Has Twitter Kept Your Blog from Being Home for Your Thoughts?

Microblogging was supposed to enhance the conversation we started on our blogs, but somewhere along the way it became the conversation we were having instead of writing on our blogs.  140 characters at a time, we stopped unpacking ideas on our blogs and instead took those words to Twitter and Facebook.  For some, microblogging was the perfect solution for a fully-packed life; it allowed us to participate socially online in short bursts of time.  But for others, that pressure to be everywhere on the Web created a problem of being everywhere except where you originally wanted to be. ...more
I actually cull my twitter feed to look for good articles. Naively, I thought everyone did that ...more

Are You Losing Blog Comments Because of Social Sign-in?

It happened again. Earlier this week, I visited someone’s blog for the first time. I read a post - it was great - and I was eager to join the discussion by leaving a comment. I scrolled to the comment section, and what did I find? A comment box that only allowed people with a Facebook account to sign in. I quit Facebook a long time ago, so I couldn’t leave my comment. Bummer. I get bummed out every time this happens, in fact. ...more

Is Your Twitter Stream Targeted?

People always vaguely say that Twitter is not like Facebook and should not be used in the same way, but it took Two Pens to make that thought concrete. ...more
I have been thinking about this same thing quite a bit. I have so many interests both personal ...more

Parenting in the Facebook Generation

Read my blog published by US Kids Magazines about Parenting in the Facebook Generation.http://parentteacher.uskidsmags.com/2013/08/14/parenting-facebook-generation/...more

I'm Powerless Over Facebook

ad·dic·tion*/əˈdikSHən/NounThe fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.My name is(n't) Mommy, and I'm addicted* to Facebook....more

I Care About Your Facebook Status Update

Lots of people dislike Facebook, or complain about the way people misuse the site. But Come What May and Love It has a lovely post about why she cares about the things you post in your status update bar, and most of it comes down to empathy.  She laughs with you (and sometimes at you) and she cries with you, but mostly, if you're her friend on Facebook, she cares about you. ...more
One of my camp friends from my youth decided for every holiday for a year to dress up and use ...more

Facebook Trick: Linking to Your Blog in the Top Comment

Is it myth or fact? Mommifried explores the idea that it makes a difference, traffic-wise, to put a link to your post in the top comment on Facebook rather than linking to it in the status update itself.  Of course, paying to promote your status updates will definitely get them in front of more eyes, but for those who don't want to go the paid route, she tests whether or not a blogger can game the system and create a status update with a link to their blog that will be seen by the largest amount of people. ...more
So here's an interesting question. Do you suppose Facebook is hiding all the pleas from pages to ...more

Going Down Memory Lane (via Facebook)

I have baby books for my son and my daughter, but they’re mostly blank. Since my son was our first child, I made more of an effort to fill out items and print photos. I filled out a few things for my daughter’s book, but by then, I had been on Facebook for a few years, and it seemed silly to print out photos just to paste them in a book.So, since March 2008, I have been copying my Facebook updates and photos into text files as a way to record funny things they’ve said and done.Here are some of the anecdotes I’ve recorded over the years:...more

5 Things to NOT Do on Facebook

I am an avid (over avid?) Facebooker for professional and personal purposes. Yet since Facebook has grown from being just a college network to an outlet to hobnob with professionals and fans alike, there are some ground rules that you need to know so you don’t make people curse the day you signed up to post.Don’t Post Only Promotional Posts...more

Jailed for a Facebook Comment

Justin Carter, 19 years old, is in jail for a Facebook comment. ...more
I have a huge problem with this really...  Should this boy honestly face 10 years in prison for ...more