Why I Stopped Making Plans

Maybe it comes from all those beautiful summers as a child where both days and nights seemed endless,but every summer since my first was born, I seem to be under some unbroken illusion that I will finally have the time to complete those projects I've been meaning to get to all year long... You'd think I'd learn after nearly a decade, but ever the optimist within holds onto the hope that big things will happen each summer!! What I'm really starting to realize now is that they are happening......more

Spinning My Way to a Better Me

Mass & Mochas

A while ago an old friend of mine contacted me to see if I'd be interested in joining a small faith-sharing group she wanted to start up. We would meet once a month for mass and then have coffee afterwards and chat about the readings, our lives, and anything else that we might want to bring to the table. I am someone that has to be intentional about stepping out of her comfort zone, so while this was something I was interested in, I really wasn't sure how it was going to go or if I'd even feel comfortable meeting up with strangers and talking about...stuff. I put my anxieties aside and said yes, hoping that I could recruit a friend to go with me so that I wouldn't have to be alone....more

3 Ways to Keep Faith Alive Between Sundays (with Kids)

The Edel Gathering is this weekend and there were some of us who couldn't attend, as much as we would have loved it! Rita over at The Catholic Review: Open Window thought it would be great to host a blog hop wherein we'd have a virtual conference! I loved the idea and thought to share how I keep the faith alive between Sundays, with kids. I'll admit it, I don't always do a bang up job each week. Because work.You'll see what I mean....more

It's Not All In The Going

 I am a child of the church....more

Monday Morning Motivation, Words of Wisdom on my Divorce Blog

We all have scars of some type or another.  We all have a story. I am finding not everyone wants to hear our stories.  Not everyone wants to know the truth even if you have reams of evidence. But that is ok....more

Chasing the Dream

So that 'reinventing yourself' thing? Yeah, that.Leave it to me to over-analyze, but I'm trying to figure out how this all works.  I committed to wait and pray, but is that all I'm supposed to be doing?...more

Caution: Road Humps Ahead!

Photo by Nathan Weithers | nathanweithers@hotmail.com ...more

Lessons from a Road Trip

Something about road trips that takes me back to my single days. I loved getting in the car with my music, my snacks (never forget the snacks), my itinerary and hitting the open road. There was something about the idea of being alone with my thoughts, with God, that just made me feel brave and excited and adventurous....more

Loving with a Whole Heart

I think it's time I explain where the name for my business, Whole Heart, came from. I began my company under a different name back in 2011 and my business evolved really quickly. I struggled to think of a name that encompassed all that I was offering and all that I envision for the families I served....more