Body Art

Upon the conclusion of each day at preschool, the little ankle biters are each stamped on their hands. I don’t know why exactly. Afterall,  we children of the 80s grew up in a world in which we were told not to color on ourselves. Oh, and DON’T wear snapbracelets unless you want to lose an eyeball or something, kids. Later in life, my sister and I both opted to PERMANENTLY draw on ourselves with large-scale tattoos, but we were never so nervey as to Crayola the crap out of our forearms as youngsters. We were rule followers....more

What Happens When You Ask People Not to Say "Retard"

Let's say you have a child with disabilities who has cognitive delays, and when people jokingly use the word "retard" to call someone stupid, it bothers you. Let's say that in honor of Spread The Word To End The Word day, you decide to do a little project: For a few days you will message people on Twitter who use the word "retard" and let them know the r-word is derogatory to people with disabilities. You don't actually expect the word to disappear anytime soon or that people will instantly chop it out of their vocabularies. But maybe, just maybe, you can raise a little awareness. ...more

Well I tried to get some people in a chat I frequent to stop using the r-word. They won't, in ...more

I'm not a great parent. I'm just a decent one.

When I was pregnant, I got a lot of advice. It ranged from "sleep when the baby sleeps!" from approximately 68 people to "buy a wipe warmer!" from the random couple at Babies R Us.I'll be honest: I listened to none of it....more

I appreciate your support! It's always nice to hear when others think balance is more important ...more

Study indicates people with ADHD are more creative

If you have a child or teen with ADHD, you may have wondered if their ADHD works to their advantage in some ways. A new study indicates that the attention deficit has at least one positive: increased creativity.Why? The theory is that by not being completely focused on one thing, your mind can wander and make new associations. In other words, ADHD kids can often "think outside the box."...more

A Quiet Place

That was my living room, yesterday, until around 5:30pm. Why? Because my dad and step-mother, Linda, took the kids out to see a movie and to dinner. ...more

I'm so glad you got a break! They are SO necessary. It's good for the marriage (and the sanity). ...more

Our Journey Through Hell: Chapter 4

If you've missed chapters 1,2 and 3 please check out the Chapters In this story at :

the shimmering light.

blogs have been coming a little less often lately. for many reasons, i’m know. so when in the midst of a basket of laundry folding i started typing in my head – the words rolling out faster than i could remember and store, i abandoned ship. or basket. i often find myself coming back to this quote – which i found via my cousin emily – because of it’s empowerment, it’s sureness, it’s reminder to live fully here and now. no matter what....more

A Wanderer in the Wilderness in the Land of Oz, Part 1

Certainly, “There’s no place like home!” I spent too many years lost and looking for Home, but as the saying goes, “Home is where your heart is.” But I needed to find my heart first to know I was home....more

Social networking vital help for natural disasters

 Our thoughts go out to all affected by the recent natural disasters such as the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the earthquakes in New Zealand, and the floods in Australia. 2012 seems to have had a particularly bad run so far, and global climate change does not bode well for the future. In disaster situations, social services like Flink12 can provide a quick way to:  - let your family know you're safe  - share your current location  - share photos or news...more

Overflowing kids artwork?

It seems like every day, the kids are bringing home their artwork from school and, by the end of the week, your kitchen counter is covered with artwork that needs to be dealt with “later”. You start moving the piles of artwork from one place to another, until it all falls over and you are forced to deal with it.   OR...   Grab a box for each child to catch all the artwork as soon as it comes in your home....more

I'm so glad you found the information helpful! It's very emotionally difficult to recycle our ...more