It is funny how many people say…                                “When life gives you lemons, make lemon aide”                My question is…“What if those lemons were in the back of the refrigerator for over a month and the skin is so hard you can’t cut through”...more

An Expat in France... Living The Dream?...My Derrière!!!

Hi or maybe that should be Salut!Welcome to my inaugural  blog post, to be honest I'm not a writer nor trying to reinvent myself as one, but hopefully you will find I have something to offer in sharing our expat life (and the experiences of others) from France. ...more

Why I Chose Kumon for My Child

I'm an advocate for teaching children based on their individual abilities and thirst for knowledge.  My 8 year old daughter attends a wonderful school but in my honest opinion, no matter how good a school may be the one major factor in the detriment of public education is "grade level". Everything is based on, compared to, and all relative to grade level.How can a child fully engage in learning if the content is limited by their grade level?...more

Thankful Bucket Garland...A Thanksgiving Family Tradition

Fall is a time for slowing down, enjoying incredible weather, and time with friends. This year, we started a couple of new family traditions. Today, I'll show you how to create this adorable fall, Thankful Bucket Garland. This project is perfect for creating an interactive way for your family and friends to express their gratitude during this Thanksgiving season. Simply leave little notes of thanks in the sweet buckets!...more
I am taking the idea a bit abbreviated - but it this has inspired me to get the family in a ...more

Community is what you make it

It’s been a little over a year since we moved into our new home.  The leap of faith we took to change homes, neighborhoods and schools has been a good thing for us....more

The Effects of a Miscarriage on the Next Baby

Did you know that a child conceived after a miscarriage can be affected negatively? I had no clue until recently.It really is such a simple and obvious emotional and spiritual dynamic but one that most of us are oblivious to....more

Our Kids & The Lost Arts

I am a proponent of technology.  In many ways, the continuing advancement of technology makes our lives easier, compact, and self-sufficient.  At the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger on a smart phone, we can basically run and execute our lives from anywhere at anytime.  Modern technology has advanced the health care industry, the automotive industry and even the food industry to the point of making our lives, for the most part, better.  <...more

Birdytell's Favorite Back to School Gear for 2014.

As summer break comes to a screeching halt, it's time to hone in on the best options for back to school gear. We took on the massive undertaking of sorting through the retail madness, so you don't have to waste a precious minute of valuable vacation time. Rest assured, we value awesomeness over deep pockets, so nothing on this list is sponsored.We included items for the youngest students all the way up to the seasoned college crew. There is a lot to love out there, but this list is concise to maximize your leisure time....more

Reforming Play-dough: What to Do with Other Peoples' Expectations???

We all do it, we expect things from other people and when we don’t get what we were expecting we feel disappointed. Now this blog isn’t about how we need to keep our expectations in check although that is true, it’s about other people’s expectations of us??? How should we handle what others think about us and expect from us???...more