Is Adopting A Dog From A Shelter Risky? What you need to know.

I poke fun at my mother in my blog post from yesterday. If you haven't read it, you should check it out. My mother's adopted dog Buddy, has some really crazy antics (we love him but he’s CRAZY)....more

What If Elmo Could Get Your Kids to Eat Broccoli?

I recently re-embraced vegetarianism. I was vegetarian for a long time in my twenties (even vegan for awhile before my love of cheese overcame my desire to liberate farm animals) and have always been ambivalent about meat. Even as a child, I was ambivalent about meat. So I decided to just go back to my veggie roots and embrace my true vegetarian self. A new era of veggie-centric dining was dawning in my household! Huzzah! ...more

My mothering style might offend some, but the kids eat what I make. Cooking is time consuming ...more

New Reasons To Be Afraid, Very Afraid: Bath Toys And Baby Slings Are Bad

There is, it seems, no end to the things that can cause harm to your family. Strollers, playgrounds, sippy cups, plastic toys, painted toys, toys with removable parts... pretty much anything that is a fixture in family life, it seems, is a hazard. Well, now you can add bath toys and baby-wearing to that list. Are you a parent? Good luck sleeping at night. ...more

My girls have been taking baths since they were born like everyone else's, with bath toys and ...more