Saturday Reading: On Family and Football

If you play football. If you coach football. If you're married to someone who coaches football. If you've ever wanted to coach football...I highly suggest you read this.It's long, but the ending is so worth it....more

We Know Better

So, my husband and I have gotten into a very silly habit. We do something that we both know is a very bad idea. Come on by and find out what - and tell me how you do it. Full post here. :)...more

Please Help! All Children deserve a family

When we traveled to Ethiopia to pick up Little Sister we met so many amazing kids. Almost all of whom were waiting for their families to come and pick them up. There were a few that did not yet have families. I was able to help two of the children without families to get families. I emailed back and forth with moms who were considering these kids. Who wanted to know a little about the kids' personalities or about their needs. To make sure they were the right family for these kids. One little boy I clearly remember talking to his (now) mom and hearing her decide that she would go get him....more

NaBloPoMo Day 1 and 2

Day 1....more

Baileys and Things ...more

Our Last Supper


Vomiting on the Page

Not sure where I'm going with this today but decided to just start typing, "vomit" on the page, as one writing instructor told me.  It's Wednesday morning and from the view from my window right now, quite beautiful, windy. I got the day started with Wade and an excellent training day then home to find The Hubby grousing about the new audio system. He was trying to get it on to workout at home in the new home gym and it would not come on, the music part. He was ticked off, as was I because we spent a LOT of money on the darn thing and can't get it to work....more
There's a term for that -- it's called "word vomit." It used to be in the tagline for my blog. ;-)more

I Received a Love Note Today

At lunch today a note was slipped under the Staff Room Door for me. It nearly brought me to tears - in a good way. I received a lovely hand drawn piece of art by a former student of mine. This girl is in grade 3 and has a reputation for being a handful. 5 years ago she was my handful.The drawing was of me. I am smiling with a flower in my hand. She wrote out my name on artful, fancy ways all over the paper and she signed it with a heart....more
The children in your classroom are very lucky to have a teacher like you :)more


There are blocks all over my house. I bought them with good intentions, right after the twins were born, to aid in the development of my older son.I had perverse fantasies that he and I would lie on his bedroom rug, giggling and building the day away. Fantasies....more

5 Things To Do With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

What To Do With My Leftover Halloween Candy?!?!?! ...more