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The Silence of School Can Be Deafening

My son has started pre-school and though it’s only for a couple of days a week, I am having a harder time than he is with the separation. The first two days were short days as the children got acclimated to school and the routine. Today is the first “full day”. Though full days are only 2 ½ hours long, it feels like all day to this first time mom. It felt so weird getting into my car without him with me and even weirder when I arrived home, exited the car and entered the house alone....more

He who dies with the most toys win

He who dies with the most toys win I recently saw a bumper sticker that said “HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS.” It made me think of my father… he was a man who LOVED his toys. One of his favorite toys was a bright red Ferrari he bought during a midlife crises that seemed to last most of his adult life. I can still see him sitting in that car with a huge smile on his face. He took such delight in his possessions and his playthings....more

Keeping Toddlers Safe In The Adult Only Home

Scarletti Confetti (image credit: pencil and markers onpaper 2011 by J.Paradisi)...more

People Are Strange

My thoughts are on strangers: a Venetian beauty with the stunned expression Venus should have had when she emerged naked and fully grown from the clamshell; the everyday strangers in one's own family; and my favorite song about being strange.  ...more

We Will Forgive

 It's everywhere in here in the Portland metro area, in school yards, in front of churches, the city park:"We will never forget!"As though we haven't exacted extreme payback, as though this celebration is a happy one that doesn't cost lives, distruction and mortal polution as I write. As though the happy throngs won't be celebrating a mentality that moves us farther from love and peace.Should we really teach our children to hang onto hurt? Is it Christian not to make the first move?...more

9/11 Anniversary: Making The Bed

Over the years, people have asked me for a copy of the column I wrote for House and Garden in 2001, the day after 9/11. (A mere decade ago, we didn't put our copy online.) I never had the heart to dig through boxes looking for a back issue. But as the tenth anniversary of 9/11 nears, I've had that terrible day constantly, vividly, on my mind....more
Thank you for sharing. So touching.more

The. Best. Gift. Ever

At the end of 1995 my husband and I packed up our home and daughters and traded in our California lives for a new life in New Hampshire. So my mother would not miss out on any of our adventures, I would email her daily about my new friends, new house, my daughter’s nursery school and surviving the brisk New England winter with my southern California jacket.   I would write about a variety of subjects: our day trips to Maine, what I burnt for dinner, possible explanations on why my girls weren’t napping and most importantly, when oh when could she fly out and see me?...more
Love this. It brought tears to my eyes! I hate clutter and don't need much of an excuse to ...more

A Family Christmas Box

My sister Cher and I were brainstorming about Christmas gifts for our children and grandchildren. The truth is...the older we get, the more family we have! So, obviously, the list gets longer. We used to do "boxes" for our daughters. Placemats, cologne, candles....etc. Then, there were the granddchildren, sons or son in laws.We decided to do a "family" box.Here is our list, so far:candlesplacematscolognefamily games that they can all play togetherdishtowelsBath and Body handsoap for all bathroomsbags of candy...more

Yes, I'm A Mother. And No, I Don't Cook.

I know I'm supposed to be feeding my kids home-cooked meals made from organic vegetables grown in my own garden, but here's the thing: I hate cooking. (And gardening, too.) I'm actually truly, truly grateful that I can buy things like prepared chicken teriyaki at my local bulk discount store. I love that my daughters' busy schedules of after-school activities forces us to eat out several nights a week. And I'm very thankful that I married a man who can cook (although, sadly for us, his work schedule prevents him from doing so every night)....more
It's great that you don't like to cook! It's a stupid steriotype that women (especcially ...more