Another Fucktardidiot Christmas

Christmas 2016The Fucktardidiot of Christmases! So yes, I learned a new word this year, Fucktardidiot. That literally means the most stupid, unintelligent, screaming, horrible, very bad Christmas in recent memory. So what, you ask, made Christmas 2016 so bad. Well, let’s just take it one event at a time.Event 1: Poor Uncle Bill is sick, sick with the coughing croup, bad cold.Event 2: Daddy Ray is down with the same coughing croup, bad cold. Oh, no. Please don’t let Mama get this, too....more

How to Survive the Holidays When The Whole Family is in Town

(Image via’s the most wonderful time of the year!Right?...more

The Beauty Of An Ugly Brown Hairdryer

It’s a big, brown, slightly broken, archaic monstrosity…but it’s mine. The hairdryer I got in the 8th grade, for Christmas 1986....more

Two Sleeps

Two sleeps stand between you and two....more

When Sisters Say Screw Holidays and Vacation Instead

  Dear mama friends, How many times have you seriously entered a sweepstakes through your email for that 7 Night, 6 Day Cruise to Nowhere in hopes that you might win because the actual thought of purchasing a trip makes you sad. It makes you sad because prior to having children, you were a travelin' fool. You went everywhere, anytime and have some insanely crazy pictures to prove it. You saw the world- sometimes on a budget, sometimes in the lap of luxury and sometimes broke for months because it was totally worth flying to Vegas for the weekend with the girls. ...more

The Sinking Ship of Mom Shaming

. Dear mama friends, The world can just be a mean place. Really. ...more

Job Vacancy: Patience, Empathy and a Big Heart Required

Making the decision to become a foster carer is a deeply personal one, but it also impacts everyone around you. It’s part emotional choice and part career move. You are rewarded monetarily, but also have a lasting impact on other people’s lives. These contrasts mean that many people talk themselves out of fostering before they’ve even discovered if they would be eligible....more

Unplugging and Reconnecting with the Great Outdoors

**This post was bought to you by Nuffnang Australia and City of Sydney Council.  As always they are my own thoughts and opinions....more

How to Reach Out for Support in an Abusive Relationship

Reaching out for support can be difficult or dangerous when your partner is abusive, particularly if your partner has isolated you from your friends and loved ones. If your partner checks your text history and call log – or denies you of a phone completely – you may feel like you have no safe avenue to reach out for help.Organizations like the National Domestic Violence Hotline can help abuse victims reach out for support. But if you can’t find a safe way to communicate or can’t get a safe phone, you may have to resort to other options....more