Monday Morning Coffee Date


Farmers Market

 Finally, mother nature gave us a beautiful day to spend outside! We have been stuck inside A LOT recently with all the rain we have gotten in the midwest. So, we decided to head to the farmers market and take full advantage of the sunshine on Saturday. ...more


There are lots of people in this world getting braver and healthier by risking authenticity. It's no small thing, and we each come to it in different ways at different junctions over the course of a lifetime. I hope. Heaven knows we are entitled to do so, but even that kind of sunshine can dawn slowly....more

Save the Frogs

We found some froggy friends at the pool the other day!...more

Preparing Your Child for Preschool

The time is getting closer and soon your child will be heading off to preschool. This generally happens between the ages of three to five. Preschool can be an exciting time for both parent and child....more

Be the Light


My Day of Favorites

What is your perfect day?  I can think of a lot of “perfect” days that involve my husband and kids, but by myself?  Not so much.  It’s been too long since I had a day alone to even remember what would make it perfect. As a wife and a mother, you rarely get time alone.  I mean, like in 11 years!  Oh, I get moments or even evenings or afternoons alone, but never full days.  This weekend I had my alone day and I’ll confess it felt a little weird....more

Sum It Up Saturday July 25 #SumItUpSaturday

Jolleen Ruiz

What My Kids Said When I Asked If They Think We Are a Happy Family

 The other day, I asked my children a Very Important Question."Do you think we have a happy family?"(Insert holding breath.)After several interminable seconds, my offspring--one teen daughter and one tween daughter--got back to me. Actually, they looked at me incredulously.Then they both said, "Of course. Why would you even ask?"Well.That's a relief....more
gladiatorinheels Thank you so much for taking time to read my little list and to encourage me ...more

Why Every Parent Needs to Watch Inside Out

We finally went to see Inside Out last weekend. Have you seen it yet? I loved it. Not only was the movie all about emotions, but it took me on a rollercoaster of emotions as well. Like I said, I loved every moment of it. That might be the psychologist in me though....more