Child Custody, Domestic Violence, and Preparing for a Violence Hearing

Violent relationships complicate child custody issues. Partners often remain in violent relationships because there are children involved, and separating children from parents they love is difficult.Understanding a domestic violence hearing is the first step to get the courage to file a petition.The Goal of a Domestic Violence HearingA domestic violence hearing involves a judge trying to determine if there is enough evidence to provide the victim with a protective order. The protective order will allow for:...more

NaBloPoMo (11/2016) - Day 24: A Good Day

Aaaahhhhhh! It is done. The food was prepared. The family gathered. Prayers were shared. Food was consumed. Naps were had. It was a good day....more

3 best minivans 2016 - 2017.

Knowledge is power and there are many important things you need to know and consider before buying a car (like shopping around before, looking at the financial options and of course, the best characteristics of the type of car you are looking for....more

5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Family

Modern society encourages a certain individualistic approach to life, telling us that we are unique and independent individuals, we should be self-sufficient, never relying on someone else to deal with our problems or to fix our problems when we are incapable of doing so....more

Becoming A Child Once Again

BECOMING A CHILD ONCE AGAIN!! While I was strolling in a park, few children were playing there. After some time, two of them started fighting suddenly. They were hitting each other madly and I was about to interfere to resolve the issue but, what happened next overwhelmed me and also taught me a great lesson....more

Juggling All the Balls as a Working Mum

No one ever said that life was going to be easy.  From the moment we are born it is all about hitting milestones, then we hit school, there is the constant nag from the teachers about how hard we need to work in order to achieve and succeed. I, like probably most, knew I would have a family at some point but left school with the desire to create a career for myself.  We all want to earn our own money and earn our own stripes in the world....more

Laughter & Tears Through Breast Cancer

One year ago today, I received my first chemotherapy treatment after two weeks of testing to confirm the diagnosis of breast cancer.  Looking back on this last year, I'm so thankful for the support, love and prayers of my family and friends.  I'm thankful for the team of doctors and nurses who treated me.  I'm also thankful that I've recovered from surgery and I'm healthy.  I still have two more procedures for reconstruction and will have blood tests every six months.  My energy has returned and I'm working out again - at age 55!...more

The Ideal Cookware For Your Kitchen

 Picture this, you make a deliberate effort to keep you kitchen clean every day. So you ensure that your counter tops are thoroughly cleaned, crumbs are swiftly removed from the tables and you make a commitment to ensure that the dishes don't pile up after use at any given time of the day....more

You're not getting anything now.

30 days, 100 words a day.(the day I missed yesterday) My husband has been out of town in Europe for a week. My son keeps asking to talk to him on the phone but my husband is too busy with work. When finally we manage to connect via whatsapp calling, my son refuses to get the phone and I yell and that is all that my husband hears on the call. When my son finally talks, he asks, “did you find something to buy me?” Needless to say both mom and dad are angry now. What a shit morning. Big Kiddo isn’t getting any presents now, he doesn’t deserve them. ...more