Why are coed birthday slumber parties for teens now "OK"?

I admit, I'm the uncool mom. And it's not because I shop for jeans at the wrong stores. According to my middle school daughter, recently I officially earned the title of the "World's Worst Mom" because I put my foot down and said NO to a party invite. ...more

Thanks for sharing, Alysia75,
I think you made so many good points. All teens struggle with ...more

Innovative Foster Care & Adoptive Program Gets Great Results

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, of the over 400,000  American children currently in foster care, about 25% will be there for more than three years. Many never find homes at all. But a new kind of foster care program may be changing this....more

Ten Funny Things About Life With Mom

  The weather is of most supreme interest. It is the first thing we talk about in the morning and what it might be like tomorrow is the last thing we talk about before she retires. If the weather is threatening in any way, be it snow or storm, the Weather Channel is on. It will be on  until all perceived danger is past.  ...more

Free things to do!

I often feel I am the only person in town that takes advantage of our proximity to Washington D.C. Whenever I meet other moms and we talk about all the things to do in our area, they typically say how they want to visit the National Zoo, one of the many Smithsonians, Want to, even if they have lived here for years. Well enough of the excuses ladies! This weekend, Bank of America customers get into select museums for free, courtesy of their Museums On Us program. It runs the first weekend of each month....more

Sing Out, Clara

Clara walked onto the stage and took the microphone in hand. She glanced at her first grade teacher in the wings. The mike clunked, and scratched as it brushed up against her purple, pleated skirt....more

Women Are Financial Decision Makers At Home

It seems women rule the roost when it comes to financial decisions in the home.  This fact goes against conventional thinking since men are still widely considered to be the traditional “heads of the household.”  And maybe that is exactly the point; that there are fewer and fewer “traditional” households in America, with women making up at least 50% of the U-S workforce. ...more

I have been a very nighty girl.

My mummy scolded me.I know she scolded me because I could hear her smiling down the telephone and we all know that smile. It's right up there with the rictus grin of, you'll pay for this when you get home.My crime is lack of 'phoning....more

The Past

    Past  ...more


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