Temperature of Pappy

Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild. ~Proverbs...more

Rioting British youths failed by their own parents? It takes a village ...

Rioting British youths failed by their own parents? It takes a village ...by The Parent Practice...more

The Grateful Letter

 The Grateful Letterby The Parent PracticeDescriptive Praise in ActionAt The Parent Practice we have many parents who never cease to amaze us with simple ideas that have a long-reaching, positive impact on the relationship they have with their children....more
@ParentPractice Hello did you know I'm running this PLS RT ! BEAT BULLYING – CONFIDENCE CLASSES ...more

Lessons from Wimbledon

Lessons from the Wimbledon Fortnightby The Parent Practice...more

My Sea of Content

Bonjour tout le monde! This weekend Collin and I went on another field trip! We headed south for 5 hours via train stopping in Nice and went straight to the beach. The temperature was cool, but the water was warm and the air salty. Early the next morning we set out for Monaco to witness the changing of the guards. We toured the palace where Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier III lived. Next we headed to Cannes where we watched the sun set and Collin swam in the Mediterranean. I did a few cartwheels in the sand. The following day was spent entirely on the beach in Nice....more

Do as I Say and Not As I do…Because I Said So!

As parents, it is our responsibility, our first obligation that we can be counted on by our little ones who rely on us to be constant in their lives in all that we do and say. We must always be good examples, to the best of our abilities. We must take care not to make promises that we won’t be keeping, nor tell lies—little white ones or otherwise—and we must not allow foul language to come forth from our mouths, if we are expecting the same good form from our children. We are their first role-models, after all; we must practice what we preach!...more
@Forever 17 You make me gush and tear...! I am glad to hear you have a great relationship with ...more

Getting To Know Your Blogger : Intro

As most of you probably already know I decided to create this blog to provide an in depth look at what it's like going through life living with Bipolar Disorder.  More specifically my experiences being newly diagnosed.Although this is a huge part of my life; it's not the only part.  I'm so much more than Bipolar....more
Cassius is an adorable little fella! I would look forward to seeing him every day :)more

Bat Attack

A crash of thunder destroyed my dream. It was a good one too. About a Kentucky Derby where the cast members of Gilligan’s Islandwere the jockeys. I scootched to the end of my bed and pressed my nose to the window. No rain? Then how—             “Bats! Bats! To arms! To arms!” All three of my brothers sounded the alarm in unison. I heard the thunder noise again. Oh, it’s just them. On the stairs.             I almost went back to sleep....more

Help! I think my daughter needs a helmet...

Of course I can joke about it now, but 4 hours ago I was shaking in my flip flops.  It is a sight no mother wants to find.  I was having a very productive day around the house and was in the kitchen preparing dinner for the family.  My 17 month old and 3 year old are milling about.....more