Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman.

It is one week before my daughter's birthday party and everything that was frozen has started to thaw. My daughter had wanted a Frozen themed birthday party with all things Frozen.  Well, it is really hard to find Frozen things in my area for a reasonable price or at all.  So here's what I ended up getting. ...more

Cooking my way through my German Heritage.."One Bratwurst at a time!

 This is the first of my cooking adventure..."Cooking my way through my German Heritage"..One Bratwurst at a time! Growing up one of the main staples in my Mom's kitchen was potato salad/German potato salad. Mom is Duth and Irish but her Daddy is American German so she would make him a German Potato salad to die for!...more

Monday Memories (a day late)

I apologize that I didn’t get anything posted yesterday. Long story short, I decided to paint the hub’s home office and spent the entire day doing it (I literally didn’t sit down until dinner time). I also unplugged the internet so I couldn’t have posted anyway. So sorry!It was a good week…and I actually have pictures from it!...more

Rational Parenting: What's the Secret?

Recently friends have asked me these questions: “Does your baby’s face ever get red?” “Is my baby going to be dehydrated because she didn’t finish one bottle?” ...more

7 of the Most Family Friendly Cities in Europe

Some parents worry about taking their children abroad. They're concerned the trip will be too expensive or that the kids won't be able to appreciate the experience. Despite these arguments, it's important to introduce your kids to different cultures and instill an interest in travel at a young age.If you're thinking about visiting places that have a deep history and culture – and are friendly to families – try these seven cities. ...more

A Mother's Summer Bucket List

Today when I was broadening my horizons about the world around me, otherwise known as browsing Facebook, I noticed one of my online friends posted a Summertime Bucket list.Have you ever seen one of these? They’re a list of ideas to spark a summer full of enjoyment and learning....more

Understanding Your Crew's Dating Pool

Understanding Your Crew’s Dating Pool…orHow to Enjoy the LeftoversUnderstanding that a crew mate is entitled to blow off a little steam once in a while, I’ve put together a list of Dooz and Donz, for da discerning wise guy. See my points below, and hey, if you have a beef wit any of my Tips for Tricks, come see me. Face to face, we will have a sit down and talk about it....more

Is it the 4th of July? No it's still June!

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the fireworks, picnics and spending time with family and friends.  What I do not love is when my neighbors start shooting off fireworks at night at the beginning of June.  The closer it gets to July 4th, the louder the fireworks get.  Yesterday evening at around 10:30pm, there was a very large bang.  It was so loud that I jumped in my seat.  Then I here crying from both of my kids bedrooms about the very loud noise and how scared they are to go to sleep. ...more

Family biking

Adventure Cycling Association is hosting their 2nd annual video contest, and we are participating! We created a 4 minute video featuring our Portrait of a Cyclist.   ...more

Baseball Love

When it comes to sports, baseball rules our house. Yes, we love other sports. My husband enjoys pro football, and I can’t get enough of college basketball, especially my Kansas Jayhawks. However, come spring, our focus is purely on the national pastime, baseball....more
FanAllstar I love that movie too! There are so many good ones!more