Cycle and Recycle Family Style

With gardens, with homes, with children's clothing - recycling is so much a part of our pattern that I don't even think to call it that. Big kid outgrows and it goes to Middle, and then jumps over Boy (unless it's a rare unisex item like rain boots) to Little. Then it flows out of our home into the home of smaller, newer creatures. In flow things from homes where bigger kids are....more

'BACK ON THE STREET-NYC The Bowery/Lower East Side' by Tracey Jackson

BACK ON THE STREETSby Tracey Jackson...more

Hello World!

Miss Bea wants….to talk about vintage Bird in Birdcage Heart 'Miss Bea wants' Earrings Vintage – adjective Representing the high quality of a past time Old fashioned, obsolete...more

Secret Blogging

Secret blogging.  Do you do it.  This is the place that I sometimes do it.  I have a blog on Blogger and usually when I post there I just copy and paste here again.  I used to just put the link but I get more traffic if I copy and paste.  Sometimes, not often, I will write something entirely different here than on my usual home page blog, like today.  I used to have a Wordpress blog too but found it harder to go back and forth on that one too.  Oh, probably someone will find this too, very easily, but the ones that would do it, that I write about, won't go...more

Helping Kids Pack Their Own Lunches

This article on having kids pack their own lunches is filed under the “Tween and Teen” category, but in my house having kids pack their own school lunches started day one....more

My Family Found out I Blog About Sex

The problem with not discussing sex is that it makes us into islands, alone in the task of learning about sexual health, preventing pregnancy, understanding the nature of your desires, and how to enjoy these and our bodies in a healthy way in the context of our relationships. Talking about sex matters and doing it on a blog opens up the audience. But what happens when your family finds out? ...more
I so appreciate this post!  I make theater about sexuality, and this line resonated with me ...more

Williams Syndrome Awareness

From day one, I knew there was something different about my youngest son. He's 20-months old now. I spent countless hours researching causes for his symptoms and characteristics: Down syndrome, Noonan Syndrome, 22Q, Fragile X, Autism. None of them made sense.It wasn't until my husband and I first met my son's genetist in January that we first heard of Williams syndrome (WS). His micro array analysis confirmed the diagnosis in February. It was time for me to learn......more

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day this year was really wonderful, from beginning to end.  Even when I decided I would do the anti-Mother's Day thing and force my husband to join me in cleaning our downstairs from top to bottom at 8:30 at night; isn't Mother's Day all about not cleaning?  Well, since I never clean, I guess I just thought Mother's Day must be about Opposites Day or something.  JDubbs was a good sport about it, though, even if it was ridiculous.   Last Mother's Day I had a three-we...more