My Kid Gets His Potty Mouth from Me

"Damn!", he says while looking out of the side of his eyes at me to see if there is a reaction. And there is. But I can tell by the slight sag in his shoulders that the reaction isn't as big as he had hoped. "Pardon me?", I say calmly. So calmly. I've learned, over the years, that my child, this child, is always on a mission to stir the pot. If he can make you cry, or yell, or emote in any way, he is a happy boy. He will laugh over your tears. It's an obnoxious trait, however that's not the point here....more
I always have to chuckle when people say "I just can't not do it!" If you go to church, can you ...more

Your Family, I have to love you.

Forever 17...more
@victorias_view@DesiValentine4 This is all so true, it would be so boring without these family ...more

Today's Show- "Navigating the Road between Infertility and Adoption"

Great Show! Listen NOW!  "Navigating the Road between Infertility and Adoption".       Karla Marie Williams President, Family by Design ~ All Things Adoption ( Host, Family by Design Radio (...more

My "Marley & Me" Story!

Word of Wisdom Mom - Let's Share Our Wisdom,pass it on!...more

Don't Miss our show tomorrow morning!

  Excellent show for you tomorrow on Family by Design Radio! "How to Navigate the Road between Infertility and Adoption"....more

Monday after the Hurricane

Well, the storm has passed and we are assessing the damage to the farm.  Our apples trees were blown over.  The roots are exposed but we will do our best to straighten them out.  I hope they make it.  The children and I planted those when we first purchased the farm in 2003.  We have a lot of tree limbs on the dirt road to the house.  I have not left the property so I cannot state what it looks like in town. I cooked an early dinner last night.  Thank God for gas stoves!   I prepared lamb chops.  The topping was delicious....more

The Infinite Wisdom of Grandparents

Simply put, my grandfather’s perspective on relationships is, “When you see something you want, you better get it before it’s gone!”...more

Life Lessons


Our common cause of love

“How shall I begin my song In the blue night that is settling?  In the great night my heart will go out, Toward me the darkness comes rattling. In the great night my heart will go out.” - Papago Medicine Woman Chant The past week was an emotional and historical one for me and for Canadians....more

Cookbook Writing 101 continued

I am happy to say that I finished my Cookbook Proposal. BOATFOOD is on her way to a Publisher in Boston where I am praying they will believe in her. The reason it took me so long to complete the proposal was amount of marketing research that I wanted to include. My thoughts were "selling" the concept of the cookbook to strangers needed to be as precise as possible....more