Marlo & Me—Act I


Dogs Acting Like Kids

Dogs Acting Like Kids Animals have these advantages over man: They have no theologians to instruct them, their funerals cost them nothing, and no one starts lawsuits over their wills.  ~Voltaire...more

non stop, ya'll!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you have felt absolutely, totally, undeniably overstimulated? Yeah. Well. This has been one of those weeks.I have this romantic vision of cuddling up next to Seth every night to read him a bedtime story, and he falls asleep to the rise and fall of my voice. Ha. This week, he has been brought home to me in the evenings so exhausted that he is veritably foaming at the mouth. I think he is still confused by the Daylight Savings Time change that happened last week, and it hasn't helped that he has also had a little cold bug....more

My Mother Or My Father?

                                         Hmm, my mother or my father? That's a hard decision to make! My parents split up when I was younger. Naturally , I'd think I was more like my mother because that's all I knew. My father didn't just stay out of my life. It's just the way it was back then....more

Happy Birthday Ethan....

Dear Ethan,...more

Family by Design ~ How Adoption Changed my Life! NEW BLOG POST

 NEW BLOG POST!   Karla Marie Williams...more

Are Professions Born or Taught?

A musician must make his music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to ultimately be at peace with himself.  ~Abraham Maslow...more

Grocery day with the Babes

we can't get him to sit still for long when he holds the baby, but we each got three snapshots of them together today!  ...more

Rocky Mountain High

Today’s prompt: describe a favorite place. Focus on how that place affects your sense of taste, touch, sight, sound, or smell. Hands down, my favorite place is Colorado. The first location I ever wanted to call home. The community I lived in, near Boulder, was amazing. Great people, convenient, focused on family fun and sports, little to no traffic… great for families. We loved it. Outside the crazy weather patterns from time to time, I dare say it’s almost perfect. ...more

The Nub of Things

It was early in the morning.  We'd had a little skirmish over her new karate suit, onto which I was trying to sew in a bleary-eyed fashion three cloth badges.  Apparently I sewed the one on the sleeve the wrong way round. As it was in Chinese, it was hard to tell, but Anna-mouse was up in arms.  She had a good shout, flung herself off the bed where I was sewing, and hurtled into her bedroom.A few moments later she re-appeared with some magnetic words from a poetry kit and began to stick them to the radiator.The first wonky line of words read:...more