It's Perfect Isn't It? The Lives (Lies) We See On Facebook

****Originally posted last year 2013 on my blog A Day In The Life Of Mrs. Glass , but I thought I would recycle it and share it again. It's a good reminder - especially for me who at times struggles as I see the seemingly perfect lives on Facebook. ****It's perfect isn't it.... the lives we see on Facebook... usually happy faces of people doing fun stuff ALL of the time. This time of the year you see pictures of Santa, Gingerbread houses, and an ungodly amount of cookies being baked....more
I'm one to feel inadequate seeing people's "perfect posts".  I often post honestly on FB and am ...more

7 Ways to Make Your Facebook Experience Better

There are so many tricks you can use when it comes to Facebook. Below are 7 ways to make your Facebook experience awesome and control what you see in your feed....more
That happens to me, too, Bethany Sundstrom Smith - Denisemore

Social Media and Perfectionism

They say that comparing ourselves to others based upon social media is like comparing someone else’s highlight reel to our everyday.If only I could get that to sink into my brain.I’m a big fan of social media.  I consider myself a very social person, but I spend most of my days at home, and even when I have the opportunity to go out and mingle, I occasionally get shy, panic, and hide under the covers of my bed.  It sounds like an oxymoron – the shy social person or the socially anxious social person.  Then again, I might just be a moron....more

My Reasons for Breaking-up with Candy Crush

It has been six weeks, three days, and several hours since the last time I play ...more

When Your Friend Talks to You From the Grave on Facebook

The other night I was up late trying to finish a few blog posts and felt pretty defeated. I was disappointed with my drafts and basically just uninspired.I then tried to work on the young adult novel I wanted to pen, and instead I sat staring at a computer screen with 32 words on it. And they sucked. Every one of them....more
This is so sweet and touching and true. Self doubt is an ever present nemesis. I say we take our ...more

How Much Time Do You Spend on Social Media?

Mediabistro recently had an article breaking down how much time people in various age demographics spend on social media sites. I was pleased with their base list of sites, mostly because even poor little Ello made the list. (You're so cutting edge, Mediabistro.) All that said, I realized that I have more in common with women over 60 than I do with my age demographic. I am doing social media all wrong for a 40-year-old. ...more
stirrupqueen I don't even know what half of those are! Lolmore

What Do You Think of Facebook's Thank You Videos?

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Facebook has unrolled a new video algorithm which culls moments out of your timeline and allows you to say thank you to someone on your Friends list. Unlike last December's year-in-review video, which culled out the best moments from your year, Facebook's "Say Thanks" campaign tries to find the overlap between two accounts, sometimes with very touching results and sometimes in ways that make coffee shoot out your nose. ...more
I thought it was a cute idea.  I just changed the pictures that didn't make sense (or where I ...more

Get Your Facebook Wall Back!

Have you noticed that your Facebook page is more out of whack than normal? It's because the powers that be at Facebook are tweaking the algorithms again. If you're like 6 billion other people in the world, chances are that you will log into Facebook at least once a day—maybe more....more
Great tips, Kristen, especially those about the lists! I'm off to reclaim my Facebook!more

Are We Really Cool If We Are Only Cool on FaceBook?

Looking for the opportunity to unfriend some people on your Facebook page but not sure of the proper way or time to do it? Well, today's the perfect day to ask, "Are we really cool if we are only cool on Facebook?" Thanks to the sheer genius of comedian Jimmy Kimmel, November 17th marks the 2nd annual National Unfriend Day....more
Yes freckledlatte ...I hear you. I've also had to have the difficult conversation with a couple ...more

Jimmy Kimmel Warns That You're Totally About to be Unfriended

Thinking about posting a political rant or throwing up a cute baby picture on your Facebook feed today? Think again because it's National Unfriend Day, and being yourself online is the number one reason why people will unfriend you. Don't you know that the whole point of social media is not to post what YOU want to post, but instead to only consider what other people want to read? Duh! Don't take it from me. Jimmy Kimmel said so. And he's famous, which means that he's correct. ...more
I regularly go through my friends list, as my friends list is just friends and family. People ...more