When You Don't Want the Other Moms to See Your Facebook

Dear Mouthy Housewives,Recently a few moms from my daughter's school sent me friend requests on Facebook. I like these women enough, but I really don't want them seeing what I say on a daily basis to my network of friends and family online. Sometimes I'm a little off-color, and I definitely have different political opinions than these moms. That said, they'll probably get upset if I don't accept their requests. What should I do?Signed,I Don't Want To Be Facebook Friends...more
I'm just me. I accept them and just stay me. I have bitchy days and happy days. Everyone does. ...more

What is Up with All of the Privacy Settings Changes?

We're being forced into an age of sharing everything if we wish to be online, and having all of that information amassed under our real name for easy usage by large tech companies and the people to whom they choose to sell our likes and interests.  The only real way to opt-out is to not use these sites, though with the off-screen world mimicking the on-screen world, there really is no perfect privacy in an age where purchases are tallied and travel habits analyzed. The Information Age is both about putting information in the hands of the general public, but it's also about putting information in the hands of corporations. ...more
I HATE that they took away the option where you can opt out of search settings.  One quick look ...more

Miss me on Facebook

Well I tried, but I had to leave. Facebook, that is. I lasted a grand total of one week, one day and sixteen hours. I’m surprised that I actually counted. Very recently, I decided that I would discontinue my quest to be the only person not on Facebook.I had previously resisted joining the community because I didn’t believe that it could provide any useful interaction. I saw, through the pages of others, that it was a forum where a lot of people acted like they were having the time of their lives, or where people ‘pondered’ the meaning of life....more

5 Reasons Why I Welcome Facebook Game Requests

I recently viewed a status update from a Facebook friend containing the following warning: "Please stop sending me game requests. This is my last nice request. If I receive one more game request from anyone, you will promptly be deleted." Me being from the non-Facebook gaming camp, I can somewhat understand this frustration. There is nothing like waking up in the morning, with fresh morning breath and a warm cup of coffee in hand all set to open my Facebook and see who sent me notifications....more

7 Facebook Mistakes that Make You Look Ridiculous

I’m a stickler for good Facebook etiquette. The opposite drives me mad and works my nerves. Read this post to avoid these eye-watering, nerve-breaking, heart-racing mistakes! ...more
@Kathy K Great point about Twitter Kathy! I have noticed that not all real famous people are ...more

Teenage Girls Exposed To Scammers & Outrageous Lies From Advertisers Facebook Won't Block

I’m fed up of seeing endless adverts in my Facebook feed telling me I can ‘melt away belly fat’ or ‘learn the secret to losing 2 stone in 4 weeks’ and so on.  These are claims that I feel are damaging to impressionable teenage girls, yet even when blatant scams and indetity theft is reported to Facebook, they do nothing.  Be aware of the dangers and make sure your teenage daugthers are aware too....more

Blogging Advice that's Not Worth Your Time

Many people put together posts detailing various ways you can grow your blog traffic, but Lovely Indeed has gone the opposite route, maybe saving you a lot of time as well as feeling as if you're banging your head against the wall. She's put together a list of advice she has tried that hasn't worked out for her.  Maybe you've tried some of these things too and discovered they also weren't worth your energy.  Or maybe they've been on your to-do list for a long time.  Either way, her list is definitely worth a read. ...more
@Denise  Sounds like something to strive for :) Thank you!!more

Beware The Dangers of Facebook on Sick Days

With fall quickly approaching, you can bet that pharmacy cough drop sales are about to shoot up and lines at the doctor's office are about to double in size. That's right, the inevitable sick season is about to rear its ugly, runny-nosed head. So long, summer! Thank you for three months of much-needed vitamin D!While keeping good health on the brain, something else to think of is how to remain professional on those days that you do fall ill.Here are five things you should NOT be doing on Facebook if staying home from work:Checking in. ...more

Facebook & Your Child's Digital Footprint

Facebook & Your Child's Digital Footprint ...more

Story Book Lives, Social Media & What You Don't See

With the rise of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter & 546 photo filters, it's become easier than ever for anyone to live a dream life or have a dream body.Making the rest of humanity feel like epic losers....more