Ballet, Birth Order, The Birds and The Bees

This is my first entry in 6+ months. I’ve been busy doing the same thing every other mompreneur has been doing, being with my family, trying to work (in my case start a new business as a portrait photographer) and keep everything together. Regardless of my varying degrees of success, life is great and my kids are a blast. My dear friend and college buddy, Super Mom, inspired this post......more

Slow Cooked Chicken with White Beans, Bacon, and Rosemary Recipe

Today I’m going to share a dish I  made during my most recent cooking segment on Virginia This Morning. When the show’s producer asked me to share a hearty  comfort food recipe good for the cold weather we’re having, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.Knowing most people had probably already gone through their rotation of favorite chili, soup, and stew recipes, I figured  they would be ready for something different to mix things up a little....more

Life with Gracie

-Paul's been working on the kids' bathroom and they are very excited about having a new bathroom getting to play in the box the vanity came in...  Read more......more

Why Do I Bother?

You've probably concluded by the title that, yes, I am in a bad mood. However, my disposition is not all emotionally induced. My family is mostly to blame on this one. If my mom were reading this, she would, at this juncture, point out my indiscretion of talking bad about my family. And, as I have told her on several occasions, "I love my family, but if you had to live with them, you may find yourself saying the same thing....more

I can certainly relate. My kids are all grown up and I have to say I do enjoy the time I have to ...more

My Forty Years: A Grateful Heart and A Work-in-Progress

Last year, a very dear friend and sister made known to me a wonderful idea for celebrating her fortieth birthday.  She compiled a list of things that she was grateful for and while she did not share every detail of her gratitude with me, she did share a few and her celebration of thanks went deeper than thanking God for flowers and chocolate.  Not that we shouldn't be grateful for flowers and chocolate, we should ...more

Perfect Moment Monday: Thanking Employees

My Perfect Moment for this week included the company of some wonderful friends and watching my husband be a shining example of what makes not just a good leader but a great leader. Every year my husband likes to acknowledge those who work for him. He realizes that saying “thank you” throughout the year means a lot to motivating his employees, but he chooses to show them by inviting them over to our home for dinner twice a year....more

Growing Up Juju (Part 10 in a series)

Juju sat under the bridge and listened as her neighbor and sister convinced her that she was, in fact, adopted. Look how old our parents are, Junene said….they don’t even sleep in the same room for craps sake! Rod, their cross the street neighbor, and Junene started to weave a story that flowed as easily from their mouths as the slow stream of water at their feet. This explained everything Juju thought…she knew she was different, suddenly all the pieces were falling together in her mind!...more