The Vicious Cycle ...more

Ambitious 29 Year Old Woman Kidnapped...

And replaced with an unsure mother. Have you ever felt, by becoming a mom, you have lost all traces of the former person you used to be? Have you ever looked in the mirror at your disheveled hair, clothes stained with baby milk, and dark circles and wondered what happened to that savvy, well-manicured, vibrant woman who used to inhabit the person who now knows more about Bubble Guppies then the economic bubble? ...more

Off to the auctions we go.....

OK, I am addicted to the antique auctions - there are two well known ones that are very close to where we live and they are visited by people from all over the country - no joke.....people come in from NYC, all over NJ and then there were these nice blokes who had driven from South Carolina - seriously. They are primarily antique dealers. We went on Sunday - my husband and I both love it. We go to try and pick up nice pieces for our home....more

It's Not an Excuse. Kind of.

 Milo has a thing for hair clips and requested to have a load of pink ones in his hair. I obliged......more

In the Kitchen with Menopause, Composing Recipes for the Soul

And the battle, constant in rhythm, rages on! To eat that which I yearn for or not? My wares in my kitchen call to me—like canvass on an easel. My recipe books—my heart’s collection, poetry to my soul—organized and scattered in bookshelves throughout the house, whisper an invitation, and suddenly ideas, like music, just come flowing in my head. And I see and smell and taste my finished dishes. Sigh…!...more

5 Tips for Coping When Someone You Love Gets Angry About HAES

I had a very public Facebook exchange with my brother yesterday that was slightly startling. Why is it that people who believe that fat and health and mutually exclusive get so angry when you disagree? I mean, people who in most situations you can have a great conversation with even if you don't see eye-to-eye, see red if you challenge them on whether or not there is an obesity epidemic. So, how do you talk to someone you love who confronts you about your belief that you have the right to take up space without having death threats hurled at you?...more

Look at this child...


Good for you. And good for her. She's lucky to have a mom like you!!!more

Me and Menopause: Cooking and Eating and Losing Weight!

Living in the persona of “menopausal,” my heart is divided: my love of gourmet foods—cooking and eating—which undoubtedly feeds my soul, and the desire to lose weight and be thin again. The mirror and my eyes are deceitful; what I see is an artifact, a relic worn-down by time, with just remnants of life still left. The life left is a cross between Phyllis Diller and Mama Cass. But I’ll content myself for now with the knowledge that I am losing weight. I’ve lost another 3 pounds!...more

Homes: The Way They Were

 Homes: The Way They Were There’s a scene ...more

Coming to Terms With Myself

The latest installment on my new blog for is up! Please follow the link to check it out, as well as the other awesome stories & blogs on this wonderful site!  Oh, and be sure to leave comments - we LOVE comments! Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more