What about the mothers-in-laws?

This Mother’s Day, as I celebrate it with my mother-in-law I wonder what it is about the relationship between mothers of sons and the women who marry them that can often be so difficult? ...more

Centerong on the Good

Lk. 2:22-40  Feast of the Presentation of the Lord...more

If you give a mom a moment...

  If you give a mom a ...more

Parenting Lessons to Learn from the Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal

My husband and I have been following Lance Armstrong’s career since he started racing in the Tour de France following his battle with cancer.  We read his books, bought LiveStrong bracelets and clothes, and in 2010 we even went to Paris for the last stage of the TdF, when Armstrong raced his final Tour....more

Healthy family Project Summer Fun!


Answering the Question that Will Shape Him Forever: "Can Two Girls Love Each Other?"

Caesar waits as I ponder, poking his finger around the container filled with the rainbow colored stars I've already stamped out, for the Mother's Day cards he'll be decorating later. That must have been what prompted the question. He has so many grandmothers, after all. He flushes a bit, I've kept him waiting too long and now he's worried he asked an inappropriate question. He shuffles his feet, and speaks again: "I was just wondering how they love each other and if it's okay." He's only five now, but how I answer this will shape what he knows, what he lives, what he repeats -- forever. ...more
When he was around five, my oldest asked me point blank if boys could marry boys. I said that ...more

President Obama and Same Sex Marriage.

Bravo, Mr. President.When I was little I remember going into stores with my mom. Wherever we went she had spirited conversations (always about food): discussing dim sum with the lady from China at the laundry, explaining how she made blintzes to the lady from Naples at the bakery. I remember her making coffee cakes and giving them to the cleaning lady who came once a month to clean our house, because even though we had five kids and little money, she had 11 kids and even less money....more

Her Head is Going to Spin Around!

As seen this week on TheNextFamily.com (1/12/12):...more

Nightime Musings from the Nursery Rocker

Tonight I am sad.It’s after midnight, the baby and the boy are asleep.  The wife is asleep.  I should be asleep.  But my mind won’t shut down, thinking about some of the awful things going on today in our country....more