Grandma's House

My earliest memories are of my Grandma's kitchen.She would make me a concoction of poached eggs, saltine crackers, and butter for breakfast.I loved every bite of it.Each holiday, she would set up a festive display on top of an old stereo that doubled as a buffet.There was never a speck of dust.  Anywhere.I played in her make up.I could fall asleep anywhere.I have a hard time remembering her voice.But I can still hear her call my name.Or Grandpa's.Sometimes, I smell her perfume....more

On This Day, Your Birthday, I Still Miss You, Little Brother!

This year he would have been 54-years old. My childhood friend, my playmate, my little brother, is gone! There is a hole in my heart, an ache for the boy I once knew. As children we laughed, fought, lied, and got into trouble, together. As adults we talked, laughed, fought, made-up, and even prayed together....more
Thank you for your most kind and thoughtful words, Nora. I know in my heart we'll meet again. ...more

The Plague Has Descended....

Unfortunately, I don't feel much like writing today; but I did accept the NaBloPoMo blog post a day challenge, and today is only day 8. I refuse to give up, much less this early on in the challenge. ...more
I hope the plague is gone from your home as fast as it visited. I have feeling it has also ...more

80% of Parenting Is Modeling

80% of parenting is modeling. It’s a really scary thought for most parents that 80 percent of the teaching we do, 80 percent of the learning our children get in the family, most of what they imbibe and take on as values come from them watching what we model and copying us! There may be a handful of parents who are relaxed about this having a clean conscience about their language, their attitudes, their manners and other behaviors. But for many of us this is a really pressurizing idea....more
annesmollon  Just going through our old blogs and re-noted your comment ... just want to say ...more

walking a tightrope

days like today I wonder if I'll ever find a true balance in motherhood, my relationship and work. as I write this I'm thoroughly exhausted, grappling with a migraine, wanting to snuggle up with my man but listening to our son tossing and turning trying to fall asleep and it's 11:30pm. yet I feel like I didn't accomplish 90% of what I needed to do today. ...more

Family: The Balancing Act

Making family time is important to me. How do you balance your children, relationship, and work life? (Guest Post by Ricki Lake, who can be found on Facebook or Twitter @RickiLakeShow)...more
Thank you, mi Amiga! @KarenLynnnmore


My in-laws are wonderful people. I'm very lucky to have such a great extended family.  Full of heart and personality. ...more


It's been a dumpy kind of day. I may have just made that word up, but it has. It's been just... blahhh. It's been raining. I've been missing my dad. I've run into some setbacks with party planning. And, as soon as I finished loading groceries into the car this afternoon, I realized I had forgotten something really important so I had to drag Wilder back in for a second time... only to get home and realize I had forgotten like two more things. Yeah, that kind of day....more

Finding Balance....

 Finding the balance..... ...more

A Feather and a Stone: Balance

Balance is such a delicate thing. Think about it, a feather thrown onto one scale throws off the balance. A feather. Life rarely hands us feathers, instead casting stones if not boulders in our direction.One thing I've learned, striving for daily balance is near to impossible. Overall balance judged on a weekly or monthly basis is a more reasonable target. There are some days all your effort goes into putting out fires. Other days, you give into the need to smell the roses and simply relax. Admittedly, these moments are often forced on us by a snow day or sickness....more
Sometimes it is hard to find that balance - I think it important to have a schedule and just ...more