Creating a Family Budget, Amazing Race Style

Developing a family budget is an excellent exercise in humility and shame. I highly recommend it as a way to get your ego in check if you’re feeling overly confident, or just need a quick slap in the face. It’s especially advisable if you or your partner recently lost a job, have massive debt to curb, or are expecting children....more

10 Things I Thought Would Be Different About Motherhood

When I found out I was pregnant with Blaire in June of 2013, I knew my life was about to change dramatically. I also thought I knew how it was going to change. HA! If you’re a mama, I have a feeling you’re going to LOL at these. If you’re not a mama, you have friends who are moms. You have a mom. You think you know the basics. You think you know what it’ll be like....more

February Catch Up

January went by in a sort of blur. Did anyone else find that so? Our weather was unusually warm and mild, with one dip down into below-freezing temperatures and a four-inch snowfall that didn't stick around very long. Thomas had to miss a bit of work because of the snow and some cold and windy days when they canceled work....more

Not My Mom's Tuna Casserole

When my dad left, I was just seven years old. He left my mom in a strange new town with nothing except two little girls to care for – she had no job, no car, no money, and no friends or family within a 1,000 miles to help her. It was just us. It was just her.And it was tough. Day after day, my sister and I would try to cheer my mom up as she sobbed trying to figure out how to survive. Where would the rent come from? How would she find a job? Why the hell would he leave her like that? It was a dark, dark time.But it got better....more

Murder and People with Developmental Disabilities

On Saturday morning of Labour Day weekend 2014, Frank Stack, 82, left his house in Elmhurst, Illinois and drove to the group home where his son, Francis, 48, lived with five other men with developmental disabilities. Mr. Stack, a regular visitor to the home, told the supervisor on duty he’d have his son back later that day.Next, the father drove to another group home where his daughter, Mary, 57 also developmentally disabled, resided. He told staff there that his wife, Joan, who was very ill, wanted to see her daughter....more

Little League Lessons

If you have athletically-inclined children who, for one reason or another, enjoy running and spitting and adjusting their cups, often at the same time, then you probably understand my fear and trepidation. Youth sports are anxiety-inducing torture sessions with parents who make The Great Santini seem supportive.Yet, if our children want to play and even promise to take out the trash twice a week without complaint, what can we do?...more

Pondering Thoughts Post Alzheimer’s

Kitchen Memories

This cross stitch was hanging in my Mamaw’s (paternal grandmother) kitchen. When she moved in with my parents my mom hung it in her kitchen. Now it is hanging in my kitchen....more
I hope you find photos!more

Can Pretend Play Make Your Child Smarter?

We all have recollections of growing up and for most of us, these memories are filled with flashbacks of playing in the woods, or dressing up in our parents oversized clothes. Whilst we may no longer have time for this kind of inspiration, the lessons we learnt from experimenting with the world around us, have enabled us to dream bigger and cultivate our innovation. At least, that is the theory!  ...more

My Clubfoot Baby

This is my son Josiah....more