Happy Birthday Sweet 16s



Happy Sunday. I wanted to stop by and intorduce myself , our site and fairly new blog. On the blog we discuss ups and downs of trying to start and grow a new, small business, I also post resources and information on parenting a child with mental illness, see our story from the "Our Story, the journey" link from the blog page. I hope some of you will add our blog to your roll as we try to grow, if you can help us to help others....more

Joan Rivers Reality: A Component Of Emptynester Lifestyle Change...

I was watching the premiere of Joan and Melissa Rivers new Reality TV Show, airing Tuesday nights on We TV Channel. The show called Joan & Melissa; Joan Knows Best, centers around Joan moving from New York to live in California with Melissa and Cooper, Melissa Rivers 10 year old son. While watching the show, I was struck first off by the accumulated wealth garnered by this comedic icon over the years... Next, I was pondering how much this lifestyle change might affect the mother and daughter relationship dynamic, now that Joan was actually moving in with her daughter, Melissa. The viewers get to see the reactions of Joan and Melissa's friends and employees about the obvious change in the two women lives....more

Chicky, Chicky, Chicken Pazza a great Valentines Dinner

We had a great day at the Bistro today.  Started off slow not much breakfast but it gave us time to get things ready for our valentines dinner.  I started the day off making muffins, egg casserole, fruit salad and yogurt parfaits for a womens meeting that had to be delivered at 9.  We had a family make reservations for 11:30 and from there on we ran our butts off.  The night cook usally comes in and helps at 2 get things ready for the night but he went to his sons wrestling met, which was great with me, I am all about family and that comes first.  I cook through the...more

I just add a bit of cheddar cheese and a sprinkle of paprika after it is plated for a bit of ...more

What’s mine is yours

I had barely pulled my dress over my head when my daughter walked into my room without knocking. She was in need of a rubberband for her hair despite the fact that I had already given her one the night before....more

Saint Phoebe

Phoebe   I think it was in 2002 that we went to Florida to vist my grandparents, right around this time of the year....more

On the Road Again

Today, my family (us and our team the Stallions) is on the road again.  We will be traveling to play one of the toughest teams in basketball, the Asheville Trailblazers.  It's an important game and we'll give them a good run for their money, because our team is one of the toughest too.  ...more

Are Valentine’s Day Flowers the Best Show of Love?

The nationwide countdown is on for florists.  They are preparing for Valentine’s Day— a day when lovers are tasked with proving their love. It will mean a spending spree of red roses by spouses and significant others competing to showcase their amorous feelings. Women from coast-to-coast will hope to be the first ones in their office to receive that coveted bouquet of flowers, kicking off a non-verbal sparring among female co-workers.  And it seems that the floral gift might help the sender get lucky in the bedroom....more
Valentine day of the lover to express your feelings from your beloved ones & inform how ...more

The Moment the World Shifted

I could never have imagined that life would come at me so fast. In less than a year, I had met the man I was going to marry, said my vows, packed up and moved to Florida, and now I was about to have a baby. Things were moving so fast and I was having a hard time coming to terms with all the changes that were spiraling toward me....more

Pomegranate Perfection

My nephew was over our house recently, and spotted about a dozen pomegranates sitting on our kitchen counter. “I guess you guys went to Costco,” he said. “I didn’t know you ate pomegranates. I have never seen them here before.”  In unison my husband, Marc, and I replied that we love them, and that we pretty much eat one every morning when they are in season.  “I try to open them the night before,” I explained, “because they are so messy and take forever to open.” “Oh, that’s what you think,” he said with a smile. “Come with me…....more