The Bath Time Gift

A couple of weeks ago, we had such a bath time adventure in our house that I simply had to share.  Now, my son and I have a bit of a ritual at bath time.  It’s simple, and it works for us… keeping everyone happy.  I run his bath water and place his toys in the bathtub, once I put him in, he gets to play with his toys for about 10 minutes or so (depending on the mood that he’s in) and I get to play in make-up (as I stand right next to him keeping an eye on him, of course)....more

Our new life with a quadriplegic son

I'm a wife and mom of 5 children, 2 of whom still live at home. 4 sons and one daughter. Our youngest had a snowboarding accident in January and broke his neck at C5. He is now a quadriplegic. I got the idea to do this blog because I was trying to search for something similar and couldn't find anything that addressed the issues of raising a quad teen. I am very new to this and so am a a bit self-conscious. But if I can connect with some other moms that would be great. ...more

Our Patchwork

This is my story.  I've been feeling a pull on my life to begin exploring things from the past and the present so I can clearly see my future.  Maybe it's a part of getting older, but I look at it more as a way of clearing the way.  Pushing through the muck and seeing that it all is really there for a reason.  All of it.  The amazingly joyful times and the times that are saddening....more

21 Signs You Might Have a Teen in Your Home

Remember the days when Fisher Price decorated your house and your living room looked like Geoffrey the Giraffe puked all over it? Those days are like wine and roses compared to what your house looks like when you have teens living with you. Here are the signs that a teen is living in your house:...more
I can confirm that this is 100% accurate. Thanks for making me laugh and reinforce that my home ...more

I'm Sitting Two Feet Away From My Daughter...

If you post it on her Facebook wall, then her friends see it and it lasts FOREVER! Plus, there ...more

The Night I Accidentally Killed off my Husband

It started with a defining moment.  One minute, my husband was in surgery, and I anxiously awaited with my mother-in-law and my stepdad's mom.  We were talking, smiling, and I kept wondering how my kids were doing at their school Christmas concert.  The next minute was full of news from the surgeon.  That one moment changed my life....more

I'm Grateful for Things Too!

What About Our Civilian Contractors?

So after just getting of of Skype with my fiance and son of my father, I have to say that sometimes sadness takes over. Knowing that he has been in the Navy for 8 years and the Coast Guard for 2. As the American people are still struggling in this economy he has taken a civilian contract job over in Afghanistan to support our family. Although I am extremely grateful for what he is doing as a fiance, father, and man it truly does make me sad to know that he will be over there serving with our troops. But this time as a civilian contractor things will be a bit different for him. ...more

Renaissance Mom

This blog began as one women’s journey, MINE, through life and motherhood (and all that entails) in an attempt to keep her writing and honest. Through that journey I began to learn that my love of all things creative — art, music, theater, writing, decorating, etc. — in combination with my interest in discovering my own spirituality, (minus the politics and science), had unknowingly thrown me right into the middle of a 21st century Renaissance, and for the first time in my life I began to understand more and more exactly who I was, who I had been, and who I wanted to become....more

How On Earth Did I Raise Kids with Such Divergent Peronalities?

  The Joy of Mothering ...more
You will see the adult version of the very same traits they had as babies!more