Learning To Leap {Relationships}

Relationships are one of the most messy and beyond beautiful things that God has created. They are full of unknowns, hurts, regrets, growth, and beauty. When they are at their best, you're walking on clouds and singing with the birds; when they're in turmoil, you're licking your wounds and trying to figure out where to go from there....more

Nothing is Wasted

Nothing is wasted, she said.I just looked at her like she was crazy since it seemed so disjointed, this life of mine.Classes and books and studying...for what? I think sometimes. The yoga and the workshops and the working out. The running and the striving and the working to be all things.I see you, He assures me....more

Because Adoption, Because Attention Deficit Disorder, Because Absolutely Everything, Because Nothing

Over the past few years, the following things have been offered to us as possible "causes" for the behavioral problems we have experienced with our seven-year-old son, Harper. Most of the time the suggestions have been made in love, purely out of concern. Occasionally they have been "casually" dropped into a conversation in correction or judgement. Some are shoved down our throats via Facebook articles and blogs. ...more
http://youtu.be/n9k6NyVwcww If you are interested in learning more about RAD, our family was ...more

"Oh my God, I am so offended.....because circus"....

I am once again offensive to someone I wish that I wasn’t. This is just reality for me. I am not mousey, soft-spoken or waiting for approval to speak.I am;-loud-I curse like a sailor-my faith in God is wobbly...more

He Knows My Name

Many times I feel like I won’t be able to adequately express what’s on my heart when I’m writing.I don’t feel capable enough. I don’t feel like there are enough words to show what my heart sees. ...more

Navigating transitions when they feel like dead ends.

There’s the commonly quoted phrase by Heraclitus,“Change is the only constant in life,” and I say “Ay Ay!” to that, it has proved very true in my own life.But regardless of my knowledge that change is inevitable, my reactions to change can still be tangled up in fear and worry, especially when it is unexpected.You see, like many, change is something I know well....more

What If You Don’t Have Faith In Yourself?

It’s a cold, empty feeling, that not-having-faith-in-yourself feeling.Especially in this bright-eyed American culture of mandatory optimism.But some days, it’s just not there. You don’t feel worthy, you don’t feel special, you don’t feel like your projects are even worth your while, much less anyone else’s while....more

Jesus loves you, this I know

I have had one word on my heart lately.One word I can’t seem to shake. One word I keep seeing, feeling in the things I’m reading and seeing in people.And I know it’s February, but no joke, do you know what the word is?...more

We were made to thrive

From the moment I get up, I am doing something for someone else. My husband leaves for work and I reluctantly roll out of bed because my oldest is always up and raring to go. I am not a morning person....more