Happy National Bike Month

I don’t suppose National Bike Month is a celebration Hallmark even bothers with. Too bad. But if gas prices continue to climb, every month might soon become Bike Month.Despite what temperatures may indicate (we're having a heat wave in Los Angeles and it's snowing in Minneapolis), spring really is on its way! With the start of National Bike Month we thought we'd share some tips and new cycling accessories to get you and your family ready for two-wheel transportation....more

Another interesting thing to look into that some cities are starting to do is create "green ...more

Guiding Our Children Through Life, One News Cycle at a Time

I wrote a piece last year for Momversation about kids and television. In it I took exception to the "tv is bad for kids" idea, noting that as long as you, as a parent, provide the proper supervision, an atmosphere of encouragement for discussing what kids are seeing, and actively participate in their choices, then it can often be a great learning medium....more

A Day Being the Mom I Want to Be

During a knock-down drag-out with my two year old yesterday I thought back to when my oldest was two: the tea parties, the long walks, the days at the zoo.  My current two year old spends half the day in his car seat picking up his older siblings and delivering them to their various schools and activities.  The other half of the day we spend fighting.  We fight as I try to get the chores done, the food cooked, the laundry folded and from the front door, to the car and back....more

Mother of the Year

A couple years ago, my kids were intent on giving me the best Mother’s Day ever. We had plans to visit the San Francisco Zoo, a trip all of us were looking forward to....more

My Brother Broke My Heart by Jean Kwok

Let me tell you about the worst thing that has ever happened to me. As the youngest of seven children, I used to lie in bed and worry about the rest of my family all dying before me. My only consolation was my older brother Kwan, who was the closest to me in age. We would go through it together, until the bitter end, and in my over-imaginative mind, I thought that saying good-bye to him would be the worst of all. Then, in November 2009, Kwan disappeared a few days before Thanksgiving weekend. ...more
Jean,  I'm truly so very sorry to hear about your loss.  I last saw Kwan in August where he had ...more

Quit Being So Dang Ugly!

Lately it seems as though I keep finding ugly people everywhere I go. They are everywhere!! At the grocery store, on the soccer fields, at the veterinarian, in the school parking lot. I can't escape the ugly people. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ok, so maybe they aren't so much ugly people, as they are beautiful people who are acting ugly. Today while I was picking my son up from school, there was a young man trying to get through the parking lot. He had accidentally started going the wrong way....more

Two years after losing a child, still tormented by my secret

I am pregnant, about 8 months along and I love to feel my hands around my growing belly. I love to feel her move, every new part of this pregnancy makes me giddy. Everything is good, for the first time in my life I do not feel the least bit anxious, guilty or depressed. I feel no stress only blind confidence. I am so happy I could burst. When I get into my doctors office she says "you're not pregnant. I'm sorry there must have been a mistake on our part." I wake up feeling my flat belly, feeling so alone it hurts....more

28 Again

This evening I wrote on my Facebook status update that ''it's good to remind myself that I'm 28 every once in a while'' and that couldn't be more true right now. Following a very stressful couple of months and a stressful week despite the lack of toddler tantrums and co-parenting negotiations, it was great this evening to take some time to go out and enjoy myself a little and to dance the night away, around the handbags (much to the joy of a group of onlookers who couldn't quite believe what they were seeing) and to basically feel my age for once....more

More milk in the cookies

I have just found a great book that I heard about a very long time ago. Called “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison. Maybe some of you have heard about this book on the famous “Oprah book club? “...more