Lice Lessons

By Vanessa SchenckI think it’s safe to say that most of you reading this have an iPhone. So, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say the word, “auto-correct.”...more

Body Earthing Rocks!

 Need to feel good in body and spirit?  Go outside and LAY DOWN ON THE EARTH!  Here’s Captain, Grandpa & Mom just laying around outside as a family...more

I’ve been seduced by a blender.

There was a time I’d get excited about scoring tickets to a Depeche Mode concert. Today I did a happy dance because we bought a new blender.A blender.Tsk tsk tsk Sad headshake and sneer courtesy of my 20-something self.20s-me: Get a grip woman. It’s a kitchen appliance.40s-me: But it’s so shiny and powerful. And you should see the size. This conversation is taking a wrong turn.20s-me: Don’t you have desert boots and fishnet stockings you should be buying?...more
@Denise We've all gone blender crazy. I blame the smoothie recipes on Pinterest.more

Men's Health and Wellness

 This Father's Day, STEPS4HEALTH wants to encourage women to encourage the men in their lives to take care of themselves.Screen...more

Why I'm Hoping for a Girl Next Time

When I was pregnant, I secretly hoped for a boy. It was partly because my husband was very vocal about the fact that he wanted a Mini-Me and I wanted him to be happy and I was also probably influenced by Chinese culture’s strong preference for baby boys.   At our 18 week ultrasound, I was thrilled when we found out that we were having a boy....more
Hello there, TalkingThirty! We went through all of the back and forth on these types of ...more

Thanksgiving's Over!

                             Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone-and I don't have any regrets. I did the family thing for a little bit. I saw some people that I've never met before and said hello to them. Then we all ate as a family-it was a nice spread. I had a little of the foods that I liked.Then we went to other relatives houses where I nibbled a little as well. They brought back the sweet potato treat-that was the best of all!...more

The Rough Side of Childhood Health Awareness

My growing up years were full of bad eating, a lack of real understanding about taking care of myself, and many tutorials in how to make german dishes. When I had my own daughter, I decided early on to remedy this by a constant stream of dialogue on how to care for one's own health.So really, I guess I got what was coming to me....more

Top 5 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Yoga

1.    Do Yoga with Your Child.  Kids love to be active and play with an adult, especially when it involves playing on the ground and twisting bodies up.  There are multiple ‘partner poses’ in yoga that create a great jumping off point for doing this practice together. ...more
My sister's daughter used to cry hearing the name of Yoga before. A friend of her told her ...more

Divorced mom loses custody of kids due to cancer diagnosis

Should not knowing how long a divorced mom with cancer will live be grounds for losing custody of her kids? The truth is NO ONE ever knows how long they will live, but evidently North Carolina family court judge Nancy Gordon believes that stage four breast cancer makes Alaina Giordano's health status so unpredictable that her cancer diagnosis is grounds for removing kids from her home....more

I'm sending out special mommy hugs to everyone who shared this post on FaceBook.
Alaina's ...more

Winter Cold (Green) Survival Kit

Currently  my family and I are deep in battle with  a nasty  cold which inevitability comes around  this time every year.  With all my eco changes in place  my ‘Must Have’ list for cold season had to also be updated. Here is my drug free updated list. To Eat/Drink...more