Who Our Family Really Is...

So today I went to my mother’s to pickup Noah, since he had stayed there last night and gone to church with her this morning.  We were sitting and chatting, and I try to keep her updated on all of the baby news whenever I talk to her, just so she knows that it REALLY IS going to happen and that it isn’t going away.  Since the moment that I told her that we were pregnant, she has given several mixed messages to us in regards to the birth of our baby.  From the beginning, my mother has made it very clear that, in HER eyes, this is NOT my baby, but rather Erikka’s.  The fir...more
I wish you and your family nothing but happiness. The arrival of a new baby always brings so ...more

For Love of My Cat…In a Nutshell

Could I look into her old yellowish-green doe eyes, professing to love her—many years a dear member of the family—and not see her plea for compassion, love and understanding? How could I possibly turn her away? She didn’t mean it, after all. She is still just a wild animal at heart. And though tamed on the outside, she obeys her instinctive impulses, marking her territory, claiming what’s hers…but, darn it, always on my floor!...more
Isn't it amazing, how these creatures can enter our hearts, and suddenly we find ourselves ...more

Sneaking food into Cracker Barrel

So Uncle Lloyd wanted to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  Sigh.  As a Vegan chick of the no-added-oil variety, there are precious few places to dine out at that I don't have to sneak food into.  Eating out always entails a phone call to the chef to ask what he/she can prepare for a vegan who does not eat added oil in any dish. ...more

Today's Top Story is...

When I wrote today's date in my spiritual journal this morning, October 13th, I wondered what would be the day's most significant occurance.  I love my life.  I have a hard time winding down to go to sleep, and I can hardly wait to wake up. ...more

Uncle Lloyd comes for a visit

Vegan Kitten, Great Blogs! Thx for telling me about this site! (Patsy)more

Views From Prospect Mountain

The past few weeks have been busy -- traveling to Atlanta for a conference, then Orlando to Disney World and this past weekend we brought my aunt from Staten Island up to the Adirondacks. Two words: So fun!...more

The Grocery List. Why Sending My Husband to the Store is a Wasted Experience.

Last week, at three in the morning naturally, the battery in our fire alarm decided to alert us that it was dying.  It wasn’t just the occasional beep that you that you could ignore and fix in the morning, it was a constant unnerving, high pitched shrill that finally ceased once it was beaten to death with a shoe....more

De Ja Vu - We Cant Keep Meeting Like This

This was posted on December 14, 2010 ...more

coffee date?

This post is inspired by the adorable Casey. I LURVE coffee. A little too much. Me and coffee have been best buds since I convinced my 19-year old self to pull all-nighters in college. Oh, the good ol' days.Since most of my blog friends live across the country or the world {which makes me a bit sad sometimes} I thought it would be nice to grab a cup of coffee together and catch up....more

Are You Waiting For Happily Ever After?

I'll be honest. I spent the better part of a year thinking that I could do it all.When I quit my job after the birth of my third child, I approached my new role as a stay at home mom as though it would be a blissful time of gingerbread cookie making and planting garden seeds in rows.I thought that we'd fingerpaint and make papier mache crafts and that occasionally a friend would stop by for a bit of gossip and coffee.In my mind I'd balance the laundry folding and the bathroom scrubbing and the household errands with grace....more