Some Days I Am A Bad Mom

Some Days I’m A Bad MomPosted on January 27, 2015by The Pinte...more

The Constant vs. The Variable-- Which One Are You?

I have a weekly call with my grandparents who live down south. And, as always, my grandmother went on and on about how much she would love for my brother to call her. She told me how she prays and thinks of him often. She swooned about how she loves hearing his deep voice say, "Hi, Grand-MAW". She reminisced how my brother loved eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a child. Gag me with a jagged spork! As I hold the phone away from my ear, rolling my eyes, I can feel my blood boil up my back. ...more

Who is REALLY Iron Man?

If you would’ve told me on Friday when I left work that I would have a 29 year old man and a 9 year old boy battling over who is going to be Iron Man, I would’ve thrown some mad side-eye. This was my reality on Saturday afternoon as David, my nephew, and I piled into the car heading to Fair Park for the Marvel Experience Tour....more

Build a Legacy: Discovering the Past

Shortly after posting my 29 before 29 realizations list, a near and dear friend reached out to make sure that I could start on number 5: Research my dad’s family tree. There are no words to describe the amount of love and respect that I have for Lisa as she offered advice and resources to help me get started on what I knew would be a lofty task....more

I have what? When? How? Not really sure how this happened but apparently I have an elderly parent. I don’t know how to feel abo

Not really sure how this happened but apparently I have an elderly parent. I don’t know how to feel about that. Because I don’t think I do. I have Mama....more

The Hoodie

It was a simple navy blue hoodie. I dug it out of the pile of my Dad's coats and jackets that my Mom had laid out for us to go through before she donated them. I tried it on, looked in the mirror and decided to take it home.  ...more

I'm All for "Let it Go" As Long As It Doesn't Concern One of My Kids

Do you think all the little six-year-old girls in this country would put a bounty on my head if I told Elsa to shut up? To stop screaming “Let it Go”? More importantly, do I care? Not really. I mean, it’s a great message, but if I remember correctly, Elsa didn’t have kids of her own. If she did, the song title instead might have been “Let it Go, Unless You Have Children and Then Good Luck Not Worrying”....more

Why resolutions fail, and why goals are better

When it comes to new year’s resolutions, you’ll find me in the middle of the two camps. My friend Lindsay says “I’ll never eat an Oreo cookie again as of 2015″ and my other friend Kelly says “New year’s resolutions fail anyway, so I never make any.” One friend is a little delusional while the other is a little lazy.#troof #realtalkFriends’ names and objects of resolve have been changed to protect my friends’ identities and their respective objects of resolve....more

5 Ways to Exercise at Home with Kids

 It's time to get back on the horse....more