How to Love your Daughter

Written in collaboration with my eight year old, Kate McLeod....more

If You Are Having a Bad Day (Then You Should Read This)

How could you even begin to prepare yourself for a handful of words, that would change your life as you know it? When you once had a vague dream, of how things were supposed to be. All this time that led up to this moments, never once did it cross your mind- that a doctor would give you a terrifying diagnosis of your baby. Could you be ready for that moment to come now that you knew it was coming? When things will never be the same. The chance of you baby’s life returning to “normal” after this, might not be an option...more

Are You Near The Internet?

Today my wonderful Mother-in-Law called me very early.  This is not unusual, she calls me everyday early on her way to work. We have a really good relationship 98 percent of the time.  After 24 years we know each other pretty well and we have become food friends.She is however clueless to technology. I have tried to teach her the basics such as email or texting but I am am failure.  I believe honestly that I have set unrealistic expectations.  I have started writing down some of our daily conversations that start with "Are you near the internet?"  ...more

Throwback Thursday

Don't ask why my Mother dressed me up as a flower child and then commenced on taking photos of me outside in December.  Am I making a proclamation in the first B&W dunno but, it is a fun none the less.  That wig sparks a memory of being itchy, that vest is something I am pretty sure my Mom kept in her closet perhaps wearing the night prior and I especially did not enjoy wearing those thick opaque stockings....more

Her side of the reasons for the divorced (Continued)

Theresa’s Past...more

Dear Swoosieque

 Dear Swoosieque,This is Buddy writing back to you. I have a lot to say, but I’m having a problem with your darn keyboard, so, I’m just going to use your digital recorder and do an audio recording for later translation. How’s that for being your clever pup? Now you’ll hear my voice as if I were human....more

Would You Like Sharing a Room With Your Sister?

My sister and I shared a bedroom from day one. A lot of people wince in response to that bit of information—but not us. We certainly had our issues during daylight hours, wearing out phrases like, “I’m telling!” and “That’s MY Tiger Beat!” and “Stop breathing on me!” but once it was bedtime, it was like being at camp with no supervision....more
cdrdash I bet you're right about her being more annoyed by it than you were, but either way, I'm ...more

Pa's Beef Stew (More Than A Recipe)

I was lucky enough to be very close with my grandfather.  He was retired when my mom went back to work, so my brother and I would go to his house after school and stay through dinner pretty much everyday.  Unlike a lot of dudes back in the day, my grandfather was the cook of the house.  My brother and I were spoiled by nightly family meals loving prepared by Pa.  He had a couple specialties, but the family favorite was beef stew.  It was such a family favorite that years after he passed he away we still talk about Pa’s beef stew.  So imagine my glee when m...more

Starting a new life 5000 miles away

So we arrived in bangkok, Thailand in August.walking out of the airport it was like walking into a wall of steamy heat and strange smells. There was something strangely comforting about the place, crazy and different as it was. That first night we stayed in a service apartment, on walking to a nearby restaurant in a street with no pavements in the balmy night 5  year old son wanted to run back to our suburban oasis in west London. Where have we come to ? The blistering heat and humidity took some getting used to as did that not many locals could understand us, nor us them....more

My Funniest Holiday Memory

Recently I was contacted by the lovely ladies at Patience Brewster, (she is an artist and illustrator of books, greeting cards, and a designer of Christmas ornaments and gifts) to share with my readers one of my favorite holiday memories, so sit back and enjoy this little story.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures, so I’m adding a few I found online to help you visualize my story....more