Am I Crazy? Too much stuff on the plate...

I must be crazy, but determined (or maybe stubborn?).I work. Full-time as a cook at a nursing home.  My daughter goes into daycare because my husband has nacrolepsy and is trying to get a home business off the ground.And we are trying to have another baby (wish us luck!).But that's not the even the bulk of it.  There are plenty of work away from home moms out there, still starting their families.  There are plenty of spouses out there with disabilities, still providing for their loved ones.  No, these parts are "easy" (or at least do-able)....more
Good for you! Don't look at it as a full plate but a colorful diverse plate of nourishing food. ...more

Parental Surrogacy Goes to India

In this country, many couples who desperately want a baby and face the issue of the woman not being able to carry the child have had parental surrogacy as an option to pursue. However, it does not come without costs and risks....more


Once it’s August and all manner of Halloween paraphernalia start appearing in store windows, I go one month farther and start to obsess about Thanksgiving.  Because travel arrangements have to be made, a location for the annual eat-fest has to be decided in a timely manner....more
We rent a cabin in Banff for Thanksgiving, the boys go for a hike, and I have my kitchen to ...more

Grape Orchards and Apple Vines

Today, in the 13th summer of my youngest granddaughter, she and I got into my car, put the top down, fastened our seat belts and sped away for a just-us time together. Sporting matching pink flower print hats with sparkly bling added for effect and curly pink ribbon ponytails, we waved picture-taking family adieu, heater on to mitigate a cool, misty morning. Even before we were out of sight the chatter began.“I went bungee jumping yesterday, Grams! It was scary but soooo much fun ”...more
It sounds like the perfect summer day!more

How I Decided to Start Blogging

My husband really wants me to do a Mom-Blog. Perhaps he is worried that otherwise I will fade into oblivion. Not that I was whatever the opposite of oblivion is – terribly relevant?...more


No More Messes

The dog got sick last night on boy child’s bed. He took to the stairs, all hands and feet, to tell us.  Sliced through a dream I never would’ve remembered had I not been wakened in its midst.             The beautiful blonde boy who lives three doors down in the castle-looking house? His folks fussed him out for making his like-Drew-Barrymore-in-E.T. little sister have bad dreams.             “Give her good ones,” the parents said....more
@victorias_view Our big girl leaves for college next Thursday. I wish we could be spending tons ...more

Social Media and Death: How will it change your views on life?

Mashable's Adam Ostrow spoke at TED Global about how social media is changing the way we look at death. Our online lives give us the potential to live on past our physical deaths, by using our blogs as online archives or even through programs and tools that can aggregate and interpret all of our content to generate manifestations of us after we're gone....more

Mercy at 4pm

I'll set the scene. It's closing in on 4pm.A four year old is struggling to stay awake. He runs from room to room, trailed by the sounds of his own high-pitched screech. He has dumped out all of his brother's Pokemon cards and I say a prayer that I can gather them up before the eight year old grows wise.There is a two year old standing on the bottom shelf of the pantry, foraging for high fructose corn syrup. Her pull-up sags. She's left a path of destruction behind her, too: a trail of torn Post It notes I bought for the preschool....more

An “Overly Protective” Mom and No Regrets

As a mommy, responsible for and always protective of her little chicks (no matter what age), I made decisions that today I still stand by—right or wrong. And my decisions, then, labeled me “overly protective.” Once I even heard those heart-piercing words “I hate you! I will never forgive you!” Hearing that hurt more than my child could have ever imagined. But today I have no regrets. I made my “call”—yay, nay—with good, sound reason. I followed my heart. I heeded that quiet little voice from deep inside, that gut wrenching twisting in my insides. Sigh!...more
@brucem I can admit that I began to grow up with my children. They meant so much to me, I wanted ...more