What not to wear, family edition

So the pre-Thanksgiving wave of catalogs is well under way. I don't know who these companies are or why they have my name on record, but they're sending me catalogs anyway. I hate to think how many trees died so these places could trick me into an impulse buy, plus shipping....more

Family (Lumps and All)


In the Best Interest of the Children: Custody Considerations II

Decisions, Decisions I make decisions for my Darling Boys, intending to promote their welfare and wellbeing, every day....more

It's not easy to come to a great solution for the children. There will always be compromise. ...more

The Perfect Family- it's all smoke and mirrors..

As originally written and posted on Band Back together May 17, 2011This weekend will kick-off further pictorial evidence of just how perfect my family is....more

Remember this, please


Why I stopped Watching the News

Bad News I used to watch the news on TV. Then, I moved on to reading the news online. And then I stopped altogether. I listen to Minnesota Public Radio for local breaking news. I check weather.com for weather updates. I see bits and pieces and links to news in tweets. And I read The Week magazine back to front for news from around the world. ...more

I rarely get a chance to watch the news and then when I do, I'm immediately reminded of why I ...more

Gastronomical Adventures: Favorite Eats Part 1

Definition of a Foodie...more

The ripple effect

So it is finally time. My soon to be ex son in law has had papers served to my Daughter and the mediation and court dates looms in not to distant future. It has been a truly rough 9 months since they separated. Months filled with pain and heartache for a number of people. I often wonder if people realize the effects that a separation, and later a divorce have on a family. Outside of the core family. The ripples that splash through layers and layers, each one pushing further and further out causing new ripples on their own. We had a relationship with the SIL, or so I thought....more

Guest Post: Your Financial Big Picture: Why Estate Planning is an Investment in Your Family's Future

Background Information I recently noticed this post shared by Danielle G. Van Ess on her Facebook page....more

Anti-bullying Becomes Big Business

Lisa LaGrou www.Mommy-Network.com...more