Blogging Advice that's Not Worth Your Time

Many people put together posts detailing various ways you can grow your blog traffic, but Lovely Indeed has gone the opposite route, maybe saving you a lot of time as well as feeling as if you're banging your head against the wall. She's put together a list of advice she has tried that hasn't worked out for her.  Maybe you've tried some of these things too and discovered they also weren't worth your energy.  Or maybe they've been on your to-do list for a long time.  Either way, her list is definitely worth a read. ...more
@Denise  Sounds like something to strive for :) Thank you!!more

Beware The Dangers of Facebook on Sick Days

With fall quickly approaching, you can bet that pharmacy cough drop sales are about to shoot up and lines at the doctor's office are about to double in size. That's right, the inevitable sick season is about to rear its ugly, runny-nosed head. So long, summer! Thank you for three months of much-needed vitamin D!While keeping good health on the brain, something else to think of is how to remain professional on those days that you do fall ill.Here are five things you should NOT be doing on Facebook if staying home from work:Checking in. ...more

Facebook & Your Child's Digital Footprint

Facebook & Your Child's Digital Footprint ...more

Story Book Lives, Social Media & What You Don't See

With the rise of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter & 546 photo filters, it's become easier than ever for anyone to live a dream life or have a dream body.Making the rest of humanity feel like epic losers....more


It’s Saturday and guys are working on putting the plywood on our roof. Yay! We have to go get some breakfast, though;I have to get some medicine in me.The post-nasal drip is turning into a hell of a smokers cough: it sounds like I’d walk a mile for a camel…lol. Not necessarily the sound I want to come from these lungs of mine. We are off later to see my friend B, who currently is at a few Undisclosed places above ours.I am looking forward to that because I haven’t seen her in a few years, and although Facebook is nice, in person is better. ...more

FYI (If You're a Human Being)

If you're a parent, you've probably by now seen the cocky, controlling, pretty weird letter written by Kim Hall to all teenage girls her teenage boys may ever come into contact with online....more

Why I'm Removing Facebook from My Mobile Device

I confess: there are times when I seek to disconnect.  When Facebook is the easiest, most convenient escape from the constant can-I’s, she-said’s, will-you’s and to-do’s that flow from my childrens' mouths. But having instant access to Facebook from my mobile device means the ability to escape is readily available at the push of a button. Truth be told, it’s not unlike a self-administering morphine pump, tempting to numb me from the pain of my responsibilities. What began as a quick way to check out Facebook has become a mechanism by which to simply checkout. ...more
@wdolderer I hear you. The trick is not removing one thing simply for something else to become ...more

Has Twitter Kept Your Blog from Being Home for Your Thoughts?

Microblogging was supposed to enhance the conversation we started on our blogs, but somewhere along the way it became the conversation we were having instead of writing on our blogs.  140 characters at a time, we stopped unpacking ideas on our blogs and instead took those words to Twitter and Facebook.  For some, microblogging was the perfect solution for a fully-packed life; it allowed us to participate socially online in short bursts of time.  But for others, that pressure to be everywhere on the Web created a problem of being everywhere except where you originally wanted to be. ...more
I actually cull my twitter feed to look for good articles. Naively, I thought everyone did that ...more

Are You Losing Blog Comments Because of Social Sign-in?

It happened again. Earlier this week, I visited someone’s blog for the first time. I read a post - it was great - and I was eager to join the discussion by leaving a comment. I scrolled to the comment section, and what did I find? A comment box that only allowed people with a Facebook account to sign in. I quit Facebook a long time ago, so I couldn’t leave my comment. Bummer. I get bummed out every time this happens, in fact. ...more

Is Your Twitter Stream Targeted?

People always vaguely say that Twitter is not like Facebook and should not be used in the same way, but it took Two Pens to make that thought concrete. ...more
I have been thinking about this same thing quite a bit. I have so many interests both personal ...more