We're On A Budget. Should Our Kids Be, Too?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My husband and I have no choice but to tighten our financial belts right now. We’re cutting back on a lot of our normal activities and expenses in order to stay afloat.As part of our new financial plan, I think it’s become necessary to reduce our pre-teen sons’ allowance from $10 a week to $7. However, my husband doesn't agree and thinks that by doing so we’re “punishing” them. What do you say?Signed,On a Budget ...more

Mainstream Dance Classes and Autism: Is It Possible?

My daughter, Katie, was watching something on PBS last year about girls involved in Irish Step Dancing. She really loves to dance, but a formal class has never been something she could handle, so she is left to her own interpretive dances at home. She did show some interest in trying Irish Step, and I was willing to give it a try, but there aren't many schools that offer it, and the classes never meshed with her therapy schedule. ...more
One other thing I'll pass along, is a piece of advice from a professional ballet instructor (too ...more

Face to Face

Do you Skype?  Skype is a FREE web based service allowing you to speak face to face with friends and family via webcam.  Did you catch the FREE part?  They also offer pay services, but so far I've had a great time just using the free service.Calling computer to computer, you can actually see the facial expressions of the person you're speaking to.  How often has an email been misconstrued?  When someone thought a joke was serious and took offense?  This eliminates that and lets you see the faces of your loved ones....more

Family Fun When You Feel Like Crap

    You know kids need family time even if you feel shitty. You can make it easy on yourself and help the kids feel special. Really if the kids feel special, they will be far better behaved making your life easier. To quote Charlie Sheen "winning". Here are some ideas.1. Cooking. You will probably need to cook dinner so let them help. Small kids can open things, pour things, and stir things. Older kids can cut, mix and cook....more

P.S....Please DON'T Forget The "Lovey"!

Three of my 4 children took pacifiers; one did not.  Ryan was child number 3 and all he wanted was his "Blankie".  At first I did not realize how important his "Blankie" was to him, but I soon found out.  And THAT is exactly why I could NOT believe what happened when I baby-sat Parker Ann today. ...more

Unearthing Painful Childhood Memories

I am always amazed when I read childhood memoirs. Not only at the vast array of experiences in people's lives and the way children interpret things with their developing minds, but at the ability of the storyteller to conjure up such rich, detailed images of things that happened so many years (often decades) ago....more
It does take great bravery to allow ourselves to search deep and bring out those old memories ...more

it takes two: {my marriage after baby}

 i remember the exact moment that i realized everything was going to be different. we were sitting on the couch, just cuddled up ready to watch a show. our nightly routine after making dinner, catching up, and whining about being so big and pregnant and uncomfortable... a fear came over me that this little part of us wasn't going to exist anymore.this romantical quietness of being just us. i remember cc got up to grab something, and when he came back i was in tears....more
I'm going to find that cartoon and stick it up on my fridge. My husband and I are both so crazy ...more

I Thought I was Going to Rome :: ADHD / ADD Had Other Plans

I remember hearing a mother of a child with disabilities speak once about her experience. She talked about parenthood as a journey....more

Why can't the moon be a ball? How you see things can change everything.

Q and Daddy discuss Moon vs Ball.“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” ~ Anais Nin...more

Today's Show- Special Moms with Special Kids

  Two inspiring mothers tell their stories about their passion for Special Needs Adoption and Parental Advocacy! Listen now! http://toginet.com/podcasts/familybydesign/FamilyByDesignLIVE_2011-09-13...    Karla Marie Williams President, Family by Design ~ All Things Adoption (www.familybydesignadoption.com) Host, Family by Design Radio (www.toginet.com/shows/familybydesign)...more