Got Guilt?

According to Wikipedia, guilt is when a person believes (accurately or not) that she has violated a moral standard, and bears significant responsibility for that violation. It can lead to feelings of inferiority, inadequacy, hopelessness, and martyrdom. ...more

Sautéed Vegetables Parmesan Couscous

Our restaurant is new to being open in the evening, but I do think the word is starting to get out.  We had a great dinner crowd tonight.   I am glad because paying everyone and not being busy in the evenings was getting old.  I was busy enough during lunch to pay the evening help till things picked up and now we are busy, so what will I do next??? I am going to a food show on Sunday in Cedar Rapid Iowa; we will see what comes next for Delightfully Tasteful Bistro.  I’m thinking ICE CREAM, who doesn’t love ice cream????...more

Chocolate Cookie Cake, served warm with ice cream!

Things are starting to pick back up after the fire, we really don’t have any damage, but he insurance company is going to clean the carpet.   I think that will freshen up the place and that is good before spring and well why not I don’t have to pay for it.   Thinking of spring I think I will have a few sheets of dry wall hung in here and paint them a light tan to brighten up the place.  It is an old pizza hut then a diamond Daves so it has barn siding all over the place and is very dark all the time.  I like windows and light walls.  I would like to put so...more

Who said there was no rest for the wicked?

Today is respite day.I've got to time the preparation just so. Once 12 sees her overnight bag she knows what is going to happen. It's all about preparation.Know where the clothes are I want her to wear to go and the ones I want for her for tomorrow and the change of clothes for the inevitable spill. Make sure there is at least one set of pyjamas that is actually a set, not just a top from one and bottoms from another. Know where all the paired socks are?...more

Do you ever have Mom failure moments?

You know, the times where you feel like you messed up, or forgot something really important about your child or their schedule?  I just got a call from the Children's Hospital reminding me and giving me instructions for Levi's MRI appointment on Monday. Come again?  MRI? Monday?  Uh, okay...if you say so...wait, why wasn't I notified of this earlier?Apparently I was notified, back in January....more

Divorce and the Death of a Family

            I am not sure how it began exactly, my interest in death. My daughters tell me (in their snarky teenage way) that I am obsessed with death. I disagree. I don’t consider my interest in death to be an obsession, merely a fascinating hobby, intensely diverting, and borne from a deep sense of personal loss. It is an interest I would describe as more compelling than obsessive. Death is present for me now in a way it has never been before; and I cannot look away, nor ignore its lingering stench....more

Don't Try This at Home

Sometimes I ask myself "How did I Get Here"?  At no time in my childhood or even for most of my adulthood did I imagine myself as a single mom, and now I am a single mother of choice to 16 month old identical twins!  Life is a strange trip indeed.  Here are just some of the things I didn't count on and some that I even tried to prevent:...more

The Next Family looking for volunteer writers

I am the marketing director for and we are looking for volunteer writers  that  are involved in interracial families, multi-cultural relationships and are straight or gay with kids. Also, need a writer who would like to take content from our editor and write articles. We would love someone in the travel busines or someone who loves to travel. We want exotic locals, gay friendly, gay family friendly in all countries and cities throughout the world.If interested please email me at

You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, But You Can Buy Her New Snow Pants

We broke with tradition this holiday season and spent the week in Utah with family and friends.  It was a little unsettling leaving a week earlier than I had planned.  I didn't get neighbor gifts delivered, or presents wrapped.  We didn't have Christmas Eve clam chowder or decorate gingerbread houses.  It was all out of whack.    ...more

Tales of a Supermommie...The Working Mother Dilemma.

Are you a working mother by choice or by necessity? In these tough economic times, does the answer to this question really matter?  Some women put their career on hold after having kids.  What if you can’t afford to do so, then what? What if your career never really took off and you were just working to make ends meet? How do you address those feelings of…should I pursue my career goals or should I pursue a mom friendly job?...more