What Summer Taught Me

This Summer has been a big learning experience - for both Lil Man and myself. Who knew that an amusement park could be such a learning experience for both of us....more

How Roy Orbison Saved Me: 30:30 Somethings

I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but it took a world-shattering event, football and a lil' rock-n-roll to get me and my father back on track, but I'm thankful we did and got to enjoy each other before we couldn't. http://wp.me/p4cuiX-tm...more

A Well Prepared Meal

When I was a little girl in Turkey, I used to help my grandmother make tarhana. It's the traditional Turkish soup mixture, which can literally take most of the summer months to make before it's placed in mason jars and then cooked during the colder months of autumn and winter. Like my family, most Turkish families make their tarhana during the hot months of summer when the plants and vegetables are plenty and cheap....more

Dear Parents, let Miley Cyrus be a lesson to us

Do you hear that? Could it be the overwhelming public adoration for a music artist who used her spotlight at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) this Sunday to highlight a social cause close to her heart? Nope. Never mind. It seems the sympathetic gesture made by Miley Cyrus to bring awareness to teen homelessness has already faded from our collective consciousness, assuming it was ever fully acknowledged at all....more
I'd love to hear what others think about this tendency in our culture and in their life.more

My Experience with Peapod

Grocery shopping is sometimes always the bain of my existence. I used to love it. I loved being able to walk up and down the aisles finding new products and grabbing my food for the week. But that was back when I lived with my parents and wasn’t planning meals.Now, since I’m an adult and all, grocery shopping is a weekly task that I don’t look forward too. We try to buy a lot of our items at Sam’s Club, but obviously we can’t buy everything in bulk. 8 pounds of ground turkey anyone?!...more

Motherhood Truths


Watch Out for Flying Objects

Throughout my life, in good times and challenging ones, I’ve always been comforted by signs.Whether it’s hearing my favorite song come on when I’m feeling a little sad, or getting a call from an old friend at a particularly difficult point in my life, I’ve always seen these events as the way God or the universe communicates with me and lets me know I”m not alone.About seven years ago, I was going through one of my lowest, or at least most stressful times in my life.Our daughter Lizzy was going through an extremely difficult period....more

Trainwreck Family Members + Caregiver Contingency Plans

I write this anonymously, but I have to confess: a lot of times I feel like I have no family support. I'm not talking about social services or the help from the family I live with. Their help is tremedous. No-  I'm talking about my immediate family. Most days I feel alone out here on Caregiver Island.Mom has three other children, although there’s a twenty year difference between the first two children and the youngest two, me falling in the latter. All of Mom’s children are stationed in different parts of the country. So, Mom and I are here. Everyone else is there....more

Kid-Co Fun

Our weekend started on Friday this week, while the hubby had to work (boo) I decided to ditch the housework and have some fun quality time with my little love bug.  She had been asking for several weeks to go to this local play place called Kid-Co. We went there a few months ago and she fell in love with the place.  Unfortunately, with all of the baby prepping and all the other summer activities we had going on we never went for another visit....more