Things that made my day today, and some that didn't

THE GOOD Mom Things 1.  Getting my baby girl's 6 month checkup and finding out I'm not crazy, she really does weigh a ton....more

How to Write a Valentine!

A few of my grumpy friends have been muttering about Valentine's Day ... not a real holiday, retail promotion, expensive, ridiculous ... you get the picture. This is what happens when the bulk of your friends pass 40. Sigh....more

Love these ideas!

Find out how to make healthy choices that happen to help the ...more

Girlfriends = Sanity

Looking back at my life, I see how important my girlfriends are and were in my life.  From keeping me out of trouble; being the voice of reason; having my back; providing free therapy sessions; making me laugh through my tears; and just plain listening when it seems no one else could -- my girlfriends have all made lasting and important contributions to strengthening and supporting me in times of need.  Now that I'm raising two girls of my own, I...more

Would you give a "work spouse" a Valentine?

Since I barely have enough time in a day to talk to my "real spouse," I can't imagine having enough time for a deep friendship with a "work spouse." And when in the day would I ever carve out enough time to buy a work spouse a Valentine?...more

Melty Brie with Garlic, Red Pepper and a Year in the Life of Pittman's on 44

My brother Mike and his wife Angela (owners / operators of Pittman’s on 44) spend spring gearing up for summer. They plan new menu items and get the staff (mostly students) into shape before May Long hits. From that weekend on it’s non-stop insanity. I know because I’ve had a spin in the whirlwind of a beach-town restaurant myself....more

How Sweet It Is, Valentines Gifts With Meaning

Happy Hump Day Mamas! Kimberly is on her way to Boston to meet with the always amazing leaders at Room to Grow who make everyday a sweet one for some very special moms and expecting moms in Boston.  I am at home giving Kimberly a hand with a project on one of her other jobs, like children, she can't just have one.  Or three.  Or four;) We should all be blessed with that much energy!!!! How do you do it all Kim??...more

Love, love, love : Valentine's Day

So Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I have to admit tonight's episode of GLEE really put me in the mood for celebration.  To my defense, I have already been prepping for the love-fest by handcrafting Dum Dum lollipop flowers for Paige's preschool party on Thursday -- and making extra for her playgroup party on V-Day.  Note the picture and presentation.  Quite impressive, if I do say so myself.  http...more

What's in a Name--the Story behind Avocado Baby

 I been away awhile musing in my head what to write lately.  I have a ton of topics coming this month and cannot wait to share them all with you!  First, while I know this is Book Talk Tuesday, but I have a changed for today.  I want to tell you where Avocado Baby came from because so many people have been asking me were did you get that name? ...more

I noticed a typo...sorry! Avocadoes should be avocados....oooppss!! anyone know how to edit your ...more

Women in Control Over Finances and Education

Who says this is a man's world? Women are making strides in key arenas.. academic achievement and their financial future. A quick overview of recently published materials from various sources shows research proving female dominance in these fields. ...more