Photo Slide Box for Your Christmas Tree

For over 50 years my family has recorded their favorite family memories on photographic slides that can only be viewed with a slide projector.  As much as I love gathering the family together for a slide show I was thrilled when Uncle Steven came up with a brilliant idea for making slide ornaments for our Christmas tree.  Each December our family loves reliving family memories as we decorate our Christmas tree....more

Love and Death

"Love of mine, someday you will die. But I'll be close behind. I'll follow you into the dark."~ Death Cab for Cutie  ...more

Women Stay

Women stay.  Not all women, of course, there are some who break away, who take off despite the risks, who take the first step in liberating themselves from a violent situation and bettering their lives.  But the fact remains that too many (even one is too many, but we're talking thousands, millions, of women) stay in abusive relationships.Many see no alternative, or the alternative they do see seems even worse than where they are.  Those who have children are in an even more precarious position.  They fear for their children's wellbeing, both while they remain in...more

Perfect Moment Monday: On Track for the Holidays

My Perfect Moment for this week involved taking my son on the Oregon Holiday Express train. He was over the moon with excitement as we were walking up to the steam train.</p>A good friend of mine organized a group of us to go, and it was one of the best mornings this year—at least, that is what my son would say if you asked. We know he likes Thomas the Train and enjoys playing with his train set, but we definitely knew Saturday morning just how much he liked trains....more

The Mother of All Taboos

In case you have not heard, there is a vaccine war raging in America between pharmaceutical companies and Moms. The battle lines are publically drawn this way: One side says evil pharma is poisoning kids for a bigger buck....more

Thinking About It vs. Doing It

Do you have a big "it" in life that you think about, dream about, talk about..., but you hesitate to really take the actions necessary to make the "it" a reality? After much research, planning, and thinking…I’ve decided to leap into a new path in life. Some people like blindly leaping into new aspects of their life. Some prefer to know a bit before they jump. And, some like to know everything there is to know and they either forget to jump or never get around to jumping....more


I hope you're business is going well, and the rewards of following your vision into ...more

E's Wii Mii

  Every time I see it, it cracks me up! I think it looks like Ethan all shrunk up and popped into the Wii. Ethan lost his hair when he was six years old due to Alopecia Universalis. It was a very difficult time, for me, not for him. He has always thought it was funny, cool and convenient. This is the kid who needed held down for haircuts and I always felt like his hair never looked quite right. It was a constant battle - then, he became bald - go figure! ...more

I can relate to your post as my son with Down Syndrome started to lose his hair at the age of ...more

One moment, one time to feel alive

That's what today's Reverb10 prompt is about. Pick one moment, one time when you felt most alive this year and write about it. You may or may not know this about me, but I love the beach. Love love love it. I dislike the way sand sticks to everything, but I do love the beach....more

Child Abuse is no Cartoon

I'm sorry Facebook Friends, I will not change my profile picture to show how much I hate child abuse.Aside from the utterly counterintuitive plea to put a human face on child making my icon a cartoon, I don't need to put a human face to child abuse.I was that face of child abuse....more