Brotherly Love

When our youngest was first born his older brother wasn’t exactly impressed. When babies are so little all they do is sleep or drink milk, not exactly fun stuff for a pre-schooler. But now that our youngest is fifteen months, he and his brother have so much fun together....more


My son Bub (not his Christian name) is twenty-six year old, six feet and two inches tall, sports a goatee, and wears a size fourteen shoe.  Nevertheless, I still see him as the cute little boy in the picture on the the bottom of this blog post.  Actually my brain goes back even further when I look at him.  From the very first time I saw him, I noticed Bub had this -what the hell- look ...more

30 Day Photography Challenge

I've invited my readers to join me on a 30 day photography challenge, and even though we just started it last week, I think everyone is learning a lot!  How to take a better picture, what you value, taking time to smell the flowers and watch the sunsets.  Expression.  Please take a minute to check out the list of topics and join us if you are interested! Here is the list Post pictures here on my Facebook fan page...more

Everything Will Be Okay; Even Tornadoes and Cancer. I Promise.

Last Wednesday evening I called my parents as I do most nights, but I wasn't able to reach them. I didn't think much of it until I caught the tail end of a news report about possible tornadoes in their area. I started to worry. I called again. I called their cell phones.  I lost my temper with the children. I called some more. I turned off the television.Just before I slipped into hardcore panic, I remembered something: this was my parents, they have been making everything okay for me for 35 years and so they would be just fine....more

To Brianna, Looking Forward and Back

June 7, 2011  It’s a paradox, you know?  At this moment in time, on this particular occasion, this momentous hour of looking forward and back, it’s a paradox.   You’re a paradox. I look into your eyes and still see the tiny, fragile newborn before me, nestled comfortably in the crook of my arm.  Your eyes look up at me and I fill your whole world.  You, too, fill my whole world.  Your every need is my charge, and I am consumed with the responsibility and the wonder and most complete love I have ever known.  I look into your eye...more

Don't Be the Judge

by Lianne Castelino We all do it.  It happens all the time.  It is just so wrong. Yesterday, I had the honour of meeting a family who encounters this wrong on a regular basis.  A wrong that is akin to a stake to the heart and hard slap to the face -- every single time. ...more

An Unconditional Love

It's hardly a secret that Ben and Katie tend to have a rather tumultuous relationship. But, what I want to touch, what I need to touch on, are the parts that are good. And there is good. ...more

She's Going to Be Okay; Will I?

The past six years of Missy’s time at grade school are a blur. (It doesn’t help that I can’t remember yesterday.) Most of the time, I spent worrying. I know that it’s pretty natural for the firstborn to cause the most anxiety. It’s the fear of the unknown. I washed all her baby clothes in Dreft before they would ever touch her skin. With Junior, I tore the tags off with my teeth and threw him in a new outfit. But with Missy, it was different....more
I really enjoy your reading your blogs. You are giving me hope that I will soon feel as you do. ...more

Paying it Forward

Forever 17...more

I believe a smile and a kind word can always make a difference. Great Post!more