Unfriend Day....more
Yes freckledlatte ...I hear you. I've also had to have the difficult conversation with a couple ...more

Jimmy Kimmel Warns That You're Totally About to be Unfriended

Thinking about posting a political rant or throwing up a cute baby picture on your Facebook feed today? Think again because it's National Unfriend Day, and being yourself online is the number one reason why people will unfriend you. Don't you know that the whole point of social media is not to post what YOU want to post, but instead to only consider what other people want to read? Duh! Don't take it from me. Jimmy Kimmel said so. And he's famous, which means that he's correct. ...more
I regularly go through my friends list, as my friends list is just friends and family. People ...more

Social Media and Friends

With more social media outlets than I care to keep up with technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected with friends, family and significant others. We can follow, friend, like and poke until our hearts content but what happens when we are no longer friendly with someone? When we decide they are no longer worth our time in the virtual world or the real world. How seriously do people actually take social media relationships?...more

New Rules for Your Facebook Pages

You Can't Make Me Like YouThe only thing that doesn’t change about Facebook is that at least twice a year, they push through some pretty significant changes. Whether those changes affect the public user or the business user is usually the only surprise....more

I just invented a new game: FACEBOOK BINGO

I win almost every day. Anyone else want to play? ...more
Denise haha! YAY! :) I almost won today.more

Why Are Facebook, Apple Paying for Women to Freeze Their Eggs?

Today, Mashable reported that Facebook and Apple have both put policies into place to pay for a woman to freeze her eggs, effectively allowing her to delay having a child. Is this a boon? Or a creepy suggestion about how to succeed in the fast-paced, hyper-competitive world of tech?...more
I was horrified by this being labelled as a perk. I'm sure for some ppl it's great to know the $ ...more

Facebook Stickers: Cutest Thing Ever or Gag Me With a Spoon?

Are Facebook stickers a testament to our extreme laziness or an embodiment of our squee?  I recently saw a new mother post a picture of her baby, updating her friends on the arrival of her child.  There were a few written "congratulations" but many many more stickers dotting the comment thread.  Part of me wanted to scream, "this woman just squeezed 8 pounds of human out of her body, and you can't even muster typing 15 characters on the screen?"  But the other part of me wanted to coo that the stickers were pretty damn cute.  I mean, the baby is too, but have you seen Bigs and Yeti? ...more
I don't love them because when I use them on my mobile device (iPhone) they always seem to end ...more

Will Ello Kill Facebook, or Is It Just a Lot of Hype?

I joined Ello because everyone else was joining Ello. (And yes, if all the kids jumped off the bridge, I would jump off the bridge, too!) And now we're all milling about at Ello, and it feels like the awkward start of a party. You know what I'm talking about? That moment when you first get there, when the hostess is still running around, cleaning up by tucking her clothes underneath her blanket. It's that moment before all the other people arrive, and you're just sort of standing about, making small talk with people while you wait for everything to... begin. Except... what if this is it? What if this is Ello? What if this social media party turns out to be a dud because the hosts didn't count on the mass Exodus from Facebook this week when Facebook stuck to their "you need to use your real name" guns that brought everyone over Ello's threshold? Or what if it turns into a social media revolution that forces the larger sites to change the way they interact with users? ...more
Their manifesto doesn't say they're sharing your info with advertisers, it explains that ...more

10 most dangerous Facebook Scams

Twenty percent of the world’s population is “on” Facebook—that’s well over a billion peopleTop 10 Most Popular Facebook Scams...more

DON'T GET LOST BEHIND YOUR PROFILE PHOTO........Social media and our Photos.....

I got to thinking today about how so very many of us are on Social Media.....which overall is a very good thing....Social Media has enabled us to connect with amazing people we would never have been able to connect with otherwise.....So yes, Social Media overall can be a very good thing.....What amazes me though is that so many people do not use social media to truly embrace the person they are.....instead they use it to cover up who they are........more