The Saga Continues...

Yesterday I came into town and went straight to see Daddy.  He was laying in his nursing home bed all bundled up and dozing when I arrived.  It was close to his lunch time so I didn't mind keeping him awake.  He actually looks pretty good except for the continuing swelling in his legs but the arm and hand have gone down.  He's still on the antibiotic and now they've started him on lasix to get the fluid out and the blood clot, he said, is dissolving.  Supposedly he will start back with his physical therapy which should help the fluid.  This week will be several...more

Why We Can't Save The Planet

According to the Boston Globe, a North Andover mom "wants to leave the earth a healthy place for her three children. But what good is a thriving planet ... if her kids are forced to live in a home lighted by bulbs that are energy efficient but ruin the look of the dining room chandelier...?"To spare her kids from poor lighting, the mom is hoarding incandescent bulbs in anticipation of their scheduled "fade out" as it were.Really? Are you kidding? F*ck the chandelier lady, you've got a planet to save!...more

One Year Ago Today

We’re not crying, today.  I’m not crying, today.  We’re planting saskatoon bushes because Jeff and Auntie Joan and Auntie Marion, and all of our friends and Aunties, “Aunties” and close cousins….  We used to pick them together, when things were golden.So that one day my kids will know how sweet it is.Read the full post here >...more

Old Growth: Towering Redwoods and the Family Tree

We depart sunny Miranda early on this July morning.  40 parents, grandparents, children, aunts uncles and cousins squeezing into a parade of wagons, hybrids and SUVs.  As we enter the Avenue, a canopy slowly beings to grow over us.  The sunlight dims and our car instantly becomes neighbors with the towering trees hugging the road.  Past Rockefeller Grove, the Foun...more
You're welcome! I enjoyed writing it!more

Seven Pieces Of Advice On Marriage

It’s 23 years now I’ve been married. I’ve ever done anything else as long as I’ve done this. I did take a year off however, in two parts. We separated twice, for about half a year each time, so I count that as a year off. As it turns out, I’ve been married most of my life. And I’m only 43. That’s something to brag about right there, I don’t care who you are....more

Back to School - Keep it Simple

I don't know about you, but I really don't want this summer to end....more

Road Trips: Putting Parenting into a New Perspective

I remember family vacations in our old brown Chevrolet station wagon -- the kind with bench seats, no air conditioning, and a huge ‘way back’ that was big enough for camping equipment, luggage, ice chests, fishing poles, and our Golden Retriever. As the oldest of four and desperately prone to motion sickness, I would jump at the chance to sit in the front, squeezed between my parents, directly in front of our AM radio. I always assumed that as the six of us piled in, we were all equally ready for adventure....more

Cocktail Play Dates: Do Wine And Kids Mix?

A big story on Tuesday's ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA) highlighted a growing trend: moms who drink wine at play dates. These events are known as cocktail playdates. In the GMA segment, a group of about ten Florida moms are happily drinking wine during a play date as their kids drink bottles and play. These moms meet once a month to enjoy time together with wine and kids. They say they don’t drive after the play date....more
Maybe I'm old fashioned. But, even when I take my child to a family function where alcohol is ...more

10 Reasons Why I'm (Now) Okay With Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom

Before I start, let me point out that I am okay, not “Thrilled” or “Delighted”.1. No more dissention between myself and the alarm clock. I am the person for whom alarm clocks were invented. I would say, out of defiance, I refuse to get up when the alarm goes off. I actually take pleasure in mashing the button when it goes off. There was a little game I used to play, basically a cross between Name That Tune and Beat The Clock, i.e. I can get to work on time if I hit the snooze button x times. I lost. Every time. No good at that game....more
And no leg shaving!! (Ok, less leg shaving!)more