It's Never to Late to Get in the Game

Today I had the distinct pleasure of playing doubles tennis with Mrs....more

Why Natural Toys? Reason #6873

OK, you caught me. I don't really have almost 7 000 reasons, or at least not that I have blogged about! But close! ...more

I was so delighted to see this post in praise of handmade, natural toys! I am a Waldorf early ...more

Gripping Family Viewing

by Lianne Castelino I cannot wait to settle in front of the TV for about 3 hours or more tonight for the one television event every year that mesmerizes me from start to finish. ...more

Menopausal and My “Empty Nest” Is Made Full Again!

My “heart’s nest,” which was pretty-near empty for a couple years now, is recently made full again. One-by-one my little chicks had flown the coop, and my heart was rent in two. I was saddened into deep depression. Now, due to unexpected circumstances, some have come home again (with the addition of grandchildren, too). And just as my hubby and I were beginning to get used to our new found freedom—seeing our maturing life through new spectacles—well, here they are!...more

Running with my Daughter

I signed up for the New York Road Runner’s weekly running club in New York City. I asked my daughter if she would like to join me. She was excited to get into running so she decided to sign up too. After reviewing the criteria, we decided to join the class on Thursday afternoons. The class goal is to get you to run 30 minutes without walking. “Do you think this class will be not advanced enough for you?” my daughter asked me. “You’re probably the only one who ran a half marathon in the class.” ...more

Punch Bowls and Spinach Artichoke Dip

These two things have nothing in common, except that I wanted to write about both of them. So here I go... ...more

Not Comparing Ourselves

It's so easy to compare ourselves or our children to others, but we should strive to live our own authentic lives....more

YOU Can Save My Sanity AND Help 2 Families!! Wanna Know How?

As many of you already know, I am a sweepstakes junkie! I save bottle caps and UPC codes. I will dumpster dive during McDonalds MonopolyGame and buy products that have instant win game pieces inside. Over the years I have won some nice things, however, I have had to cut backdramatically on my sweepstakes because of my Fibromyalgia. You see, I can't sit for long perios of time without pain....more

Getting Healthy

If I had it my way, my diet would consist of fruits, vegetables, chicken (grilled or baked), seafood, water with 3 slices of lemon, and various nuts.  Man, that would be great! But, alas, I have 2 sons and a husband to feed, who enjoy more than the plethora of nuts and berries I like. Recently, I have started to change the foods we eat....more