"No Biking in the House without a Helmet" w/ Melissa Fay Greene

As a mom of 9 and award winning author, Melissa Fay Greene shares her humorous and insightful journey of adoption and parenting on our show!...more

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 Qwiqq - for the first time ever.. a mobil app that lets you find and share deals with your friends.  Help local business by encouraging your friends to try your favorite local restaurant, shop, salon, spa!   Just download the free app and start sharing with your friends and community.  ...more

On Being a Pity Case

For all intents and purposes, I am a pity case - a stay-at-home mom, who, due to bad timing or terrible birth control (or both), found herself the ward of three children under 2, married to a man whose only real flaw is having a rotating work schedule. I've been beaten, kicked, puked on, and stepped over. I've had chunks of my hair ripped from their roots. I am a mess.And people know it....more

Mischief and mayhem

So my sweet little darlings were playing while I put my makeup on in the bathroom. Landon my son has an obsession with his blow up rubber bath duckie. he is always pulling it out of the tub and pulling it around the house and then he will just stop and crawl in the duckie tub and sit there. Also he has an obsession with toilet paper, he grabs the roll and tried to run with it. Daily. Now my little girl Dakota she is 3 she is a mischief and mayhem professional and she is always right alongside Landon helping him further his education in the mischief and mayhem organization....more

My life in a NUTSHELL :o)

Everything in my life is basically one comedy show on most days. we have our ups and downs like any family but it is mostly ups. I love being a stay at home mom, and I love being a wife and I love baking and cooking for my family. It makes me feel whole. happy. like i'm being productive....more

Enjoy the Ride!

WhereParentsTalk.com ...more

7 Keys to a Smooth Adoption Transition

These "7 Keys to a Smooth Adoption transition" will be sure to get you on the road to a peaceful and fulfilling life with your new family member. Whether you are adopting an infant or a teenager, these steps apply!...more


I am a wife and the mother of two beautiful children. I am lucky enough to be able to work on a full time basis from home for an amazing company. Like you, on many days Social Media is my only outlet and connection to the outside world. I have created this Blog with the intention to share some of my idea’s and to gain knowledge from all of the other BizZeeB Mommies out there! I think we are all just looking for idea’s and ways on how to better balance work, family, home, cooking and LIFE!...more

The Simple Fun of a Farmer's Market

Today, we took our kids to the local farmer's market's kids day. I was expecting, well...not much. It is the summer in the south and it has been very hot. Most people hunker down in the AC if they can. But, to my surprise, there were a lot of people there, not to mention a lot of vendors. There was also a lot of swag! Our kids got to plant sunflower seeds, complete with pot and dirt for free! They picked up ducks with numbers on them and got free stuffed toys from a local pharmacy. They were actually quality toys, not cheap ones....more

The Magic of A Typewriter VS A Computer

So my ten-year-old grandson asks me if I have a “typewriter;” I sure do! And I proceed to pull out my old electric one, buried deep in the closet, a Brother AX-10. I dust it off, plug it in, slide a piece of paper and start typing…tap, tap, tap… And it still works. “Wow!” my grandson exclaims, eyes alight and a big smile. “This is so cool! I read about these in a book!” he says. His mother, my oldest, alert and listening, says, “OMG, how old am I!!!” She wants to know?! I knew her day for asking would come....more